Monetize Recorded Workshops As Events On Demand

Create events with recorded workshops & let your audience access them at their convenience.

Turn your recorded workshops into revenue making products!

Publish recorded videos

Record Once, Monetize For Lifetime!

Host Content

Securely host your recorded workshops and reading material as gated content & share it with your audience globally. 

Host recorded events

Monetize Content

Let your audience pay and get instant access to your paid content and create a life-time revenue opportunity without any recurring expense. 

monetise event videos

Why Events On Demand?

An opportunity to leverage recorded content!

  • Ongoing Revenue
    A new ongoing revenue channel with no monthly expense!
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    Lower Expense
    Only one time investment to prepare high quality content.
  • Content Safety
    Your content is safe and secure with paid only access.

Why Your Audience Prefer Recorded Workshop

  • High quality video

    The video quality of workshop in recorded workshop will be better than any live workshop.

  • Life time access

    Audience can Play, Pause, Rewind and Repeat at their convenience with lifetime access. 

  • Accessible from anywhere

    Audience can access workshop from anywhere with any device at their convenient time.

  • Record online courses and workshops


We make money only when you do! 

  • No set-up charges

    Publish all your Recorded Content with no upfront charges.  

  • No Hosting fees

    Host your event content with us with no monthly hosting fees. 

  • Pay per transaction

    Share a small percentage of revenue on each transaction. 

Ready To Publish Your First Event On Demand?

Schedule a demo with the team & Start engaging your audience with the recorded events.

Success Story

Ph designs Ph designs

How an Art Class tripled its revenue with Events On Demand

pH design, an art class was facing a difficulty with virtual format of event, as it was difficult for their audience to learn art from live session. pH designs gave a shot to Events on demand and received immense response. They tripled their revenue.

pH design is going global and have built an audience of 4.6k subscribers on

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