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How Simbalian Cycling Community Increased Participation For A Cause!


Last Updated: October 6, 2020


Last Updated: October 6, 2020

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Health has always been an essential aspect of life, but this pandemic drew attention towards the importance of immunity and a healthy lifestyle. The easiest way to get into a healthy routine is to get into physical activities. Cycling as a sport drew the attention of many people during the pandemic as it converts a healthy interest into a fun activity. Cycling is always fun in the group, and that is the main idea to promote cycling as a sport by the Simbalian cycling community.

About Simbalian Cycling community

Simbalian cycling community is one of the most premier and renowned cycling community in Gujarat, which consists of 700+ male and female cyclist members of the Gujarat region. This community’s goal is to encourage cycling as a sport and support people who intend to participate and develop their cycling skills. They want to provide the best cycling experience to the people who have a common interest. 

The Simbalian cycling community organizes daily fitness rides, weekly training sessions, Ride for women cyclists, and so many other events. Cycling is always fun in the group. They also work with NGO, schools, and colleges to promote cycling safety and skills. 

Management of community interest

When you manage such a large community with a good cause, it is important to maintain interest in the community members. Leveraging this interest to get more people involved in the community becomes more important while working for a cause.

The Simbalian cycling community always tries to come up with creative ideas to make the cycling experience better. They explore new routes in the lap of nature and create cycling visits to exciting places. They create challenges and competition for the people of the community.

How they managed during the pandemic!

When the people could not gather for the event together, they tried to push cycling during this time. People needed to get into this healthy activity with a virtual cyclathon and walkathon. In this concept, people can participate from anywhere in the world. Their record will be tracked with the application by the Simbalian cycling community. This idea was not just liked by the people who were already part of the community but also by different audiences. 

Spreading the community

When one is working for a good cause, it is essential to involve more and more people. The simbalian cycling community needs to reach people with a common interest. They take the help of affiliates in this task to spread the word and encourage people to purchase tickets for the healthy ride.

Management of this team of affiliates via traditional methods can consume a lot of time. The Simbalian cycling community found AllEvents.in where they get support not only for registration and ticketing of events but also for managing the affiliates and their commission with Manage affiliates feature where they can track ticket sales through the different affiliates. They increased 30% part

Apart from that, communication with event attendees gets easy. The platform reminds them to participate in the event whenever they create a new event. Eventually, people become part of the community.

Managing affiliates and ticketing for the events are the tasks that are not part of the To-Do list anymore. The founder, Mr. Jignesh Patel, can solely focus on creating exciting activities and promoting community and the sport of cycling.

Creativity is important to market a cause and experience

The Simbalian cycling community chose the way of creativity and provided the best experience to the people to develop the sport of cycling and cultivate a positive lifestyle. And it worked!

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