10 july premji

Something really aesthetic about Gujaratis is that they take pride in their language, cultures and ethnicity despite the fact the corner of the world they reside in.Hon’ble Prime Minister once said Jya jya vase Gujarati tya tya vase Gujarat” (wherever there is a Gujarati there is a Gujarat there).

It is now time to celebrate the Gujarati spirit and welcome a Fresh Gujarati Film into the Cinema.

Premji Rise of a Warrior.

We Gujjus always seek a fun element in everything. For us food and entertainment are the basic needs of survival. We decided to give out free goodies to our fellow Gujjus and check their acting skills.

We hereby present to you Premji The Movie Dubsmash Contest.

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usa flag

The USA is celebrating the joy of democracy and independence for 239 years. In the all this years, there are innumerable achievements that the country has achieved. It has a set a landmark all across the globe and proved itself to be one of the super powers. It has advanced in all the sectors from Economy, space, technology to Artificial Intelligence.

We have widened our horizons across the sky and set our mark on the moon. We have crumpled the vices like Osama Bin laden. The whole country stood together to fight nature’s fury during Katrina Hurricane. We share love disregard to age, color, creed or sex, we understand love is the euphoria of emotions and celebrate the pride by legalizing LGBT marriages.

Today as we celebrate 239 years of independence let us see some of the best glimpses of the wonderful country:

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Last month All Events in City came across a Colourful Festival known as Parvati Peaking Festival. We are happy to have been the proud partners for the event.

This Festival takes place every year at Choch, Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. In the Hindu mythology Parvati is considered as Shakti (Power), the wife of Mahadev.

Surrounded by the mountains this is one of India’s best hilltop music festival every trance maniac should attend. Not only you will see people from across India but you will find many travellers from other countries too.


Catch a glimpse of the 3rd edition of Parvati Peaking

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pavan featured image


All of us have come across a situation where we have been totally shattered when you felt there was no way out and wished the Earth to swallow you. But along with time made ourselves stronger and fought back against all the odds.

Premji is one such movie, where Premji is drowned in grief of his father’s death, he has been secluded by the society and he is loner in an alien city where he realises that to eradicate evil he has to fight back, criticizing won’t help. He stands up and fights against all odds.

Aarohi Patel plays the role of Pavan, a young innocent girl who is matured enough to back Premji during his lows of life. Aarohi is a young fresh face who has recently graduated with Bachelor in Commerce.

“Performance is something I crave for. It’s my passion. Be it acting, dancing or anything.! I just love to perform..It makes me meet a new ME every time” says Aarohi Patel

 We had an interactive session with Aarohi Patel aka Pavan, sharing her journey about Premji the Movie

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“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”
Yoga is all about your enchanting and revamping your innerself. It is about balancing your conscience with your physical body.

21st June as the world celebrates International Yoga Day, our Prime Minsiter Hon. Mr. Narendra Modi plans to imbibe the youth with vibes of positivity and serene peace.

In several major cities there are Yoga sessions wherein fellow citizens will come together and meditate.
To support this initiative several other organizations have pulled a hand forward to create awareness about the importance of meditation in our day to day monotonous life.

We always have several events related to yoga, meditation listed on our portal. In the race of life and luxury humans need to slow down and discover their inner self.

All Events in City tried to fetch some of the best events that various organizations are organizing to support International Yoga Day.

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Kathputlli ka Khel

Akshat Drama Group organized an event ‘Kathputli ka Khel’ to promote Rajasthani culture and the puppet masters of India. Kathputli is derived from the two words; Kath which means wood and Putli meaning a doll which is lifeless. It’s a puppet made entirely from wood.

The event was held in the rural area of Ahmedabad wherein lies a museum of conflicts known as ‘Conflictorium’ – a must visit for all the Amdavadis.

The team at Akshat Drama Group are very enthused about spreading awareness about the various myths the Indian society upholds with them from generation to generation. They do it through street plays, flash mobs, puppet shows and theatre forms.

All Events in City appreciated their efforts for #MakingTheWorldHappening.

Here’s an interview session with Priya Sogani, co-founder of Akshat Drama Group.

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We at All Events in City believe in the saying “Work hard and party Harder”. We strive the whole week to give our event explorers the best experience, our team is always on their toes to see delighted organizers and make sure none of the users miss upcoming events. Sunday is a day dedicated to ourselves. We go out explore and discover the city and make sure our creativity and energy levels are boosted. We asked one of our team members to share his Sunday his plan. Here’s how this event freak is planning to make out the most in a day.

In the words of our Relationship Manager

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After innumerable hours of coding and several cups of Coffee, our tech team at All Events in City revamped the IOS App to make event discovery simpler than ever. We at All Events in City are on a mission to Make The World a Happening place. We want people to go out and explore their city. Find interesting things happening in their city and make the most out of their time. With the new IOS app now searching for events, becomes even simpler. With just a tap, you get to discover what’s happening in your city.

Here are the 5 things you should check out:

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While we sip coffee with our eyes glued to our computer screen there is this group of people that have accomplished their dream of connecting the world.

Digital marketing strategies are the need of the hour in the current technological era, WebCongress is connecting all the right people using it events and teaching online marketing strategies. All Events in City was fascinated by their story and their amazing efforts they have been making to bring a technological communication revolution with impact all across the globe. We admire them and we are more than happy to present them with our We Make The World Happening award.

Here’s a brief interview with the Co-Founder Ouali Benmezaine

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The city is alive. The city is happening. Surat, one of the most happening cities located in India. Surat is well known for its people who wish to make most during the weekends, they enjoy leisure as much as they enjoy work.

Well known as the City of Diamonds the city is flourishing with the enthusiastic youth who attend every kind of event. Every month more than 2000 Surti event explorers browse for events on allevents.in to make their lives happening. Read more »