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Event Promotion Ideas: How to promote an event successfully

Last Updated: March 9, 2023

Last Updated: March 9, 2023

Event promotion ideas

The efforts and money you put into building any event go in vain if it does not reach the desired audience.

The success of any event would depend on its audience, and your audience’s engagement would depend on the success of your marketing campaign.

Make your marketing activities engaging to grab the attention of your target audience. This will make your event promotion ideas shine. 

Creative event promotion ideas can help you stand out from the competition and boost your ticket sales growth. 

We have curated creative event promotion ideas to help you successfully promote your event.

But planning an event without a vision is like driving a car into a wall! So, before event promotion comes, “setting your goals for your event and giving your event an identity”.


So, let’s start with the basics, i.e. setting your goals and objectives and event branding. 

Setting goals and objectives for your Event Promotion

Before planning for promotions of any event, you need to be very clear about the goals and objectives of your event. 

The more clear the event organizer is with their objectives, the better it would plan its event promotions.

To get a clear vision, you need to brainstorm on the following questions: 

  1. What is your idea behind organizing this event?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Why will your audience attend your event?
  4. Where can you find your audience?
  5. What incentive are you providing to your audience?
  6. How will your event be different from others? 

Many event organizers don’t realize the importance of being clear about the event’s objective and enter into the trap of Marketing Myopia. So, promote what your audience is looking for. 

Every event organizer should develop their promotional strategy in such a way as to reach a large audience, stimulate interest in them, remind them from time to time, and reinforce them to register for your event.

Enter into the shoes of the attendee when planning your event promotion strategy.

After getting clear on your goals, let’s give your event an identity. 

Next comes Giving an identity to your event.

Once you are clear with your objectives and know your target audience, it is time to dive into event branding. It takes a lot of effort to design and implement your event promotion ideas. But if carefully planned and executed, it can do wonders for you. 

300K+ was a game-changer for their newly launched workshop initiative.

Event Branding

Colour theme – The colour theme of the event promotions must be consistent throughout the campaign. 

Logo – The event’s logo should be such that the audience can associate the brand and the event with it.

Title – The title of the event must always be in alignment with the theme of the event. 

Tagline – Make sure to add a tagline to your event to convey what you are delivering.

Message – Convey a consistent message through all the promotion channels of the campaign.

Event Promotion Ideas During Different Phases of Event

Your event promotions strategy would be divided into three stages – Pre-event promotions, promotions during the event, and post-event promotions.

Pre-Event Event Promotion Ideas!

Your event’s visibility and ticket sales depend on this stage. Any event’s success depends on how well you engage with your audience before the event, giving them a reason to join. Following are some of the creative Pre-event promotion ideas-

1. Pre Event before the actual Event

One of the most creative ideas to promote your event is to plan and organize different events before the event. 

The events before the actual event are not just limited to contests but can be in the forms of –

  • Short Instagram Live sessions by the guests or performers or virtual events
  • Some social or fundraising events before the actual event
  • A free educational course (depending on the type of event)
  • Event promo in the form of a virtual tour 

2. List your event on Event Discovery Platforms

Event Discovery platforms are a great way for every event organizer to start promoting their event. With features and promotional tools of event discovery platforms, your event has a high chance of getting maximum visibility.

To get your event discovered by millions and market them professionally, create your event on Allevents.in

3. Strategizing ticket pricing

One of the unique event promotion ideas is to strategize on event ticket pricing. Strategizing your ticket pricing would definitely have an impact on your ticket sales and boost your income. Single-price ticketing might not be very effective for your event.

Every event organizer should try out different ticket pricing strategies, such as –

  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Group Pricing
  • Bundle Pricing
  • VIP
  • Ambassadors 

You can try different ticket types with the help of event listing websites. Some event listing websites allow you to create multiple ticket types in numerous currencies. For your event promotion, try to set your ticket price in a way that triggers a sense of urgency in the audience’s minds.

Here is the collection of event listing websites you can explore. 

4. Advertising to promote your event

You can use various mediums to advertise your upcoming event, such as:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more
  • Email marketing
  • Event listing platforms
  • Traditional advertising

Need help to promote your event? Connect with our marketing experts.

5. Retargeting interested audiences

Have you experienced ads related to your search history? That’s what ad Retargeting is!

Retargeted ads average a CTR 10x higher than that of Display ads. – skai

Retargeting can be done in many ways. Be it Google ad retargeting, social media ads, event listing platforms, email marketing, or push notifications. 

Most of the methods to retarget your audience falls into the category of the paid form of marketing. It is the most effective way to promote an event to a large audience.

