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Sell Thousands of Tickets Online With Leading Event Ticketing Software

Trusted by worldwide event organizers for 12 years! Whether it's sports, concerts, charity events, or private gatherings. AllEvents’ ticketing software for events is the go-to platform to sell tickets online. 

AllEvents: Where Events & Tickets Meet
Event Ticketing Platform to Sell Thousands of Tickets Online with a very easy setup process

#1 Event Ticketing Software to Launch Events

Event ticketing is a crucial part of event management which involves selling and managing tickets online. It makes ticket purchasing easier, and AllEvents is an all-in-one event ticketing platform that connects thousands of event creators with millions of event seekers.

  • 20M+
    Event Seekers
  • 300k+
    Event Professionals
  • 40k+
    Eventful Cities

Online Event Ticketing System to Reach Millions of Event Seekers!

We are a one-stop ticketing software for events that cover all types of occasions - such as workshops, festivals, nonprofits, conferences, colleges, and more.

  • Create Events Where Attendees Are

    Event organizers can create, manage and track their online event ticket sales from their dashboard. You don’t need to juggle between other ticketing platforms for anything.

  • Free Ticketing Software for Events

    Ticketing software for events that comes with an arsenal of marketing tools at no cost. And we don’t go down when demand for your event is high🙂. 

  • Sell Tickets & Get Paid “Instantly”

    You get a seamless event marketplace where you can set up event ticketing, promote your event, and get instant payments from every ticket sale. 

  • Keep Your Community Growing

    Keep building your audience on AllEvents. Leverage your audience to sell more tickets online: mail them - notify them - invite them (your call).

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  • Your event 6 1
  • Your event (4)

Jaw Dropping Event Ticketing Features [ it’s free 😉]

At AllEvents, event organizers get access to a large set of event ticketing software features & tools that enable them to easily sell tickets for their events without much of hassles of integrating technology to their event ticketing process.

  • Unlimited Ticket Types

  • Custom Ticket Forms

  • Multiple Discount Codes

  • Ticket Delivery via Mail & SMS

  • Instant Event Payouts

  • Quick Check-ins


Why Choose AllEvents as an Event Ticketing Software

  • 12 Years Of Building Trust

    We have been in this industry since 2011, and have been working to ensure that right events reach the right audience. This makes us a highly trusted event ticketing platform for event organizers at no cost.

  • 40+ Features for Fast Ticket Selling

    Give your event power with features like ticketing page builder, custom seat maps, ticket scanning, attendee management, and more. We have everything you need to make your event a success!

  • Make Ticket Selling Easier

    Experience convenience at its best! Latest technology and integrations cut short your hours of work with few clicks. Our features, like email invites and automated booking reminders cover your tedious tasks.

  • Secure Payment Processing

    It’s completely safe to sell event tickets with AllEvents. You can start your ticket sales by connecting your Stripe/PayPal account and receive instant payments on every ticket you sell.


From Zero To Hero: Sell More Tickets With AllEvents

While event organizers are juggling (busy) with managing events, AllEvents makes their work easier by taking care of online ticket sales. We push events over various event promotion channels to ensure that they get maximum event ticket sales. Of course, this includes AllEvents’ network of 5000 partner websites.

  • Get Your Event Discovered

    AllEvents is the premier destination for event discovery, connecting over 20 million people worldwide with exciting events. This helps event creators to sell their event tickets super fast with the event listing.

  • Rank Your Event On Google

    Our event ticketing software optimizes your event pages for search engines, making them SEO-friendly and increasing their visibility on platforms like Google. Simply publish your event and enjoy faster event ticket sales✌️. 

  • Events For Hungry Folks

    More than 14 million event enthusiasts are subscribed to AllEvents. We provide custom event recommendations based on interests and location, ensuring your events sell tickets to the right attendees.

  • Capture Leads & Automate Follow-Ups

    Never miss out on a potential attendee. AllEvents enables you to know who’s interested in your event. This helps you send your followers email invites and set up booking reminders for leads.


Start Selling Event Tickets In 5 Minutes

It takes little to no time to get things running.
Follow the event creation process, and you will have your event ticketing page set-up done within minutes.

  • Create event page
    Create event
  • Publish and share event
    Publish & Share Event
  • Get ticket sales
    Enjoy Event Ticket Sales
Comparison Table

Comparison of AllEvents vs Other Event Ticketing Platforms

Features AllEvents Other Platforms
Set-up Pricing Free + Instant $20 - $300
Ticketing Fee $1 (from attendees) 5% + $2 per ticket
Average Reviews 4.7/5 4.2/5
Credit Card Fees As per PayPal/Stripe 3% - 5% per transaction
Payouts Instant 15 days - 30 days
Event Website Builder $0 (aka Free) $20 or more
Ticket Sales Tracker Free access Paid plans
Attendee Check-ins Free 📲 Paid plans
Event Management App Install & use ✌️ Not available everywhere

AllEvents Provides Ticketing For All Kinds Of Events

As a leading event ticketing software for events; AllEvents don’t hold you back. Our event ticketing system supports all kinds of events of all sizes. Whether it’s a Yoga workshop for 20 or a concert for thousands.

  • Ticketing for music events

    Ticketing For Music Events

    For all sizes of music events, be it small musical nights or huge concerts, AllEvents have tools that help you sell tickets for music events quickly.

  • Special ticketing for conferences

    Special Ticketing for Conferences

    Apart from many tools and features, we also have a special audience who loves discovering conference events. This makes selling tickets for conferences easier.

  • Market and Sell Tickets for Virtual Events

    Market and Sell Tickets for Virtual Events

    Want to sell tickets virtually? Get done with the virtual ticketing setup in 4 steps in under 5 minutes with AllEvents virtual ticketing software!


Tools That Are Exclusive On AllEvents

Along with event ticketing software, we have some amazing tools that will help you increase visibility in front of event seekers. Sometimes it may be in the form of attractive designs and sometimes in the form of tracking ticket sales. Check them out!

Google Event Featuring

Get in front of people searching for events on Google. This tool helps you to get featured on Google and sell tickets online.

Trackable Link Generator

Getting event ticket sales but don’t know how? Now you can create trackable links to see what’s working best for you.

Designs Creator

Create amazing designs to promote your event on social media with posters, banners, and more.

Custom Link Generator

Shorten your loooonngggg event URLs. Create custom short links for your event with this tool and share it on your social.

QR Code Generator

Share scannable QR codes of your event on your posters to sell more tickets online. Create yours now.


AllEvents Reviews By Users

Check out how people have given ratings to AllEvents as an Event Ticketing platform.

  • Thumb square 99f45ee85c74c5f4c839a28ada33b63b
    Andre-B van Wyk
    Marketing and Sales Manager

    It's easy to create events on AllEvents with user friendly widgets that helps in selling event tickets online. They are a great platform to market your event.

  • Thumb square d5e3498238e4489a89c617adfa7a374e
    Mike Roth
    President, Roth Voice

    AllEvents is a great vendor to sell tickets online. They make it easy to set up an event page, promote it, and their tracking ticket sales feature works best for me. 

  • Joe j. review
    Joe J.
    Head Publisher at SMS Novel

    The commission fee is definitely lesser than other platforms and there are a lot of unique features that we really enjoy. We also like the lead data transparency.

  • C.k. arora review
    C.K. Arora
    Happiness Coach

    It's a unique event site where you can create not only your event but also your branded website. AllEvents' staff is very responsive and supportive at all times.


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