Hodophiles will definitely be missing their traveling and any person who would remotely love traveling will be reminiscing right now. Traveling may not be possible due to many of the reasons, like a global pandemic striking on the world and we get locked away in our homes (too sad of a reason) and stuff like you becoming a parent or existing kids who are too small to be left alone or to be taken with. The travel from home concept is really cheap and simple, do things that will make you feel like you are traveling to your favorite destinations right from your home with your partner or children or alone. No not teleportation (well we certainly wish though), travel from home will bring you this tremendous experience, even though nothing can ever replace the adventure of traveling. 

Here are the ways you can enjoy the experience of travel from home:

1. Enjoy Travel from Home With Virtual Tours

travel from home | virtual tours

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location composed of a sequence of videos or images along with the help of audio, music and sound effects among other things to recreate an actual experience of that location. We have already created an article to guide you through many of the locations such as Theme parks, Museums, zoos and aquariums.

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2. Binge Watch Travel Movies

travel movies from home

Movies open the world of incredible experiences, watch travel-themed movies in order to feel the trave vibes and get to places that you are not able to go. Travel theme movies are exciting to watch and are a great way to travel from your home. 

Such movies are both fictional and non-fictional, nonetheless, they will definitely help with some of your cravings of traveling and the inability to do so. So here is a bunch of movies that you can enjoy alone or with your family.

a) Into the wild– This movie is about how a person gives away all his possession to charity and hikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness and how a series of events shape his life. 

b) Zindagi na milegi dobara- Three friends plan a vacation after years to get reunited and decide to three places with three different adventures. It is truly a magnificent movie. 

c) UP- Pixar movies have created a masterpiece, this animate movie revolves around how an old man goes in search of Paradise Falls in a flying house for his wife’s dream destination. This movie has it all. 

d) Wild- A story many of us would relate in which a woman travels 1100 miles hike, which she does it solo to recover from a very personal tragedy. 

e) Easy Rider- Two bikers head from L.A. to New Orleans through the open country and desert lands, and along the way, they meet a man who bridges a counter-culture gap they are unaware of.  

If you want to check out more travel themed movies to watch the go to this link.


3. Read Books About Traveling 

books to travel from home

Books are the gateway and home to imagination, books can satisfy your hunger of travel, and why won’t they? Books have been helping people for a long time, and surely it will help you too for having a fantabulous adventure right from your home. 

Get a book and set voyage to Non-fictional land or even to the places of dragons, the imaginative world of space, while reading only the sky’s limit. Travel from home will get really easy and interesting due to reading, especially if reading is your thing, get that traveling wishes fulfilled. 

Here are some of the books you can read to travel from your home right away:

a) Unlikely Destinations – A story by Lonely Planet, Unlikely destinations is a mix of autobiography and a travel story. It’s a rather personal story of Tony and Wheeler, which shows the evolution of their biggest travel company which has completely changed our ways of traveling. Learn about their journey and live with them while you read this.

b) Love With A Chance Of Drowning – Travel somehow does connect with love right? Love With A Chance Of Drowning is a beautiful story about the protagonist having a fear of the ocean sails through Pacific with her boyfriend. It is a great travel from home read which will remind you to even look back to your old travel memories.

c) On The Road – On the road is a travel novel that follows the character Sal, as he leaves New York City and heads west, riding the rails, making friends, and partying the night away. This story very well defines the changes in the character’s traits, the more he travels. He is his more confident and strong self which you can sense easily. 

d) Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love also is a must-read when it’s travel we’re talking about. This book is about self discovery and how the protagonist takes a leap of moving out. She goes on to discover Italy, India and Bali. You should definitely read it if you want to be engrossed in the world of freedom and self-discovery.

e) The Geography Of Bliss – Find bliss in travelling by reading The Geography Of Bliss by Eric Weiner is a book that will make you feel happy about traveling. He heads to places like Iceland, Qatar, Denmark, India, and Moldova to find the secret of happiness. While he never really finds the secret of happiness but his journey is definitely worth the read.


4. Set a Camp in Your Backyard- Home Camping

backyard camping | travel from home

Camping in the wood is a very popular choice of vacation, especially a family vacation. But many times it may be possible that the situations do not permit us to go camping and in this situation, you’ve to find some other way to come over the issue. So to find a Jugaad your backyard will come to your rescue. 

Home Camping is a great alternative to camping, recreate the experience which you’d use to quench the thirst of camping. If you have a backyard then you can have a wonderful camping exp, set a tent, get your family together, set up the BBQ grill, and make a list of all the fun activities you will be doing while camping from home. 

The upside to this is that this is a really cheap option, you can get anything you forget for the trip (to your backyard), go inside if you get bored or even if the weather doesn’t support such camping, and the biggest plus side, your own bathroom, pee in peace. Even if you don’t have a backyard you can still enjoy in your room, by creating a room same as a campsite, but that won’t be as fun as camping in your backyard.

Obviously this won’t be as fun it would’ve been if you visited the woods for camping but when you’ve no other choice this jugaad will surely be a great alternative, especially if you have kids they will enjoy camp in your backyard. 


travel from home | online events


5. Revisiting the Places Through Photos, Videos and Memories

travel memories

Everything changes in life, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the memory we freeze in the photographs and videos, they stay with us till the end of the time. Often it happens that the photos are just lying around and you don’t see them, they are there in your life but you don’t revisit the memories. 

During the time like this, we can go back in time no not time travelling. I’m talking about going through all the photos and videos of the time we spent travelling. If you visited a place with someone else you can get connected with them digitally and check out those photos and videos, and talk about all the wonderful time that you’ve spent. This will also make you reconnect with people you’ve lost contact with.

Travel from home with those mementos and get nostalgic, surely it will make you happy and give a great experience to enjoy, so get those digital or real photos out and get ready to travel.


6. Prepare for Your Next Trip by Learning a New Language

learn a new language | travel from home

You can start preparing for your grand next trip by learning a new language, this will make the time you spend productive and you will have a new skill when all of this is over, and you’d be trip ready for a brand new place with a different language. There are apps like Duolingo and Rype that will help you to learn a new language and make you ready for the next trip until then keep going with your travel from home.


travel from home | online events


7. Start Creating Your Bucket List 

travel from home bucket list

While you are stuck at home, you can always start preparing for your next traveling trip. Travel from home will include a to-do list or bucket list that you will happily make, create a bucket list of things you’d like to such as, If you are traveling alone then it can be a really interesting journey and not to forget exciting. So you can decide where to go, how to go, things you’d do there and where would you stay. Choose your dream destination and save up for it. 

If you’re planning to go with someone then you would have fun discussing it with them creating a bucket list with many is a gift. Gather the list of the wishes everyone has and start shortlisting it according to your budget and wishes and however the time permits. 

This bucket list will keep you on your toes for the next trip and you’d stay busy when you travel from home for a prolonged time.

Hopefully, this tough time go by and you wouldn’t need to travel from home anymore and go out without any fear of being caught with the virus and travel wherever you’d love to travel and always have the best journey of your life.

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