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Event Giveaway Ideas For Different Event Types

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Event Giveaway Ideas For Different Event Types

Planning an event is thrilling, but making it unforgettable for guests is key. A great way to do that? Awesome giveaways! Whether it’s a conference or a music festival, giveaways can leave a lasting impression and set your event apart.

This blog will explore affordable event giveaway ideas to ensure your event is a hit! From quirky swag bags to memorable souvenirs, we’ll cover things for different events. So, get ready to impress your guests and make your event the talk of the town! 

Let’s dive in and discover how you can charm your attendees with thoughtful giveaways.

1. Conference or trade show giveaway ideas

event giveaway ideas for Conference or trade show

Practical giveaways are key for conferences and trade shows. They serve as valuable tools for attendees while promoting your brand. Consider items that attendees can use daily, ensuring your brand stays in mind long after the event.

Here’s a simplified list of conference and trade show giveaways:

1. Branded tote bags: Perfect for carrying event materials.

2. Reusable water bottles: Keep attendees hydrated all day.

3. Customized pens: Ideal for taking notes during sessions.

4. Tech gadgets: USB drives, phone chargers, or screen cleaners.

5. Stress balls: Help attendees relax during busy networking sessions.

6. Backpacks: Convenient for carrying essentials hands-free.

7. Personalized notepads: Handy for jotting down notes on the fly.

8. Portable chargers: Keep devices powered up throughout the event.

9. Tumblers: Stay hydrated on the move with insulated tumblers.

10. Fitted table throws: Elevate booth presentation with branded table throws.

For affordable trade show event giveaways:

1. 4-port USB extender with a pop-out stand for phones or tablets.

2. 8-bit screwdriver set with magnetized bits stored in the handle.

3. Mini USB light bulbs can be used as a nightlight or for extra light while traveling.

2. Networking event giveaway ideas

event giveaway ideas for Networking event

From sleek tech gadgets to quirky stress relievers, captivate attendees with items that reflect your brand’s personality. Make every handshake memorable with swag that sparks conversations and fosters lasting connections.

Here’s a list of networking event giveaway ideas:

1. Business card holders: Keep contacts organized and easily accessible.

2. Pocket notebooks: Ideal for jotting down important information or contacts.

3. Portable phone chargers: Ensure attendees stay connected during networking.

4. Customized name tags: Make it easy for attendees to remember each other’s names.

5. Personalized drink coasters: Add a touch of sophistication to networking drinks.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Coffee or tea Packets

2. Motivational quote cards

3. Reusable coffee mugs

4. Bluetooth speakers

5. Travel-sized hand sanitizers

6. Custom USB flash drives

3. Charity fundraiser event giveaway ideas

event giveaway idea for charity fundraiser

At a charity fundraiser, thoughtful giveaways can encourage generosity and express gratitude towards donors. Consider offering personalized tokens such as custom wristbands or heartfelt thank-you notes to convey appreciation for their support. 

Here’s a list of charity fundraiser event giveaways:

1. Custom wristbands: Show support for the cause with branded wristbands.

2. Awareness ribbons: Raise awareness for the charity or cause.

3. Inspirational books: Provide motivational reading material as a giveaway.

4. Donation certificates: Offer certificates acknowledging attendees’ contributions.

5. Plantable seed packets: Symbolize growth and hope for the future.

6. Charity T-shirts: Provide wearable merchandise featuring the charity’s logo or slogan.

7. Custom tote bags: For practical use, offer eco-friendly bags branded with the charity’s logo.

8. Branded water bottles: Provide reusable bottles featuring the charity’s branding to promote sustainability.

9. Personalized thank you cards: Express gratitude with handwritten notes customized for donors.

10. Exclusive event merchandise: Offer special items like limited edition prints or artwork to commemorate the fundraiser.

