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17 Exclusive Ideas for Webinar Promotion

Last Updated: March 14, 2023

Last Updated: March 14, 2023

Ideas to promote a webinar

Many things go into a webinar promotion; creating content, Inviting your guests, selecting a platform to conduct, choosing a platform to sell tickets, and whatnot! But what if the audience doesn’t turn up for your webinar? Worst nightmare!

The success of any webinar depends on the number of webinar attendees, and the number of attendees for your webinar is directly dependent on two things: 

  1. The guests/speakers for your upcoming webinar
  2. The efforts put into marketing your webinar 

Thus, promoting webinars is one of the most crucial aspects of your webinar registration.

We have curated a list of 17 distinctive ideas for promoting webinars with an effective webinar promotion strategy to get the maximum audience. 

For any webinar promotion to be successful, event organizers must showcase the problem that the potential audience must be facing and how this webinar would guide them toward solving the problem. 

So before the webinar, there are some things one must take care of. First, having a clear vision, the title of the webinar, and posters and creatives. 

Essential to-dos before promoting your webinar 

Promoting a webinar is different from promoting a normal event. You need to provide a great incentive to your audience to invite them to your webinar.

Have a clear vision for your webinar!

The planning process for your upcoming webinar starts weeks in advance before the actual webinar. For a clear vision, your sales and marketing team must be clear with the 4 Ws of your webinar – 

  1. Who is the target audience for your webinar?
  2. Why would they want to attend your webinar?
  3. Where would you find your target audience?
  4. And when will you target them?

The answers to the above questions will provide you with a clear idea of how to market your upcoming webinar. 

The marketing strategy for your webinar should be unique in its own way. 

The team may miss out on the most important aspect is showcasing the need for the webinar. Webinar organizers tend to market the theme and the speakers and miss out on what your audience needs!

Give your webinar a catchy title 

The title of your webinar topic should be an attention-grabbing point for the audience. The title must be framed so that it is relevant to the topic under discussion for the webinar and catchy enough to stay in the audience’s mind space. An attractive title would make retargeting easy. 

For example –

Don’t use ‘Webinar on Digital Marketing.’

Instead, use ‘What’s this buzz around Digital Marketing? What’s in it for me?’

Don’t use ‘A talk on Data Analytics

Instead, use ‘How Data is changing the world and you?’

Don’t use ‘Webinar on how to create good content.’

Instead, use ‘Change your content and see how your business Changes.’

Don’t use the ‘International Business webinar.’

Instead, use ‘Let’s get your business an International ticket.’

Make appealing posters and creatives

The poster or the creatives would accompany any promotion activity. It needs to be innovative enough so that the audience does not leave it, judging based on design. The creatives also must have CTA for registering for your webinar.

17 Creative Ways for Webinar Promotion

Create ways for webinar promotion

Here are some of the best Webinar Promotion Ideas that will make my webinar stand out!

1. Feature your webinar on Event Listing Websites for more reach

The very first step for promoting your webinar should be to list it on an event discovery platform. This is a place where you can find people who are genuinely interested in attending a webinar.

So, you should never miss posting your webinars on the event discovery platform or webinar listing sites.

Event discovery platforms can do more than just listing.

You can sell tickets for your events using platforms! And you can find many features to enhance your webinar, you can stream it securely and market it professionally by publishing your webinar on an event discovery platform such as AllEvents.

With 20M + Monthly Event Explorers, AllEvents is the perfect platform to start hosting your webinar. 

Publish your webinar now

2. Optimizing your landing page for webinar promotion

All your promotion activities will lead your audience to your webinar landing page. You should not let the audience leave after visiting your registration page.

Your webinar landing page is the last step towards converting a potential attendee. It needs to be attractive enough in a way that once someone visits your page, they should not leave without registering for the webinar. 

These are a few things that your webinar landing page should include–

  • Title and Poster
  • Description of the event (link article)
  • Who is it for
  • Date and time with time zone
  • Registration link
  • Testimonials (If any)
  • FAQs
  • And contact information

AllEvents also helps you make the perfect webinar landing page. 

