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How to write an event press release that stands out? (with free template)  

Last Updated: March 18, 2024

Last Updated: March 18, 2024

How to write an event press release that stands out? (with free template)

People will judge a book by its cover if you make it creative enough! In the bustling world of event promotion, where every announcement vies for attention, a well-crafted press release can be your golden ticket to standing out amidst the noise. 

But the kicker is journalists sift through dozens of press releases daily. Your press release must stand out, be well-written, engaging, and backed by facts and figures.

So buckle up as we dive into making your event press release irresistible to journalists. Stick around until the end for a bonus—a free event press release template and a list of the best distribution platforms to get your news out there! 

Here is how to make your event impossible to ignore. 👇

1. Writing a clear, newsworthy headline

writing newsworthy event press release step 1

You’re strolling through a bustling market, and a vibrant sign catches your eye. It’s bold, intriguing, and beckons you to look closer. That’s precisely what a compelling headline does for your event press release – it stops people in their tracks and piques their curiosity.

Your headline shouldn’t be a puzzle for readers to solve. So, keep it clear, concise, and captivating. After all, a headline that leaves people scratching their heads won’t do your event any favors. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between intrigue and informativeness.

Here is a three-step formula for writing headlines: 

1. Hook Attention – Either provoke emotion or promise the desired benefit.

2. Next is to open a loop that piques curiosity and incentivizes the reader to continue.

3. Target your ideal audience. Always call out your reader directly or indirectly.

Pro tip: Generative AI can help you write an event press release. Here are some of the best tools to help you:

  • Prowly’s AI
  • Copy.ai
  • PressHook
  • HyperWrite AI

2. Write a strong lead paragraph

Your lead paragraph is your elevator pitch, your chance to make a memorable first impression. It should be concise yet captivating, painting a vivid picture of what your event is all about.

Think of it as the opening scene of a blockbuster movie – it should grab attention, set the tone, and leave audiences hungry for more. With a strong lead, you’ll hook readers from the get-go and ensure your event press release leaves a lasting impact.

3. Provide detailed information

Start by clearly and concisely laying out your event’s who, what, when, and where. Who are the key players? What’s on the agenda? When and where will it all unfold?

And remember, the devil God is in the details – so get specific. Whether it’s the mouth-watering menu at your food festival or the thrilling lineup at your music concert, these little touches can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.

With the right information at your fingertips, attendees will be lining up around the block to be a part of your next big thing.

4. Incorporate quotes for authenticity 

Like sprinkling coffee confetti on a cake! That’s what quotes do. It’s like inviting your event’s VIPs to step into the spotlight and share their thoughts, adding a personal touch that resonates with readers.

That’s the vibe you want to capture with your quotes – casual, conversational, and oh-so-engaging. But remember, not all quotes are created equal. After all, your goal isn’t just to inform – it’s to inspire and delight. With the right words, you’ll have readers hanging on every syllable, eager to join the fun at your event.

5. Include visuals and videos

writing newsworthy event press release step 3

Imagine scrolling through your social media feed and stumbling upon a stunning image of your event venue bathed in golden sunlight. Instantly, you’re transported there – feeling the excitement, hearing the laughter, and eagerly marking your calendar to attend. 

Choose clear, captivating, and relevant visuals for your event. With the right visuals, readers will be lining up to join the party.

And don’t forget to include three hash lines (#) at the end of your press release to indicate its completion. This simple yet crucial step helps journalists swiftly identify the end of your document, saving them time and ensuring your message is received loud and clear. 📰🎯

Free event press release template for you, as promised! 

Where to distribute event press releases?

When distributing press releases for events, it is crucial to cover all bases and follow a strategic approach to maximize reach and impact. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to strategize the distribution of press releases on various platforms:

1. Einpresswire

2. PRWeb

3. OpenPR

4. 1888 PressRelease

Press releases are a powerful tool for building your event brand and attracting attention to your event. But don’t you want your event to be where people who are actively searching for events? List your event on AllEvents, an event discovery platform where Millions of people are waiting to register. Make sure your event is there!

Quick Wrap Up

Crafting an exceptional event press release demands creativity, clarity, and brevity. With the insights shared in this blog, you’ll elevate your press release game, grabbing both your audience’s attention and that of media outlets.

Remember, a captivating headline, a compelling lead, a detailed body, and a clear call to action are crucial elements for a standout press release.

By implementing these strategies and customizing them to your event, you’ll craft a press release that informs and captivates. Draw inspiration from successful examples, like the one provided here, to make your event stand out in today’s crowded media landscape.

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