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Green Run 5KM10KM

Green Run 5KM/10KM

Sun Jun 11, 2023

Green Run 5KM/10KM

Time Sun Jun 11 2023 at 05:00 am to 09:30 am

Riverfront, Riverfront, Ahmedabad, India

INR 499 Tickets
Green Run 5KM/10KM , 11 June | Event in Ahmedabad | Green Run 5KM/10KM

Green Run 5KM/10KM


Tree planting is the process in which tree seedlings are transplanted generally for forestry land reclamation or landscaping purposes. Tree plantation is very necessary because trees provide oxygen to the environment and make the air quality better. If more trees are planted then the world's environment will become a safer place to live in. Tree plantation also reduces pollution thus making the life of future generations secure.

Hey Amdavadi!

Let’s come together and save our nature by planting more and more trees. Being sons and daughters of this mother earth it is our moral duty to take care of our mother as we all see how fast global warming is getting the major reason for everything. As we have made our mother earth Unhappy By pollution cutting trees and many more things mother earth gives us a chance daily to make her happy too. Let’s come together and make our Mother Earth Happy and take a resolution that we will grow more and more trees whenever and wherever we get the chance to do so. Happy Team has organized an event this June to plant more trees where you will get a chance to grow a tree.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Thoughts

Prime Minister exhorted each family to plant trees in the coming monsoon season and to take pride in the number of trees planted by the family just the same way as they take pride in worldly possessions. The Prime Minister said that living in harmony with nature is the only way to avoid a catastrophic situation on Mother Earth. The Prime Minister also placed a traditional earthen pot (matka) along with the sapling which is a traditional way of conserving water and ensuring that the sapling has a regular water supply. Planting the Kadamb sapling the Prime Minister recalled the poem of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan on the subject:

यह कदंब का पेड़ अगर माँ होता यमुना तीरे।

मैं भी उस पर बैठ कन्हैया बनता धीरे-धीरे।।




5KM and 10KM Green Run

EVENT DATE: - 11th June 2023

Venue: - Riverfront

Participants will receive

T-shirt - Medals - Refreshments-Hydration - E frame - E Certificate-Tree


More details

·        Children under 4 get free entry and won't get participation in a kit.

·        All children must be supervised by an accompanying guardian.

·        Everyone participating must get registered.

·        NO REFUNDS.


1.   Participants have to show the Email OR SMS which has their BIB number. Alternatively please show registration information via SMS/email while collecting the BIB.

2.   At the time of bib collection participants are requested to carry original ID proof (ID Proof which has a Photo and Date of Birth)

3.   No race category changes will be allowed

4.   No t-shirt exchange will be allowed

5.   Participants will not be allowed on the Race Day without BIB

6.   Unavailable for the BIB Collection? Assign someone! Authorization Letter signed by the registered runner.

7.   He/she must carry a soft copy of the Registration Confirmation [With BIB Details] email / SMS.

8.   Soft Copy of their ID Proof.

·        Note: BIBs will not be distributed on race day


It is about celebrating the passion for environmental sustainability and better living for our future generations.


This run is poised to be one of the most unique and yet entertaining runs. It is a perfect blend of health and entertainment.


Both brands believe in sustainability being a lifestyle that each individual must adopt.


It also spreads awareness among people at large to remain fit and healthy via participation and gives a motive to people to participate and remain healthy.



·        Please save the confirmation email received after registration as a reference for future communications.

·        Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or timing bib tag with another individual will be disqualified from the event and shall not be allowed to apply or participate in the subsequent edition of the event.

·        Please note that if you do not wear your timing bib tag as instructed you will not be able to receive an official finish time and thus the official certificate will record your finish time. No Bib Tag - No Timing - No Prize.

·        No vehicles are allowed on the course. Anyone bringing wheeled vehicles will be disqualified from the race; you will be asked to leave the course. 

·        Only those confirmed participants wearing the running number bibs will be allowed on the route. Any person found wearing the incorrect bib or no bib will be disqualified and removed by the course security.

·        In addition each runner must wear their running number bib on the front of the vest. Any kind of mutilation fold change or damage to the bib will disqualify the runner from the event.

·        Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the medical personnel.

·        Baggage counters are available for all participants. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone camera jewellery watches electronic gadgets etc. in the bag stored. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of baggage and/or its belongings

·        Participants are requested to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed at the event venue and on the route. Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day – this is for your own security

·        Entry Cancellation: Requests for cancellation & transfer will not be accepted and thereby a refund will not be entertained.

·        The right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this application form is at the sole discretion of the Event Organizing team and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances and the applicant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising hereunder.

·        The rules listed are subject to change at the discretion of the Event Heads and the Organizing Committee. 

·        Please bear in mind that all events venues and timings are subject to change.


Organized:- Happy Team.



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Event Information

Date & Time

Sun Jun 11 2023 at 05:00 am to 09:30 am


Riverfront, Riverfront, Ahmedabad, India

Hosted by

Happy Team ✅