Event Marketing Guide To Promote Your Event

Whether you're just getting started with promoting your event or working in the event industry as a marketer, this page contains many useful resources that will round out your knowledge in the field of event promotion.

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360° Event Marketing Guide to Promote Your Event

Event Marketing Basics

Event marketing is the strategy that is used to promote and create awareness around an event. It involves the use of various marketing channels and tactics to attract attendees, generate interest, and maximize the impact of the event. 

There can be multiple motives behind promoting an event, like branding, selling tickets, charity and more.

Basis of Event Promotion to boost your event's presence

How to Promote Event Better than 99% of Marketers

When you want to be in the top 1%, then just knowing the basics of Event Marketing won't do the trick. You need to dive deep and find ways to drive more results.

Here's how you can market your event better:

  1. Get a full checklist to promote your event  
  2. Find Event Marketing Channels that drive results   
  3. Take inspiration from Event Promotion Ideas & Examples  
  4. Market Your Event on Social Media  
  5. Boost your event with paid ads  
  6. Get better with Niche Event Promotion   
Breakdown to promote events by taking informed decisions with data

Event Promotion Channels & when to use them?

There is more to Event Promotion than just paid ads and social media. After 12 years of experience, we have found the MVPs to boost your event reach:

  • Event Email Marketing

    Useful when you have followers or a decent number of leads.

  • Works best

    Google Event Listing

    Helps you to promote your event on Google without spending on Ads.

  • Affiliate Event Marketing

    Extra boost to help you sell more tickets based on commission.

  • Event Advertising

    It's the ace that never fails. It only requires guts and knowledge.


Market Your Event on Social Media

We have a quick guide on How to Promote Event on Social Media , which will give you a brief of which platform is best for what and then you can move on towards doubling down on the best option 👇

Promote your event on social media guide (chapters)

Niche Event Promotion Tips

Some events are just different and they require a unique marketing strategy. Here is how you can get better at promoting them.

Market your niche events with full with unique ideas

Learn How to Track Which Marketing Channel is Working!


Quick FAQs to help you Promote better