3 years ago two friends Amit and Ruchit had a dream; a dream to have all events classified and brought together. They worked on it, rejecting their handsome paying jobs they decided to be entrepreneurs.

After three years, now All Events in City is the largest event discovery and promotion platform spread across 23,000 cities and accessed by more than 2M users every month with more than 13M events. Read more »

We at All Events understand it very well that being an organizer is a very tough task.

An event organizer has several things to manage from venue to the logistics and in all this hush and run maintaining a website and keeping the event seekers updated about the events is another tough task.

We brainstormed and finally came up with a solution to lighten your burden. We provide you with an organizer profile. A microsite that contains all the information about you and events and your event seekers can follow you and stay updated. Read more »

We are super excited to shout out loud and tell all our users in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh that All Events in City and Uber are now working together.

Which means during your next event roll in style. Flaunt in style as you alight from a flashy Uber cab. The Uber cab shall be FREE for your first 3 rides upto Rs.200rs each. Yes you read it right FREE.

Ride to Your Event in Style

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Navratri is the 9 day festival which is devoted to Goddess Durga, it is celebrated all over India and several other countries where Indians reside. It is one of the most awaited and loved festivals in India. It is celebrated in Ashvin month according to Gujarati calendar which is generally during end of September or starting of October.

Here are 9 reasons which make Navratri everyone’s favorite festival:

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Oktoberfest is considered to be the largest Volksfest (people’s fair) and is the largest funfair held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany every year. With an enthusiastic crowd of more than a six and half million people. People from all across the globe reach Munich to be a part of this celebration. The festival originated from the horse race held during the marriage of King Ludwig 1 and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 10,1810 where everyone was invited at the fields of front gates and there by after the street was named Theresienwiese after the name of the crowned princess,later the city was simply called Weisen was celebrated as festival for whole Bavaria and thus it gave rise to tradition of Oktoberfest. Read more »

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Mid Autumn also popularly known as Mooncake festival is one of the major festivals celebrated widely in China and Vietnam. It is a celebration that brings friends and families together.

It is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar and Vietnamese calendar, during a full moon which generally lies in September or October.

Here are 10 things you should know about the Mid- Autumn Festival

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This story is about the Student Ambassadors of L.D. College of engineering Jatin Mistry and Kiran Notwani.

Both Jatin and Kiran were shortlisted for the second round of the Student Ambassador Program. Jatin was the first candidate to be interviewed his interview went pretty well he was questioned about his past achievements and in regard to interesting co-curricular activities he was a part of the NSS (National Social Service) he cracked the interview and became a part of the team. Kiran had the interview later on, Kiran being an extrovert and loquacious she took the lead in interview telling stories of what she has done so far and how she managed everything during the Rang Amaizi Competition in their college. The most hilarious part about Kiran’s interview was that she was unaware of what is All Events in City. Despite the fact of being unknown about the company she managed to bag the position of a Student Ambassador.

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