Deepen Your Roots - Remembering the true Essence of You

Deepen Your Roots - Remembering the true Essence of You!

Deepen Your Roots - Remembering the true Essence of You!

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Deepen Your Roots - Remembering the true Essence of You! | Online Event | Deepen Your Roots - Remembering the true Essence of You!

Deepen Your Roots

Organized by Soul & Senses Retreats

Welcome to the journey where you remember the true essence of YOU! As you are awakening and feeling gloriously alive we are honored to invite you to Deepen Your Roots with a virtual workshop including three very important components: Human Design Numerology Reading and Akashic Record.

Included sessions:

Human Design with Caylin White

Your Human Design chart or Body graph is a blueprint of your life and purpose. It reveals information about your personality skillsets and energetic aura - but most importantly your life purpose. This information can help you recognize and embrace your innate gifts.

There are plenty of websites that will generate a free chart for you! You just need to know your birth date time of your birth and your birth location. Once you get your chart you’ll

find it is very complicated and hard to understand—that's where we come in to support you by guiding you on how to integrate it into your life. Understanding your Human Design can drastically change your life for the better and we can't wait to see you thrive!

Numerology Reading With Primoz Abram

Numerology reading based on Chinese medicine will help you understand which blockages are preventing you from living your potential in all areas of life including personal growth relationships and career. Also how past experiences your daily habits and your emotions affect your health. During the session we will also check the energy flow through your body which can be a good indicator of which areas to focus first.

A clearer understanding of yourself and your life path will help you chart your future and how to achieve your purpose. In addition you will get various tools and solutions that will help you on your journey.

Akashic Records with Stephany Levine

The Akashic Records are the past present and future knowledge of all things. They are the recording of the Soul’s journey since its inception as well as the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. Referred to in virtually every ancient spiritual teaching it is known in the Bible as The Book of Life.

At the time we decide to experience life as an independent entity there is a field of Energy created to record every thought word emotion and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records. Akashic because it is composed of Akasha the energetic substance from which all life is formed and Records because its objective is to record all life experiences.

Meet your facilitators:

Human Design Coach – Caylin White

Caylin Brie White is a certified Intuitive Mindful Meditation and Breathwork Leader Owner of Breathe With Me Caylin Brie Meditations Co-Founder of Heal Your Life With Us and Author of Change Your Story Sliced Time and Goldify. She is also a Human Design and Enneagram Coach. It is her mission to help heal through the power of breath and mindset.

Connect with Caylin: 

Numerology Reader Coach - Primoz Abram

Primoz is a certified Spiritual Life Coach an empath and healer. Most of his knowledge comes from his life experience from daily work on personal growth and helping others around the world since 2012. His mission as a guide or coach is to make you aware of who you really are. And to help you realize how amazing and powerful you truly are.

Links to connect with Primoz Abram:


Akashic Records Consultations – Stephany “Stevie” Levine

Through the years as a small co-business owner in charge of personnel Stevie believed that helping others to tap into their heart’s desire for work would facilitate them in living a business life guided by their soul’s need for fulfillment. Being of service in that way was always within her purview; and overrode her desire to keep someone in their employ if them moving on was in their best interest. 

Always asking “What do you want to do with your life” Stevie helped someone to think about that and believe that they could do what they really wanted to in this life. Stevie’s desire to help individuals tap into their own potential was now finding a way to express itself with the assistance of the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones – those energetic beings of the Records also known as The Record Keepers.

Connect with Stephany Levine: 


What to expect:

Choose from the available session dates across 2024. You will have two sessions: 

  • Session 1 (One hour) is a collective for a meet and greet with the facilitators and their offerings.
  • Session 2 (One hour) is a private 1on1 for a deep understanding of your charts/records (Human Design Numerology and Akashic Record) by the facilitators on your chosen date for each session.

You will receive: 

  • A 100% custom chart/reading report from each facilitator tailored specifically to you. 
  • The ancient wisdom from Human Design Numerology and Akashic records to help you understand who you truly are and find your purpose.
  • Personalized Q & A with your facilitators along the path of deepening your roots. 

Once both sessions are done you have completed this virtual program with gained knowledge and insights that will help set you on your path to deepen your roots.

Registration and cost:

By registering and securing your spot here on Eventbrite with a small deposit- you will receive from us (Soul & Senses) a confirmation email with information and details regarding the schedules of the sessions. You will complete the remaining payment prior to the meet-and-greet group session.

We will then send the dates and times assigned with the schedules for the private virtual 1-on-1 sessions via email.

This self-care investment is $395 per person and includes the two sessions outlined above. Register here or contact us (below) with your initial deposit of $60 to secure your spot which will go toward your final payment. You can then pay the remainder directly via payment plan options (contact us for these details).

Contact us:

We are all very excited to welcome you and start this journey with you! Contact us for any questions and for booking directly. 

Email: c3NzZHIgISBzb3VsYW5kc2Vuc2VzIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=

Brought to you by the Conscious Team!

Zaira Druding Caylin White Stevie Levine & Primoz Abram

Organized by Soul & Senses Retreats


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