But with AllEvents, you just need to List your event. We will help you retarget the audience interested in your event with the help of reminder emails and push notifications.

6. Leveraging social media platforms for pre-event promotion 

Using various social media platforms for your event promotion has become vital in today’s world.

Social media is the best platform to promote your event. AllEvents users get most of their tickets sold through social media. 


But it is imperative to change with changing social media trends. Creating reels on Instagram is the new trend. And for event promoters, reels can be a very effective way to promote your event.

Here are some most effective ideas to use social media for event promotion.

  • Posting visually appealing and engaging content regularly.
  • Creating authentic content, such as behind-the-scenes and setting up event locations. People like this type of content.
  • Influencer event marketing – Find an influencer who is suitable for promoting your event.
  • Storytelling – The best way to interact with your audience is to tell them a story instead of marketing your event. Good stories would build great events.
    In fact, the audience recalls stories 22 times more than just simple facts.
    Event marketing is not about the tickets you sell but the story you tell. 

Social media event promotion is a vast area. Here is a complete guide on how to promote events on social media platforms.

7. Let your Mascot represent your Event

Mascots never go out of trend. A character representing your brand throughout the campaign is a very creative idea to promote the event. For years, many brands have successfully used mascots to represent their brand.

There are many benefits of using mascots to represent your event. The most important of all is the recall rate of the event. Constantly showcasing the mascots in all your posts would create a brand association. 

The same mascots can be used for on-site marketing for during the event promotion. 

8. Multiply reach by making your audience your event ambassadors

The best way to gain trust and promote your event is to let your audience speak about your event. The best part about this promotional technique is that the attendee is motivated to attend your event and promote your event to his social circle. This is one of the low-cost yet effective techniques.

Engaging your audience by making them ambassadors could benefit you in the long run. Over time, you’ll be able to develop your community.

You can make your audience your ambassador in the following ways –

  • Referral marketing – Event Ambassadors
  • Featuring feedback and reviews of the past events
  • Live Tweeting
  • Geotagging filters on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

With the above techniques, you can make your attendees post about your event, and in this way, you will e able to reach their contacts.

9.  Keep curiosity as an element in your marketing campaign

Curiosity might kill the cat, but it will capture your potential attendees!

Humans have a tendency to find the answer to questions which is deliberately left unanswered for them. And this is an excellent way of marketing the event as well. 

Marketing your event mysteriously can prove to be one of the most influential ways to promote an event. It can generate interest like no other form of marketing. 

Event marketers can leverage mystery marketing in the following ways – 

  • Complete mystery event
  • Secret events with the main event
  • Create a mystery contest
  • Secret gifts for the audience
  • Unexpected guest appearance

Make your audience follow you on social media to resolve the mystery.

Mystery marketing can sometimes prove to have negative results when it is too mysterious. The audience for the event would like to have a complete idea about the event for which they are paying. But successful planning and execution of mystery marketing can do wonders for your event. 

10. Innovative Invites

Invitations (via emails or other channels) can be your target audience’s first point of contact. It is essential to engage your audience at the first point of contact.

Every event organizer must ensure that the impact of their invitation is impressive enough to generate a positive response. And in order to generate a long-lasting impression, event organizers must create their invitations as innovative as possible. 

With changing trends, email invitations have also evolved. HTML email templates have become very popular recently. You can design them according to the theme of your event and run your email marketing campaign with the same.

What if you can send email invitations to your attendees after setting up an event? Yes, that’s possible by setting up your event on AllEvents. 

11. Gamifying the process

The best promotional activity is to gamify the process! Gamification of the process serves many purposes. It makes the audience more engaged with your content.

Some methods that you can apply to gamify the process is –

  • Making the registration process in the form of a game
  • Providing virtual badges and goodies to the attendees at the time of registration
  • Allowing attendees to create their own dashboard and arranging some virtual games around the theme of the event, and allotting scores to the participants
  • Making a leader board in case you are using affiliate marketing
  • Allowing your attendees to create their own avatars and share them on their social media handles
  • Using testimonials in the form of Avatars can be shown on your event website and other social media handles.

12. Promoting your event in other events

The primary purpose of any event marketing campaign is to find the right audience and target them to attend your event. And what better way to find them than by collaborating with similar events?

Spending your marketing budget to promote your upcoming event in similar events would yield you a very concentrated and high-quality niche community that is genuinely interested in attending such events.

You can get an audience for your event by collaborating with other events for cross-promotions. In this way, you also leverage their efforts to attract the audience for their event. 

You can set up ad popups on their websites to target their community for online promotions. 