11. Raffle prizes: Provide enticing prizes to encourage participation and donations.

12. Handmade crafts: Offer unique handmade items as tokens of appreciation for donors’ support.

4. Virtual event or webinar giveaway ideas

event giveaway idea for  Virtual event or webinar

Make your virtual event or webinar stand out with exciting giveaways! Keep attendees engaged and happy with fun, interactive, and valuable prizes. From digital goodies to interactive experiences, we’ve got the perfect giveaways to make your event unforgettable.

Here’s a list of the virtual event or webinar giveaways:

1. Digital downloads: Offer e-books, templates, or resource guides related to the event topic.

2. Gift cards: Provide virtual gift cards for online retailers or food delivery services.

3. Custom zoom backgrounds: Add branded backgrounds for virtual meetings.

4. Online course access: Provide access to a relevant online course or workshop.

5. Subscription services: Offer trial subscriptions to relevant software or platforms.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Digital gift codes

2. Virtual swag bags

3. Webinar recordings

4. Virtual networking opportunities

5. Exclusive Q&A sessions

6. Digital artwork or graphics

5. Product launch event giveaway ideas

event giveaway idea for product launch

For a Product Launch Event, giveaways should be aligned with the new product’s theme and purpose. Consider offering branded merchandise related to the product, exclusive sneak peeks or demos, limited edition samples, interactive experiences, and memorable keepsakes that reflect the launch’s innovation and excitement

Here’s a list of product launch giveaways:

1. Product samples: Provide samples of the newly launched product.

2. Branded merchandise: T-shirts, hats, or tote bags featuring the product logo.

3. Exclusive discounts: Offer special discounts or promo codes for the new product.

4. Product demos: Provide hands-on demonstrations or trials of the product.

5. Limited edition items: Create unique, limited edition items related to the product launch.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Product samples

2. Branded merchandise

3. Exclusive discounts

4. Product demos

5. Limited edition items

6. VIP access passes

7. Product bundles

8. Branded tech gadgets

9. Customized product packaging

10. Product launch party favors

7. Music festival or concert giveaway ideas

event giveaway idea for Music festival or concert

At a Music Festival or Concert, giveaways should resonate with the energetic and vibrant atmosphere, enhancing attendees’ experience and creating lasting memories. Think of offering personalized merchandise like t-shirts or hats, exclusive backstage passes, VIP seating upgrades, artist meet-and-greet opportunities, and fun swag items such as stickers or temporary tattoos to amplify the festival spirit and keep the excitement alive.

Here’s a list of music festival or concert giveaways:

1. Customized festival wristbands: Serve as entry tickets and souvenirs.

2. Band merchandise: T-shirts, posters, or stickers featuring performing artists.

3. LED light-up accessories: Bracelets, necklaces, or sunglasses for nighttime events.

4. Portable fans: Keep attendees cool during outdoor performances.

5. Festival survival kits: Include sunscreen, earplugs, and water bottles.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Custom festival wristbands

2. Band merchandise

3. LED light-up accessories

4. Portable fans

5. Festival survival kits

6. Music download cards

7. Temporary tattoos

8. Light-up foam sticks

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8. Tournament or sports event giveaway ideas

event giveaway idea for Tournament or sports event

For Sports Events or Tournaments, giveaways should align with the thrill and competitiveness of the occasion, elevating the spectators’ experience and fostering team spirit. Consider offering branded sports gear like caps or jerseys, exclusive access to pre-game warm-ups or post-game meet-and-greets with athletes, stadium seat upgrades, commemorative memorabilia, and practical items such as water bottles or sunscreen to keep fans engaged and energized throughout the event.

