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How Jewelry exhibition sold 800+ Tickets with Paid ads

Last Updated: May 26, 2022

Last Updated: May 26, 2022

Jewelry exhibition

A Jewelry exhibition — Social media ad campaigns — 800+ Tickets Sold!

Quite impressive, right?

According to us, Facebook provides the best targeting options through which we can only target the niche audience that we want to reach. As a result, it saves our marketing budget.

Defining Audience

To know about the attributes and behaviour patterns of the audience you are targeting for your event.

Facebook provides 3 types of targeting options 

  • Demographics
  • Interest-based
  • Behaviour-based 

These options contain sub-options and narrow downs the targeting.

For Example – we wanted to target an audience for a jewellery exhibition.

We created 14 different definitions of the target audience

The key is to define your target audience and divide them further until you see the end of world.

This is how we did it.

Our First Segment –

Women who could afford purchases and have an interest in the latest jewelry-related trends.

We targeted women older than 30 who have a particular household income in the targeted location with Demographic options.

Further, we narrowed it down to women interested in Jewelry & Fashion through interest-based targeting options.

After that, we narrowed it down to women who like the jewelry brand pages and have a similar purchase behavior through behavioral options.

Our Second Segment

Similarly, we also targeted people about to get married, their families, and friends with the layered targeting option.

This layered targeting option took us to the niche audience, which improved our CPC and, ultimately, the ROI.

Apart from layered targeting,

We experimented with 45 versions of Creatives & copy.

After continuous observation of campaign performance, we invested more budget on a performing campaign. Therefore, constant monitoring & optimization is the key to lowering the CPC amount.

Most organizers make mistakes in this stage only; after starting the campaign, monitoring and experimenting with various strategies takes time and ultimately gets skipped.

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