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Largest Collection of Event Listing Websites Categorized for 2023

Last Updated: January 4, 2023

Last Updated: January 4, 2023

Top Event Listing Websites Categorized for 2023

As an event organizer, getting the word out about your event and attracting a large crowd can be challenging. And easiest way to do so is by using free event listing websites to promote your event and reach a wider audience. But with so many event listing websites out there, it can be difficult to choose which one is worth your time and money.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top event listing websites for you. These websites have a proven track record of helping events get the visibility and attendance they deserve. So if you want to ensure your event is a success, check out these top event websites to list events.

Evergreen Event Listing Sites for All Types of Events

Here, we have curated the list of top event listing sites with their pricing structure and ratings from G2, Capterra, and other trusted resources for your upcoming events.

PlatformPricing Ratings
AllEvents🆓Free to list Events + sell event tickets (optional)
+40 Features Available
Eventbrite💸Paid listing for Paid events
Flex Plan: $49 per event
Pro Plan: $159 per month
Additional charges
10 times 📆Limited listing
Silver – $100 / month
Meetup 💲Pre-payment
Standard plan – $9.99 / month
Pro plan – $30 / group /month
Starter plan – 2 events/month $69
Plus plan – 4 events/month $119
Business plan – 8 events/month $199 
Eventgroove 💸Limited Listing
Service fee of 2.0% + $0.50 per ticket
Additional charges for features
LinkedIn EventsCreating an event on LinkedIn is free
Facebook EventsCreating an event on Facebook is free

Note: The pricing structure mentioned above is subject to change and might vary based on region, type of event, etc. It’s always advisable to check the pricing on the official websites of these platforms.

1. AllEvents

AllEvents - Event listing website

AllEvents is the world’s largest event discovery platform. It allows you to list your events for free and has the following benefits:

  • Wide reach: 20M event seekers visit AllEvents every month
  • Feature in Google Events: Users can easily find events in their area or even across the globe
  • User-friendly interface: Simple UI and event navigation
  • Event promotion options: Featured listings and event recommendations to relevant audience
  • Advanced analytics: Detailed analytics on the performance of your event listing so that you can make adjustments
  • Multiple ticketing options: You can sell tickets directly with PayPal/Stripe at no cost.

Start listing all your events for FREE on AllEvents ← 

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite functions as both a listing and a ticketing service. You may use their system to register users and collect ticket payments. They are highly reputed and have tiered pricing. They don’t charge you a dime if the event is free and has the following benefits:

  • Provides real-time data and insights into ticket sales, attendee behavior, and event performance
  • For in-person, they have an app that lets you check guests in at the entrance. You are automatically included in their directory as soon as your event is entered into the system. 
  • You can set up various ticket types, such as general admission, VIP, or early bird tickets, and customize their checkout process.

To list events on Eventbrite, you can visit this page – www.eventbrite.com

3. 10Times

The event listing website 10Times is well-liked in big cities like New York and lists events from organizations like O’Reilly, IBM, and Princeton. This event listing website also has a section dedicated to online events, which enables users to explore thousands of online event listings. 

Additionally, it is simple to use, which makes it simpler for visitors to find your event. Although it’s free, you can upgrade for better placement. 10 times has the following benefits:

  • 10 times offers tools to generate leads and connect with potential attendees and exhibitors, such as custom event pages and direct messaging.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support for event organizers, providing help with any questions or issues they may have throughout the event listing and promotion process.
  • Provides event organizers with real-time analytics and insights into their event performance.

You can visit their website here 10times.com, and set up your account with them to list your event. 

4. Meetup

Meetup enables people to connect with others who share similar interests and organize local events. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Meetup as an event listing platform:

  • With Meetup, you can build a community around events and bring people together to connect, socialize, and pursue shared interests by creating a meetup group.
  • Provides you with tools to manage groups and events, including member management, communication tools, and event tracking and reporting.
  • Provides you with tools to promote events, including email marketing, social media integration, and online advertising.

You can start listing your event on Meetup by creating a group. Visit this page – www.meetup.com to create your meetup group. 

5. Evensi 

Evensi will let you share your stories and experiences by creating and discovering various events. It offers a wide range of features and benefits to event organizers, attendees, and anyone interested in finding events happening in their area. Here are some of them:

  • Easy to use the platform, you can find your promoted events with the “View Report” button for analytics. 
  • You can track your conversion by adding your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and/or Facebook Pixel ID. 
  • Provides event organizer insurance.

Visit their website here – events.com to list your event.

6. Eventgroove 

Whether you are organizing a small or large event, from integrated event management and e-commerce, to fundraising eventgroove, provides you with the most efficient tools. Here are some of the features and benefits of listing your event on Eventgroove: 

  • It offers features such as event registration, ticketing, and payment processing.
  • Eventgroove allows users to customize the look and feel of their event pages, which can help build brand awareness and credibility.

List your event on Eventgroove by signing up on this page – events.eventgroove.com

7.  LinkedIn Events

The events function has been debated by LinkedIn several times, but it now seems as though it will remain. The advantage of adding your event on LinkedIn is that you may advertise it there as well, which may give it the visibility you want. Here are some of the key features and benefits of LinkedIn events:

  • Can be integrated with other tools and platforms, such as calendars and email marketing platforms, to streamline the event creation and management process.
  • Provides tools to create and promote their events, including the ability to create event pages, invite attendees, and share updates about the event.

Sign in to your LinkedIn account here – www.linkedin.com to start creating your events on LinkedIn.

8.  Facebook Events

Facebook may seem like a casual venue for a B2B event, but according to the BBC, “two-thirds of us say Facebook is the largest time-sink,” and six out of ten people admit they can’t get through the workday without checking their social media.

Utilizing Facebook’s event listing feature is worthwhile if your company has a Facebook profile. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Facebook events:

  • Provides opportunities to join groups, participate in discussions, and connect with other users.
  • Provides analytics and reporting tools to measure attendance, engagement, and audience demographics.

To list your event on Facebook, visit this page – www.facebook.com and login into your Facebook account. 

Conference Listing Sites

Conference listing sites are online platforms that provide comprehensive information about upcoming conferences happening across the world. These sites allow users to browse and find events based on their interests, location, and date. They also provide detailed information about the event, such as the speakers, agenda, and registration links.

Listed below are some of the popular conference listing sites:

  1. Alltech conferences 
  2. Conferencelists.org
  3. Confs.tech
  4. Garysguide
  5. Conference Monkey
  6. Conference Alerts

Event Listing Websites for US-exclusive

Event listing websites are a great resource for sharing your upcoming events and conferences in the United States. These sites provide detailed information about events happening across the country, making it easier for individuals and organizations to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings in their respective industries.

Listed below are some of the popular event listing websites that cater to the United States:

  1. Events.com
  2. Eventful
  3. Connieslist

Event Listing Websites for UK-exclusive

If you’re looking to get more reach and keep people informed and connected with the latest events happening in the UK, be sure to list your events on these top event listing websites!

  1. Datathistle.com
  2. Event Services Directory

Choose the Right Event Listing Website for your Event 

That’s a wrap; you can list your events on famous event listing websites and increase your reach by many folds. But there is more to it.

Just listing can’t ensure you good ticket sales.

Give your events additional insurance by ranking your Event on Google and get your event discovered for free by attendees.

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