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How Do Webinar Listing Sites Help You Sell More Tickets?

Last Updated: January 9, 2023

Last Updated: January 9, 2023

Best webinar listing sites

When it comes to webinars, it requires audiences and attendees to become successful. Getting attendees can be a pain, but if you want to promote your webinars, then you need to check out the webinar listing sites where you will be able to promote your online events and webinars.

If your webinars are paid or completely free (in both cases), as a host or event organizer, you would be looking for people interested in joining your webinar. These event listing platforms will provide you with the opportunity you are looking for.

How do Webinar Listing Sites help you sell more tickets?

Webinar listing sites can help you sell more tickets by providing a platform for you to promote your event and reach a larger audience.

Benefits of webinar listing sites:

  • Listing is free in most of them
  • Your event will be visible to people searching for webinars on the site
  • Some webinar listing sites like AllEvents have a large email list of subscribers
  • Your event will be featured on Google with some listing site
  • Automatic lead followups and more

Best Webinar Listing Sites in 2023

  1. AllEvents
  2. Eventbrite
  3. PaperCrowd
  4. YourEventFree
  5. Conference Alerts.com
  6. ESN.net
  7. Conferize
  8. econf.co

1. AllEvents

Among the best webinar listing sites, AllEvents deserves special mention. It is one of the finest event listing websites you can ever come across. By visiting the official website of AllEvents, you will be able to come across various webinars that are available both locally and internationally. 

Listing with benefits:

  • It’s popular among attendees
  • Website visitors can directly purchase tickets from the website
  • They send newsletters to people who might be interested in your event
  • Featuring in Google events (potential savings: $500)
  • They also offer paid marketing options

Pricing: free to list (no pricing for event organizers)

Listing Link: List Your Event

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a good platform to get your webinar listed. You can increase your reach to more audiences with Eventbrite.

Key benefits:

  • It’s popular in many countries like US, UK, and Canada
  • Visitors can get all the information about your event at one place

Pricing: Free to list, but has tired pricing

Listing Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/event-listing/

3. PaperCrowd

PaperCrowd is one of the best webinar listing sites for researchers because it regularly offers seminars, webinars, and virtual events on various topics and subjects. A group of academic scholars solely runs it and also works as a directory for researchers.

Key benefits:

  • Niche webinar listing site for researchers
  • Dedicated visitors who like to explore events

Restrictions: Meant for only academic and research-oriented webinars and conferences. Also, they take limited webinars, so keep an eye for an opening.

Pricing: Absolutely Free

Listing Link: https://www.papercrowd.com/

4. YourEventFree

YourEventFree is one of the most versatile webinar listing sites you will ever come across. This event listing platform has around 100 different categories where you can list webinars, events, conferences, etc.

Key benefits:

  • You can add all event details like the date of event, description, and location
  • Good mobile experience for your ticket buyers
  • Helps you reach more people with its website visitors

Pricing: Free to list

Listing Link: https://www.youreventfree.com/

5. Conference Alerts

If you are looking for valid webinar listing sites, then Conference Alerts is undoubtedly one of them. Here you can quickly upload for your free webinar or any kind of virtual event in a hassle-free manner.

Key benefits:

  • Registration option available for free events
  • Also compatible for virtual events

Pricing: Free to list

Listing Link: https://www.conferencealerts.info/add_event.php

6. ESN.net

If you are an event management company or a webinar organizer, then ESN.net is the perfect listing website for you.

Key benefits:

  • List and collect registration for webinars
  • Category-wise listing available
  • You can also select your target audience through demographics 

Pricing: Free to list

Listing Link: https://esn.net/share-your-event/

7. Conferize

While organizing a webinar, if you want to be directly connected with your target audience and create a community out of them, then Coferize is a platform you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Key benefits:

  • Helps you create your customer base for webinars
  • Custom solutions for business seminars, corporate events, and conferences
  • Comes with many post-webinar features

Pricing: Comes with 4 weeks free trial

Listing Link: https://conferize.com/

8. econf.co

Be it educational webinars, virtual events, conferences, business meetings, trade shows, etc. econf.co has it all. Therefore you can easily add any kind of webinar to this webinar listing site.  

Key benefits:

  • Dedicated audience exploring webinars with enconf
  • You get the option to promote your events

Cons: You need to contact their support team to list your event and it may take time

Pricing: Free to list

Listing Link: https://econf.co/contacts.html

 Increase Webinar Success by Top Listing Sites

As an event organizer, if you want your virtual event and webinars to become successful, then submitting your webinars to webinar listing sites would be the best option for you.

To maximize your reach, you can opt for event marketing plans or sell tickets from your site with the help of event listing plugins.

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