3. Incentivizing the audience for promotion

Who does not like additional incentives? 

Giving additional incentives to your audience for attending the webinar can prove to be one of the best ways to promote your webinar. These incentives can add value to their experience; owing to that experience; people might want to attend your webinar. These incentives can impact people so that they are motivated to share the webinar in their network, giving us more registrants. 

These incentives can be –

  • Opportunity to interact with guests
  • Free access to a paid course
  • Free Ebooks
  • Exclusive offers
  • Opportunity to collaborate
  • e-Certificate

4. Use Email Marketing to promote your webinar 

Email Marketing for webinar promotion

Event Email marketing would be the most effective means for webinar promotion. Sending email invitations for your upcoming webinar to the email address directory of your company can be one of the traditional yet effective tools to promote any event. 

Email invitations can be the first point of contact with many potential attendees. It needs to be effective enough to leave an impact on your potential audience.

But content alone is not enough; you must send your email to the right audience at the right time. For best results, the sales and marketing team should send at least three emails before your webinars to impact the user.

Want to set automated reminder emails for the interested audience? Publish your events on → AllEvents.in 

5. Promote your webinars on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the HubSpot for professional networking. If you plan to host any webinar that directly targets any user associated with any business, it should be marketed on LinkedIn. In fact, 46% of B2B social media traffic is generated from Linkedin. The stats is enough to speak about the importance of this media for your webinar.

Some tips to promote a webinar on LinkedIn to increase engagement – 

  • Creating a company page
  • Posting the details about the webinar on the company page
  • Resharing the posts on personal profiles
  • Sharing the post in different active groups on LinkedIn
  • Continuously reminding the community by posting regularly

If your company has enough budget, you can go with the promotional plan on LinkedIn. It is also an effective way to grab the audience.

A newly introduced feature by LinkedIn that makes the work easier for event creators is the event option on LinkedIn. You can create your event on Linkedin and attach the link to your website or your registration page. LinkedIn event promotion has much more to it!

Note: You can promote your webinar on various social media platforms. To promote your webinar on them, you must create a content calendar and content timeline.

6. Create a Facebook event to promote a webinar

Social media platforms as marketing channels are the perfect way for webinar promotion. With tools specifically designed for events, organizers must utilize them to their best advantage. 

One such tool is creating a Facebook event. Creating a Facebook event is easy and can do wonders for your webinar. 

Facebook events remain one of the top-performing platforms for lead generation of your webinar. There are several advantages of creating a Facebook event.

Our top-picked advantages are –

  • Inviting people to a Facebook event is easy
  • Automated suggestions to the interested audience
  • Recommends events in your network
  • Recommends events based on location

To make the user experience seamless and for advanced analytics purposes, here are some webinar promotion tips for Facebook:

  • You can add an event tab on your Facebook page from where your audience can directly purchase tickets without redirection.
  • Creating engaging content for your upcoming webinar and promoting it on Facebook groups.

This was one of the free ways to promote your webinar. Facebook also offers some paid features for promotions.

7. Go for paid webinar promotion on Facebook

Social media as a tool for promoting your webinar can prove to be a game-changer. Facebook is the largest social media platform, providing opportunities to reach out to your potential audience, uniquely connect with them and invite them to attend your event. 

You can promote your webinar either organically or through paid ads.

Facebook ads let you target a particular set of users for your webinar need. Facebook ads serve different purposes, like increasing engagement on a post, leading the audience to your website, generating more leads, and getting more messages. 

There are dedicated interest groups on Facebook to share information about your webinar to invite the audience interested in attending your webinar.

Here are amazing ways to promote any event on Facebook

8. Promote your webinar on Instagram 

Instagram also has many interactive features suitable for webinar organizers. Your team can use them to attain maximum results.

Want to attract people to a webinar? Instagram can be the best place. As a tool for promotion, Instagram is recently gaining a lot of popularity. The youth today is more inclined towards Instagram than any other social media. Webinar promotion on Instagram is equally important as Facebook promotions. It provides you with a variety of organic as well as paid options to promote your post.

