United Way Vadodara Navaratri

Festivals and celebrations are the heart of people in India. Navratri is one of the most important festivals in the country. It holds significance in North India, West Bengal and West India. Navratri is a holy devotion to nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Durga is the mother of the universe. She has the power of creation, preservation and destruction of the eternity. Navratri gets celebrated for nine days with a common theme of good winning over evil. Read more »

10 biggest music festivals of india

Music heals and music connects and music takes you down to the memory lane, the essence of music is always pure. Whatever you feel about music, it’s  riveting & satisfying that lets you be yourself and be alive! Isn’t it?

For such souls who love to groove on the thrilling number of their favorite artists, here is the chance to be a part of the best high-powered music festivals that happens around the country and believe me attending them will fill you with an umpteen energy and give you the reason to love the life even more!

The Top 10 Music Festivals In India That You Should Not Miss

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We Love our Event Explorers and love surprising them Goodies, Tickets and concert passes every month.

Together we kick away the monotonous lives and Make The World Happening. We want the people to explore what’s happening in their city. There is so much learn from events, so many interesting people to meet and amuse yourself with a pack of entertainment, we want you to make the most out of it.

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India celebrates 69 years of Independence. The country was set free to the colonial rule and became a democracy in 1947. The nation salutes the sheer efforts of our Army who protects while we sleep in peace. We owe a lot to the youth of the nation who have conquered the power of technology and made India one of the largest IT industry of the world.

However, we still believe if your look up from the sky there are no boundaries there are no discriminations and the world seems a beautiful place to live in. When we are born we aren’t born with a mark that signifies our religion and nationality it is us who have divided the nations and religions.

Here’s a tale of innocence that signifies we are Divided by Religion and United by Innocence. Read more »



Music is the rhythm that keeps us moving. It makes your life happening and convivial. Just imagine life without music; so monotonous and boring. There would be no Discotheques and Music Festivals and we would be not be having really happening place to go and hangout.


We curated a list of some of the best DJ’s whose tracks make you hit the dance floor and groove on the beats.

10 Dj’s who made Music better than ever are:

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10 july premji

Something really aesthetic about Gujaratis is that they take pride in their language, cultures and ethnicity despite the fact the corner of the world they reside in.Hon’ble Prime Minister once said Jya jya vase Gujarati tya tya vase Gujarat” (wherever there is a Gujarati there is a Gujarat there).

It is now time to celebrate the Gujarati spirit and welcome a Fresh Gujarati Film into the Cinema.

Premji Rise of a Warrior.

We Gujjus always seek a fun element in everything. For us food and entertainment are the basic needs of survival. We decided to give out free goodies to our fellow Gujjus and check their acting skills.

We hereby present to you Premji The Movie Dubsmash Contest.

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usa flag

The USA is celebrating the joy of democracy and independence for 239 years. In the all this years, there are innumerable achievements that the country has achieved. It has a set a landmark all across the globe and proved itself to be one of the super powers. It has advanced in all the sectors from Economy, space, technology to Artificial Intelligence.

We have widened our horizons across the sky and set our mark on the moon. We have crumpled the vices like Osama Bin laden. The whole country stood together to fight nature’s fury during Katrina Hurricane. We share love disregard to age, color, creed or sex, we understand love is the euphoria of emotions and celebrate the pride by legalizing LGBT marriages.

Today as we celebrate 239 years of independence let us see some of the best glimpses of the wonderful country:

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