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How to create Event QR Code?

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Where to use Event QR Codes?

Event QR codes have a lot of use cases than you can imagine. Here are some of the most used ways of QR Codes in Events

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Social Media Stories

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Social Media Posts

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City Lights

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Table Top

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Magazine ads

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Benefits of using QR codes in Events

Smart way to use links

Allows your attendees to access important information quickly and easily, without having to type long URLs into their browsers.

Design Element

Stylish + Easy access to links. Get appealing QR codes for your event branding and marketing. This can also make them more easily recognizable attendees.

Stores Data in a code

You can share all your event data with a single QR code and make them a convenient way to share information with attendees.

Saves money for free

QR codes are a relatively inexpensive technology to implement and can be easily shared digitally.

Easy to use

QR codes are easy for attendees to scan using their phones, without the need for any special equipment or software.

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