During Event – Event Promotion Ideas

Most event organizers miss conducting promotional activities during the events. The promotional activities undertaken during the event helps you build a long-lasting image of your event and your brand in the audience’s mind.

It creates an impact that enables you to retarget them for your next event. It also provides an incentive for the audience to participate in post-event promotions (Reviews) as well.

Following are some event promotion ideas that you could implement during your event–

1. Let your guest talk about your event

To attract more audience to your event, ask your guests to help out with event promotion. You can count on various people to talk about your brand and events, as their stakes and benefits are also attached to your event.

These stakeholders include your event’s chief guests, performers, sponsors, Judges, and partners. Never miss making them post about your event.

Think about an influencer doing Instagram live from your event. This will increase your reach and create fear of missing out on audiences who are not attending your event.

2. Collect maximum pictures and videos

During the event, You should try collecting a maximum number of pictures and videos that will help you in the next event promotion. Posting exciting videos and pictures can also create fear of missing out on the audience who haven’t attended your event.

Past event pictures will ensure a good experience for people and encourage them to purchase tickets for your next event without fail.

Post Event -Event Promotion Ideas

The main idea behind post-event promotions is to reinforce our brand even after the event. Organizers often work hard to build and promote the event to the audience but forget to pay equal attention to post-event feedback.

Feedback can also act as a promotional mechanism by targeting the audience who attended our event and giving them the incentive to attend our upcoming events.

Post-event promotions can help you make your next event better than the previous one. It helps you improve the user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the post-event promotion ideas-

1. Leveraging event feedback as a testimonial for the next event

Any event is not successful before you get feedback from the attendees about the event. You not only get a chance to interact with your attendees but also a chance to develop long-lasting relationships with them. 

You may run a post-event survey and interview attendees to take the feedback. You can get valuable information from your event attendees by running a post-event survey. You can post social media posts or create an online survey yourself to collect this information.

Interviewing attendees is the best chance to take feedback for your event personally.

Feedback received from your event attendees helps you judge how well the event is being perceived by the audience and what changes can be made to make it even better. You can also create a Facebook group to get feedback from your community and promote future events.

Feedback received post your event can also be used as a promotional technique by the event organizer to show your event’s success. This feedback can act as testimonials on your website. 

2. Use FOMO for your next event

After completion of the event, the photos and videos of an event will help you create fear of missing out among the audience who haven’t attended the event.

Try reposting every story or post where your audience has tagged you. That will encourage more people to post about your event.

You should post audience reviews and stories about how successful the event was. This will act as pre-marketing for the next event. You can create a short movie and distribute it on all of your handles.

3. Leverage your event as a lifetime money-making opportunity

If you are hosting an event where people can get value from it by just seeing the video, For example, A webinar, podcast, seminar, workshop, or Ted talk; you can make money even after your event is over.

You can record your live event and sell it as an on-demand video event after your event. People who have missed out due to any reason will love to get your video.

AllEvents.in has one such option where you can monetize your videos without paying any hosting monthly charges.

All three phases of event promotions must always be in alignment with each other. Pre-event promotions would help you increase the attendance of your attendees, while promotions during and after the event would help you improve user experience and brand awareness. Post-event promotions often work as pre-event promotions for your upcoming events as well. 

Distribution of your event

Some event organizers put in a lot of marketing efforts and create valuable content for the audience but fail to get the desired results. The very reason for the same is the lack of distribution planning.

In marketing, distributing the content is often more important than the content creation itself. All your marketing efforts go to vain if you can’t deliver the content you created to the right audience.

While deciding how to promote your event, event organizers must also plan how to distribute the campaign in order to reach the targeted audience.

Event Promotion Examples and Case Studies

Before we wrap this up for you, we have a few amazing case studies for you to read.

 Here are some case studies of event promotion done by AllEvents for its clients. At AllEvents, we strive to deliver successful event promotion strategies for all kinds of events. 

You name it, and we have got it. AllEvents provides successful marketing approaches for a range of event kinds and sectors.

AllEvent’s Target Marketing- Increased Event Registrations for Sahil Shah

Let’s take a look at one overwhelming event promotion example. Meet Sahil Shah, a young entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and social media strategist. As the founder of Netsavvies media company and Hungrito food discovery platform, he has encountered numerous obstacles on his path to success. Despite these challenges, Sahil has emerged victorious and achieved remarkable results. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Sahil overcame obstacles to reach his goals with us and share insights into his journey.

It’s only natural to have doubts when planning an event and aiming to achieve specific objectives. The following were the questions on everyone’s mind:

  • Can the workshops be considered a success?
  • Will the audience turnout meet expectations?
  • Will the desired goals be achieved?
  • Can the workshops generate targeted reach and leads?

