Mental health is often not taken seriously while it is as important as physical health. We feel a rainbow of emotions every passing day and whenever we choose to suppress emotion and resurrect to being the happy-peppy normal self – we make a mistake. It’s extremely important to look after ourselves and constantly keep a check with our mental health. Distracting yourself might work for that very moment but it’s important to come to terms with the issues. Mindfulness activities keep you healthy and it makes it easier to deal with the problems and helps you in living in the present or the current moment.

Mindfulness activities are basically just living in the present and not straining your mind with constant thoughts. These activities are made for adults and even kids, it’s just a healthy practice to feel a sense of calm. Anyone who is facing anxiety, depression or even just Monday blues, mindfulness is a great way to deal with all the difficult situations.


Here Are 7 Best Mindfulness Activities That Can Keep You Positive

1. Tea or Coffee Drinking Exercise

mindfulness activities | tea & coffee

Mindfulness doesn’t mean just meditation and yoga, there is a lot more to it then you can possibly think. You can take up possibly anything that you enjoy doing and be mindful of that. It could be something as trivial as having your tea or something as intuitive as writing your personal journal. 

Take up your tea/coffee sessions seriously. It’s a time that you share with yourself. While you are in this process of making your favorite coffee or tea, keep your mind all immersed in that. Be mindful with it; the aroma of your dark coffee or piping hot tea, the babbling sound, the warm hug with your drink or the very first sip of your drink is something where your mind should be.

Get away from the indistinct chatters and murmurs that constantly keeps going on in your head. Take a break and indulge in one of loveliest mindfulness activities which will only make you feel better and calm.


2. Mindfulness Yoga

mindfulness yoga

Mindfulness activities definitely would include things like yoga and meditation. These are some of the basic and significantly known activities for keeping us humans calm and bringing us back to the best version of ourselves. Mindfulness yoga has great benefits for your mind and body. It’ll spiritually develop you and uplift your spirits.

Also, not just that it gives you the training to stay focused and also help your body physically and mentally. It’ll help in curing or at least controlling diabetes, anxiety, and chronic pain. Mindfulness and yoga go perfectly in sync because yoga is all about flexibility, cardio and toning of body. While mindfulness, it is all about relieving stress, controlling constant battle of thoughts and controlling heart diseases.

It only makes sense to try and take up mindfulness yoga to help yourself have a rather peaceful and healthier approach towards life.


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3. Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness meditation

Not sure why did we put this on #3, but anyhow this list wasn’t in any chronological order. So yes, whenever anyone speaks of mindfulness activities – meditation comes on the top. Why practice mindfulness meditation? 

Well, this is more so an approach to make your mind still, you can try it for as long as you like. Start with a 15-minute meditation and then you can eventually make this a daily habit. It helps you control your mind that wanders literally everywhere. Be your kinder self, learn how to enhance your emotional health and reduce your stress levels with mindfulness activities.

There are interesting apps & books that can teach you how you can really do it. Headspace and Calm are the two very popular apps that you can try out to practice mindfulness.


4. Mindful Eating

mindful eating

Mindfulness activities are all about being in the moment and mindful eating is one way to implement it. Learn how to notice things that are right in front of you, embrace the present moment, rather than being in your own rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts.

There are multiple activities to practice mindful eating. Here are two activities that you can try; raisin eating and berry eating challenge. Notice what you eat; everything from the color to the taste, from texture to the smell – feel and stay in the moment as you eat. It’s a tiny bit of exercise but will definitely give you new experiences.



5. Mindfulness In Nature

The best way to feel comfortable in your own company is by experiencing serenity in the laps of mother nature. Nature takes one to an absolutely new world. It brings calmness and refreshing energy in your life. There is a lot that you can do to indulge in mindfulness through nature.

It can be just something small as mindful breathing while you sit still and admire nature. Take good notice of your breathing pace and later start being aware of your thoughts and body. You can take a stroll in the woods and notice the lush green trees, why do the woods smell a specific way and many more questions that you can associate with life and trees.

There are so many distinctive mindfulness activities that involve nature; from forest bathing to watching a river flow, you can learn a lot with a sense of serenity and calmness.


6. Mindful Art & Craft Activities

mindfulness jars | games & activities

Mindfulness art and craft activities are for everyone who’d like to indulge in something creative. Even for kids to make them connect with their senses and body from art & craft activities. Art includes a focused approach and it can be considerably great activity to consider and get on if you are looking for mindfulness.

There are a bunch of mindfulness activities that are absolutely creative and fun. Mindfulness coloring, Mandala art, and mind jars are our three top picks if you want to achieve mindfulness through creative routes.

Mandala as a form of artworks as a connection between our soul and the universe. It’s a meditative form of art that you can take up to reduce stress and something that’ll help and works as an art therapy. 

Mindful coloring is for tiny totes and for anyone who finds coloring therapeutic. Find online worksheets and immerse yourself in the art of coloring. Focus on colors, your coloring patterns and your choice of colors.

Mind jars is a fun activity that can be conducted by glitters, sand, jar, and water. It is a nice exercise for kids and adults. Shake the bottle after mixing all the elements and imagine this as your head with thoughts (glitter). When you keep it still you’ll see the glitter settle down and that’s how your thoughts exactly work. Creativity can be of best use when connected with mindfulness.


7. Mindfulness Games For Kids

It’s important even for kids to practice mindfulness. From early on when you inculcate the habit to practice mindfulness through varied activities which could be some fun games or creative art, you help them to reduce the risk of anxiety and mental health disorders in future. 

There is a list of mindfulness games for kids that you can opt for. Jenga, Bubble Blowing, Balancing on one foot or blindfolded taste tests, there are so many fun activities to practice mindfulness.

Jenga needs a lot of concentration and it can help your kid stay away from distractions. Your child will not realize but he/she will be somehow practicing mindfulness. About bubble blowing, this activity will help your child focus on breathing and also on being focused on a particular activity.

Balancing on one foot is a fun activity that keeps the body and mind in sync. Lastly, about blindfold taste tests, it’s almost similar to mindful eating but with your eyes closed. This will be a fun way to make your kids learn how to focus on tasting, the shape of fruits, and a lot more. Also, all these activities can be practiced by adults as well!


Bonus: I Am Grateful For…

Make a gratitude list or a list of things you’re thankful for! Count your blessings and keep your focus on all the optimistic things that can make you feel better and happier. 

While everything is a rollercoaster and the world sometimes feels negative, mindfulness activities will keep your sanity right in place. Indulge in mindfulness events and activities that can take you to the route of stressless and serenity.

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