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How It Works

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    Enter the Event Link

    The first step is to enter your Event link from where our system can collect information about your event. If we are unable to collect the information automatically, we'll give you the option to enter the event details manually.

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    Information Processing

    As soon as you enter your event link or the event details, our system will process the information to make awesome designs for you. 

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    Get Designs

    You'll get to see multiple design options to choose from once your Event details are processed. You can choose designs from Event announcements, box office and countdowns.

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    Download Design ✨

    Once you choose the designs that best suits your taste, you can download it to your existing device or scan the code through your mobile phone and download it directly from there. You can download it either in png or pdf format. 

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    Share these designs

    As you're ready with your designs on your device, you can share it on social media channels. We recommend you to share it along with your event link to get the best results.

Where to use design Templates?

Event QR codes have a lot of use cases than you can imagine. Here are some of the most used ways of QR Codes in Events

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Social Media Stories

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Social Media Posts

Untitled design (20)

City Lights

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Untitled design (25)


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Table Top

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Magazine ads

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Benefits of using Design Assets

Time is money and we save both.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Save thousands on design costs with our design templates. Eliminate the need to hire a professional designer or purchase expensive tools.

Save Time and Resources

You can use our ready to use design templates specially designed for your event instead of designing all the promotional material from scratch.

Variety of options

We offer a wide range of design templates, making it easy to find one that fits your interest. You can choose designs that you like from the options.


Our design templates are customizable, allowing you to adjust the banner, the event name, and the Call To Action trigger.

Optimized Formats

Our design templates are optimized for various platforms, ensuring that they look great no matter where they're used. Be it print, web, or social media.

Unique to your Event

All the design templates generated by us will be unique for your event consisting of your event banner, Event Name, Time, Venue, and CTA.

Easy to use

Our Design templates are easy to use. As soon as you enter the event details, all the templates are generated automatically and it can be shared directly.

Modern Designs

All the designs are created by design experts and include the element of modern designs to help you make your events stand out.

No Design Expertize needed

You need no design expertize to use Design Templates. Anyone with basic knowledge can generate these designs by adding relevant information.

FAQs for Event Design Templates

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