Some of the popular Instagram features include –

  • Influencer marketing
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram reels
  • Carousel posts
  • Collaboration posts
  • Location filters

Webinar organizers should also add the link to their webinar landing page in their bio.

9. Run Google ads to promote a webinar

Google offers paid advertising options that appear in the search results on Google for the keywords you bid for. Google also offers display ads wherein your ad pop-ups are displayed on various websites according to the filters set by you.

Running Google ads can be the most effective form of paid ad campaigns as ads target those searching for you. 

Designing ad campaigns on Google offers you a lot of freedom to customize your audience to be targeted. 

AllEvents provides a complete event promotion plan that includes featured listing, the weekly newsletter, paid ads, campaign designing, campaign optimization, performance monitoring, and social media marketing that includes Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads.

Piad ads

10. Retarget interested audience

The audience that clicked on your post or visited your landing page to check out the information about the webinar would be the interested audience for your event but somehow missed out to purchase the ticket.

You can Retarget those audiences in two ways –

1) Facebook retargeting ads: You can retarget the audience who visited your event landing page with Facebook paid ads with the help of Facebook pixel.

2) Reminder emails: The audience who fall on the last step of ticket purchase -payment page may need a little push to purchase the ticket. You can send reminder emails to them and retarget them with AllEvents.

11. Make your guest speaker act as the Event Ambassador

Your guest speakers following list can be the ideal audience for your webinar. There is a high chance that by taking help from them, you will attract your audience for your webinar. The guest speaker for your webinar would be the main highlight of your event. Though being the tip of the iceberg, promotions made through your guest can do wonders for your event.

The thought leader for your webinar would already have a dedicated community following him/her on different social media. The community is bound to be loyal and would find it interesting to attend an event where guests would share his/her opinions about the subject matter.

Posting through various social media accounts on the same platform can multiply your reach. Make sure to ask your partners, including the guest, media partners, sponsors, etc., to post a creative of your webinar on their social media.

12. Use Affiliate Marketing

What better promotion tactic than the people promoting the event for you?

Word of mouth is believed to be the best promotion technique for any event. And people are motivated to promote your event if you provide them with some incentives. Affiliate marketing is one such way to get promoted by your audience. 

Affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing, refers to a technique to incentivize a person if any sales happen with their reference.  This technique can have a great impact on your ticket sales.

Managing so many affiliates can be easy if you get it done with a platform. Many ticketing platforms provide organizer features to manage affiliates and their commission, but AllEvents does this for Free.

13. Get attendees by writing blogs

Writing a blog post is one of the best ways to improve your organic keyword rankings on search engines. The blog must be posted on the webinar page. Its content should include all the information, like describing the theme, sharing the profiles of the keynote speakers, the date and time of the webinar, and the CTA for registration.

Adding FAQs in your blog post is always a good habit. The most asked questions related to your webinar should be included in your blog in a different section. 

14. Promote post-webinar Q&A session with the guests

One of the motives of the attendees for your webinar is to get an opportunity to interact with the guests in real-time. Guests for the webinar are usually a high profiled personalities and typically do not entertain individual interaction requests. This is an opportunity for those who want to connect with the guest to know more about their opinion on a subject matter. 

Open house Q&A must always be highlighted while promoting webinars.

15. Live Interaction with the audience 

Interacting with audience  while hosting webinar

Engagement turns out to be one of the most critical aspects of any webinar.  If the audience is not engaged enough, it’ll drop off, leading to a negative impression for the event organizer.

To keep the audience engaged with the session, the event organizer can conduct certain event activities like –

  • Engaging the audience through Mentimeter.
  • Live to poll
  • Providing useful resources, links, and files
  • Using engaging Visuals
  • Inviting questions from the audience
  • Show videos
  • Live tweet 

An interesting way to engage your audience and build and grow your community is to ask the audience to live tweet. This can motivate them to be members of your community on Twitter and make your hashtag trend.