Here’s a list of sports event or tournament giveaways:

1. Sports bottles: Branded bottles are used to stay hydrated during games.

2. Foam fingers: Show team spirit with custom foam hands or hats.

3. Mini footballs or basketballs: Fun giveaways for fans to toss around.

4. Sports towels: Keep sweat at bay with personalized sports towels.

5. Stadium seat cushions: Provide comfort for spectators during long games.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Mini foam fingers

2. Sports bottles

3. Team jerseys or T-shirt

4. Stadium seat cushions

5. Drawstring backpacks

6. Thundersticks

7. Sports towels

8. Mini soccer balls or basketballs

9. Sunscreen packets

10. Cooling towels

11. Sports caps or visors

12. Fitness trackers

10. Hackathon giveaway ideas

event giveaway ideas for Hackathon

For Tech Conferences or Hackathons, giveaways should resonate with the tech-savvy audience, enhancing their experience and reflecting the innovative spirit of the event. Consider offering high-tech gadgets like wireless chargers or Bluetooth speakers, exclusive access to beta versions of software or apps, tech-themed merchandise such as laptop stickers or USB flash drives, and practical items like portable power banks or smart water bottles to keep attendees connected and fueled up during the event.

Here’s a list of tech conference or hackathon giveaways:

1. USB flash drives: Pre-loaded with conference materials or software demos.

2. Tech gadgets: Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, or wireless headphones.

3. Coding notebooks: Grid-lined notebooks for jotting code or project ideas.

4. Hackathon swag kits: Include coding stickers, coffee mugs, and energy drinks.

5. Tech toolkits: Provide toolkits with screwdrivers, USB adapters, and cable organizers.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Custom USB flash drives

2. Wireless charging pads

3. Smartphone pop sockets

4. Tech toolkits

5. Hackathon swag kits

6. Coding books or E-books

7. VR headsets

8. Bluetooth speakers

9. Laptop stickers

11. Food and wine festival event giveaway ideas

event giveaway ideas for Food and wine festival

The giveaway ideas for food and wine festivals should tantalize the taste buds and enhance the culinary experience. Consider offering gourmet food samples, artisanal wine or spirits tastings, exclusive recipe books from renowned chefs, custom wine glasses or tasting flight sets, and vouchers for local restaurants or food-related experiences. These giveaways will delight attendees and add to the event’s festive atmosphere.

Here’s a list of food and wine festival giveaways:

1. Custom wine glasses: Branded glasses taste different wines.

2. Gourmet food samples: Offer artisanal cheeses, chocolates, or sauce samples.

3. Recipe cards: Provide recipe cards featuring dishes from festival vendors.

4. Wine bottle openers: Handy tools for opening bottles of wine at home.

5. Cooking demonstrations: Offer vouchers for cooking classes or demonstrations.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Wine glasses

2. Gourmet food samples

3. Wine bottle openers

4. Cooking demonstration kits

5. Wine tasting notebooks

6. Reusable tote bags

7. Wine bottle stoppers

8. Culinary books or magazines

9. Gourmet spice blends

12. Health and wellness expo giveaway

event giveaway idea for Health and wellness expo

Attendees seek products and experiences promoting holistic well-being at a Health and Wellness Expo. Consider offering fitness trackers, aromatherapy kits, yoga mats, healthy snack samples, stress relief gadgets, and vouchers for wellness services. These giveaways align with the event’s focus on self-care and encourage attendees to prioritize their health journey.

Here’s a list of health and wellness expo event giveaways:

1. Yoga mats: Branded mats for attendees during wellness sessions.

2. Fitness trackers: Provide devices for tracking steps, workouts, and sleep patterns.

3. Healthy snack packs: Include granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit snacks.

4. Meditation apps: Offer subscriptions to mindfulness or meditation apps.

For additional event giveaway ideas:

1. Reusable water bottles

2. Fitness trackers

3. Yoga mats

4. Healthy snack packs

5. Stress balls

6. Wellness journals

7. Aromatherapy kits

8. Wellness workshops

9. Healthy recipe books

10. Sunscreen samples

11. Massage tools

12. Plant-based skincare products

That was all about the event giveaways! But did you think showcasing your event to the right crowd? List your event on AllEvents, where people actively search for events to attend.

Quick wrap up 

Event giveaways are a simple yet effective way to enhance the attendee experience, increase brand visibility, and leave a lasting impression. By choosing thoughtful and practical items that align with your brand and audience’s interests, you can create memorable experiences that attendees will appreciate. We hope this guide has inspired you with easy, straightforward giveaway ideas for your next event. Happy gifting! 

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