Sahil Shah from Hungrito & Netsavvies Media Co.

AllEvents’ Targeted Marketing helped us increase Event Registrations

~ Sahil Shah from Hungrito, Netsavvies Media Co.

Sahil Shah is a young entrepreneur, social media strategist, and TEDx speaker. He is a founder of Netsavvies media company and Hungrito food discovery platform. He has always been a great leader and speaker. Social media marketing is his thing, but organizing a workshop was quite a new thing for him to try.

Sahil Shah had obstacles in his goal, but he overcome them with flying colours. Check how he managed to bring results.

Challenges faced

For Sahil Shah, organizing workshops was a new hussle and he was a bit skeptical about the event.

Now the questions were,

1. Will the workshops be successful?
2. Will the audience turn up for the workshop?
3. Will they reach their desired goals?
4. Will they get the targeted reach and leads?

Well, aren’t these questions very natural? We all have doubts about events being successful and achieving desired goals.

What was the solution then?

Sahil Shah wanted to move forward with the idea of creating workshops. He moved with the teaching goal of making people learn about digital marketing via workshops. For a new idea, he had his doubts. He was using AllEvents for the purpose of ticket selling.

The end goal was to increase ticket sales and generate revenue.

As Sahil Shah was working individually on his workshop idea, he scheduled a call with us and shared his concerns with us. On a call, we discussed his concerns and how we can help him with our event promotion service.

We promoted his workshops on relevant social media platforms based on the target audience. We selected relevant channels and platforms to promote his workshops.

1. Facebook Ads
2. Instagram Ads
3. Google Ads
4. AllEvents Feature Listing
5. Newsletters and Email Marketing

What did we do differently?

We started promoting Sahil’s workshops on all the social media platforms via image ads. We focused on the channels and platforms which were giving more results.

After analyzing paid ad performance, we tried video format for ads for better results. Well, the idea went according to plan and the video ad got us more clicks with better ROI.

Throughout the campaign duration, we closely monitored & optimized all the factors, such as targeting audience, creatives, ads format. We keep providing our insights and ideas to event organizers for better results.

Takeaway: It’s easy to run ads, but tracking & optimizing them is the key.

The Results

1600+ Registrations!!

We met their expectations in terms of ROI and ticket sales.

Undoubtedly, The campaigns performed well and Organizer received 1600+ registrations. Sahil Shah further leveraged these registration leads to upsell detailed and advanced courses. 

Getting awareness among more than 300K+ audience was game-changing for their newly started workshop experiment.

AllEvents promotional strategy played a vital role in the success of the event. Event Marketing experiment with AllEvents has outperformed for Sahil Shah.

Are you hosting events and want to increase the ROI of promotion efforts?

Key Takeaways

The campaign was a great success, so was the event. It helped us validate a lot of things that worked amazingly.

Here are the key learnings:

1. Finding right audience

AllEvents’ marketing team spent time to find where their ideal audience was lurking around and created ad creatives as per their interests (this is where most people get wrong).

2. Monitoring

By accurately tracking how much money is spent on every campaign, AllEvents and Sahil could quickly make data-driven decisions to stay on budget.

3. A/B Testing & Optimizing

AllEvents team understands how important it is to keep innovating. Trying out new experiments in small segments helps in optimizing campaigns.

4. Making it cost-effective

When you test things out, it gives you insights into which campaign would work best. With these insights, Sahil Shah was able to double down on the best ROI channel and ramped up event registrations.

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