So, what was the solution?

Sahil Shah aimed to offer workshops to educate people about digital marketing. Despite harbouring doubts about this new idea, he decided to move forward with it. To sell tickets for the workshops, he utilized the AllEvents platform.

We utilised image ads to promote Sahil’s workshops and shared them across various social media platforms. Our focus was on the channels and platforms that were yielding the best outcomes. After assessing the performance of our paid ads, we decided to experiment with video format for better results. As anticipated, the video ad got more clicks and yielded better ROI.

We successfully met their expectations regarding ROI and ticket sales.

Undoubtedly, our campaigns performed exceptionally well, resulting in over 1600 registrations for the event. Sahil Shah effectively leveraged these leads to promote detailed and advanced courses. Creating awareness among a vast audience of over

Discover how a jewellery exhibition utilized paid ads to sell over 800 tickets!

Impressive, isn’t it?

Recently, we had a jewellery exhibition to promote and wanted to reach women who were interested in the latest jewellery trends and had a certain income level. So, we got super specific and defined 14 different target audiences.

First, we started with demographic options by targeting women over 30 in our chosen location. Then, we narrowed it down further by targeting women interested in Jewelry & Fashion through interest-based targeting. Finally, we got even more precise by targeting women who had previously engaged with similar brands and exhibited similar purchase behaviour through behavioural options.

But that’s not all we did. Using layered targeting, we also targeted individuals who were about to get married, their families, and their friends. This helped us hit a very specific audience and resulted in improved CPC and higher ROI. We also experimented with 45 different creative and copy versions to see what worked best. By constantly monitoring and optimising our campaign performance, we reduced CPC and improved the outcome.

Even The Pandemic Couldn’t Bring Us Down!

pH Designs is an art and craft workshop organization that has been running successfully for the last three years with over 4900 art enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted their business, resulting in a complete lockdown and cancellation of all future workshops.

However, pH Designs found a new opportunity through AllEvents.in, which released an update to support online events just before India’s lockdown announcement. To overcome the limitations of conducting online complex live workshops, pH Designs worked with AllEvents. to develop a new format called “Events on Demand.” This format allowed participants to access high-quality recordings of advanced-level workshops and reading materials for a lifetime. The platform restricted access to paying participants only.

By recording and offering their workshops in the “Events on Demand” format through AllEvents.in, pH Designs was able to reach a global audience and increase their revenue by seven times. This approach allowed pH Designs to continue their workshops and grow their community even during the pandemic.

Overall, pH Designs’ experience shows that adapting to new formats and technology can open up new opportunities for businesses, even in challenging times. By embracing online workshops and the “Events on Demand” format, pH Designs was able to overcome the limitations of conducting complex live workshops online, reach a wider audience, and increase their revenue.

Wrap up

Marketing your event is mission-critical for the success of your event. Here are the key points from the article

Be clear with the objective of your event and create your marketing ideas around the same.

Segregate your Promotion strategies into – Pre-event, during the event, and post-event promotions.

Get listed on Event discovery platforms like AllEvents.in

Be as creative as you can with marketing your event.

Maintain consistency throughout your campaign.

Play with ticket pricing – Free tickets, Early bird tickets, group, and VIP.

Create your community for long-term benefits.

Retarget your interested audience and induce them to attend your event.

The distribution of your campaign is as important as the content itself.

Event Promotion Ideas FAQs:

Why is event promotion important for the success of an event?

Event promotion helps to increase awareness about your event and encourages people to attend. Successful event promotion can also help to generate buzz, create a sense of excitement, and increase engagement with your audience.

What are some event promotion strategies?

Some effective event promotion strategies include leveraging social media, using paid ads, partnering with influencers or other businesses, and creating engaging content.

When should you start promoting an event?

It’s a good idea to start promoting your event at least 6-8 weeks in advance, especially if it’s a larger event. This gives you a lot of time to build buzz and generate interest among your target audience.

How can you measure the success of your event promotion efforts?

You can measure the success of your event promotion efforts by monitoring metrics like ticket sales, and social media engagement. Collecting feedback from attendees is also important to gauge their overall satisfaction with the event.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when promoting an event?

Common mistakes to avoid when promoting an event include not targeting the right audience, relying too heavily on one promotion strategy, not providing enough information about the event, and not leveraging the power of social proof (such as testimonials or social media shares).

How can you make your event promotion stand out from the crowd?

To make your event promotion stand out from the crowd, focus on creating unique and engaging content, leveraging the power of visuals, partnering with other businesses or influencers, offering exclusive deals or incentives, and using social proof to your advantage. 

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