16. Post-event greetings

Event organizers must never forget to thank the audience for attending the webinar. This is one of the primary post-webinar promotion techniques. You don’t want your audience to forget you as soon as the webinar is over. Instead, you should try to make them a part of your community forever. This would help you invite them again to your upcoming webinar.

Post-webinar emails can be accompanied by –

  • Recordings of the webinar
  • Library of resources
  • A free course
  • A free ebook
  • Subscription packages 
  • E-Certificates
  • and/or promotional offers

17. Write feedback emails

Feedback emails for webinar

Feedbacks are a very crucial part of any webinar. You not only get a chance to interact with your attendees but also a chance to develop long-lasting relationships with them. 

Post-webinar emails help you get valuable feedback from the audience. This can help you determine areas you can improve.  Feedback emails help you build long-term customers.

Most organizers use automated feedback emails to collect feedback from attendees. Some event ticketing platforms will make your work easy and collect feedback from your attendees on your behalf. That is a super-easy way to collect feedback.

Feedback received post your webinar can also be used as a promotional technique by the event organizer to show your webinar’s success. This feedback can act as testimonials for your next event.

Tech incorporation for webinar promotion

Today there are endless opportunities for incorporating technology into the webinar to present it like never before. The use of technology can make even a simple webinar extraordinary. Exhibiting the usage of technology accompanied by great content creation and design makes the work of marketers and the sales team easier.

We have some tech ideas that you could incorporate into your next webinar.


Make automation your new best friend, and let him do the work for you.

A lot of automation can be incorporated into your upcoming webinar, improving the activities’ accuracy.

AllEvents is a platform that provides various automation tools for hosting virtual events.

  • Online ticketing
  • Automated Email invites
  • Website integration
  • Facebook events integration
  • Automated follow-up from the audience

Live stream of your webinar

In a webinar, many a time, there is no need for two-way interaction with all the attendees. Some platforms like Zoom, charge higher because they provide two-way interaction for a large audience. Instead of this, you can choose streaming options.

AllEvents is a platform where you can host your live event accessible to only those who have bought your ticket. You could easily configure your live webinar with any of your streaming platforms like Zoom, restream.io, or OBS.

Your audience can purchase the ticket for your webinar and access it with their booking email address and password on AllEvents from any device. No need to share any joining instructions.

You can also monetize your videos without paying any hosting monthly charges. 

Monetize recorded workshops

So, your webinar can turn out to be a superhit or just not up to expectations. But the results would indeed be measured in terms of how many people turned up for the event and how many gave positive feedback.

Hence, a successful webinar would largely depend on how well you can market it. Selecting the right tools and platforms will surely be easy to manage a webinar. Following these tips and tricks will surely lead to a successful webinar.

Webinar Promotion FAQs:

What are some effective ways to promote a webinar?

The most effective ways to promote your upcoming webinars include social media advertising, email marketing, creating a landing page, partnering with influencers or industry experts, and using paid search and display ads.

How far in advance should I start promoting my webinar?

It’s generally recommended to start promoting your webinar at least 3-4 weeks in advance. 

What are some tips for creating a compelling webinar title and description?

To create a persuasive webinar title and description, you should focus on the benefits and outcomes of attending your event. Use clear, concise language and address the pain points of your target audience.

How to use social media to promote my webinar?

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting webinars. You can create targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, create posts and stories to engage your followers and leverage hashtags and user-generated content to increase visibility. 

Here is a complete guide to promoting events on social media platforms

How can I measure the success of my webinar promotion efforts?

To measure the success of your webinar promotion efforts, you should track metrics such as registration numbers, webinar attendance rates, engagement levels, and ROI. This will help you understand what worked well and areas you can improve for future webinars.

How do you attract people to my paid webinar?

To attract people to your paid webinar, focus on building compelling content, targeted promotion, engaging promotion materials, limited-time offers and influencer partnerships.

How to grab attention in a webinar?

To grab attention in a webinar, focus on building content that people are searching for rather than “what knowledge you have”.

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