9 Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween in NYC 2022

9 Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween in NYC 2022

No matter how old one gets, Halloween is something everybody loves. Whether it be trick or treating, partying with friends, or staying in with family the festival entails fun. Originating from an ancient Celtic festival, Halloween’s trick-or-treating tradition was initially a way to blend in with spirits, that were believed to walk the earth.

In this article, we will share the best ways you can celebrate Halloween in the city with your loved ones!

New Year’s Eve In New York- Things You Cannot Miss

New Year’s Eve In New York- Things You Cannot Miss

Everyone must be dreaming of having a vacation at New York City and celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York is like dream come true for you New York is the city of gigantic billboards, and the one-stop destination for the hottest musical acts is the best place to celebrate the new year. If you are looking for (more…)

Things To Do on the 4th of July in NYC

Things To Do on the 4th of July in NYC

The 4th of July In NYC

The United States of America celebrates its Independence Day on the 4th of July, ever since 4th July, 1776. In addition to being a National Day in the USA, this day is associated with certain key elements which frame the day. These are special fireworks, parades, events, concerts, speeches, and reunions. Landing in summer, if you’re on a vacay to The States, here is our list of things to do in NYC on July 4th : 

Top Things To Do on 4th July 2022 in NYC

1. The Magical Fireworks In NYC On the 4th Of July 

The Magical Fireworks In NYC On 4th Of July

The 4th of July fireworks in NYC are the most jaw-dropping sight to catch. Starting from exact 9:20 pm, these fireworks showcase a spectacular view of the New York Skyline from across the Brooklyn Bridge. Sponsored by the popular store Macy’s, the night sky is filled with thunder and colors all around from around 75,000 crackers. This day is widely celebrated across the USA and the firecrackers are the showstoppers of the day. 

2. Picnic At The Most Beautiful Parks In NYC 

parks in NYC on 4th July

Picnics are an old tradition on this day where family and friends hang out in the summer sun. With your picnic mats and the yummy food baskets all filled and ready, the 4th of July is a holiday many like to spend in the pleasant lush green parks. Some of the best picnic spots in NYC include Central Park, Astoria Park, East River State Park, etc. The 4th of July in NYC calls for some fun in the sun!  

3. The Sun And The Beaches In NYC  

nyc beaches on 4th of july

Yet another fun thing to do in NYC on 4th of July is to enjoy some of the best beaches in the city. With the perfect summer around that time, these beaches are open for swimming right from the celebrating weekend. Some of the best beaches in NYC include the Fort Tilden Beach, Jacob Riis Park Beach, Jones Beach, Long Beach, etc. With your beach mats, umbrellas and your favorite playlist, the chill-weekend-zone is amazing to experience. C’mon people, you cannot miss out that tan! 

4. The 4th of July Cruise In NYC


One of the best ways to witness the jaw-dropping fireworks at night is to watch them from a cruise. With the perfect atmosphere at the deck, good music, food and drinks, the view of the illuminated NYC skyline is surreal. Watching the 4th of July fireworks in NYC from the cruise also makes it less crowded for you to watch the entire show. Some of the best cruises in the city are the 4th of July Evening Cruise by Circle Line, July 4th Hornblower Infinity Yacht, and July 4th Macy’s Fireworks Festive Boat. With separate entertainment areas for the grown-ups and the kids, few of the cruises are the perfect match for your requirements like the Hornblower Infinity Yacht. 

5. BBQs at the Parks 

nyc bbq at the park on 4th july

With the picnics intact, Barbeques qualify for being the “element” of the celebration. And one of the best places to experience this is in Central Park where lots of other people cook delicious barbeques. Grilling at Central Park is allowed rarely and the 4th of July is one of those rare days, so you can not miss this chance! Yet another fun in the sun? Well, yes yes! Do get your own griller and stands to enjoy the perfect quality time and yummy food. BBQ is available in a variety of other numerous restaurants in the city. 

Top Events in NYC on 4th July 

As widely and whole-heartedly celebrated as this day is, the 4th of July is one of the most eventful days in NYC. A lot happens in the blink of an eye, and there’s just so much always going around, that you never know what you might miss out on. 

Here’s a list of all the top 4th of July events near you that you must attend while you’re in the city:

1. New York 4th Of July Fireworks by Macy’s

nyc fireworks on 4th july

The extravagant fireworks by Macy’s around the Brooklyn Bridge at around 9.20 pm are the pride of the day. These fireworks sparkle the sky and leave the viewers completely awed. The entire show lasts for around 30 mins and this is a grand event in itself. But more than an event, it has now become a tradition carried on for years! There are various places to view these fireworks from, best suggested are the Macy’s Official Viewing Point and the Brooklyn Bridge.

2. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 

nathan's hot dog eating contest

From about 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, Coney Island in Brooklyn is crowded with around 30,000 people, all eager and excited to watch the famous Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. The contest basically involves a competition to eat the maximum number of hotdogs in 10 mins! As exciting as it sounds, high records have already been set up – male category – 73 hotdogs and female category – 37 hotdogs. This event is also streamed live on ESPN. 

3. The 4th of July Parties In NYC

4th of July Parties In NYC

From rooftops celebrations to bars and clubs, from barbeques in parks to hotdogs at Coney Island, New York is all about celebrating on the 4th of July. All top clubs in NYC host various dance parties, not just on 4th but the entire week. Dancing all night and clubbing the week out is many people’s favorite resort to celebrate. 

4. The Freedom Fest 

freedom fest nyc

The very popular South Street Seaport hosts the famous annual Freedom Fest. 2019 embarks the 5th season of the fest at Watermark. Loved and attended by all ages, this event involves a dinner buffet and fun events like DJs. While celebrating at the South Street Seaport and dancing the young nights,  you can also catch a fantastic view of the 4th July Fireworks from the Pier. Hurry up, your time starts at 6:15 pm. 

5. Star Spangled Banger

star spangled banger

Located on Coney Island, you can visit the Brewery beer garden here for some amazing music, chilled beer, and good food. With a great lineup of artists and bands like Cousin Earth, The Mob, Violent in Black, etc, the event is quite fun to attend. You can attend the place at noon and the music kicks off at 2 pm, beginning a fun afternoon and evening for Free! 

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