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London Halloween Events

Halloween Parties, Parade & Activities

Halloween or the All Hallows is celebrated as the day of the dead every year on 31st October before the All Saints Day. Individuals entangle in activities like carving pumpkins and making jack-o-lanterns, light up bonfires, dress up in spooky ghost costumes, watch scary movies, attend freaky shows or haunted house games. Halloween Parades in London are most awaited events. Children are seen in frightening costumes freaking others for candies with the famous trick or treat game. Restaurants, cafes and nightclubs in London organize events and invite people to show off their massacre or paranormal side and serve dishes with the themes like tombstone tables, graveyard meals, etc.

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Halloween in London: Just the right way!

The start of the 1900s saw Halloween as a community center holiday. It became a featured entertainment. Halloween events in London have transformed; the festive holiday now sees a wide variety of Halloween raves, activities, parties, parades, events, and much more. 

In London, Halloween is reaching its epitome. While the Americans have it all lit up, the Brits are all set to celebrate the 2018 Halloween with witches, pumpkins, and a lot of trick-or-treating. 

The days are near, and if you haven’t started preparing for the big day, you are not alone. Whether you want to stay home, or hunt the streets for ghosts, or get along with friends and go to pubs. If you are unsure about the things to do on Halloween in London, then here’s your checklist. Make the most out of the 2018’s Halloween in London.

Halloween Events in London

Halloween in London is all about to get lit up with events that are terrifyingly good. If you are all boosted up, then you shouldn’t miss The Crystal Haze Halloween Edition on 31st of October. The Blood Baron, a time vampire, can go manipulative and trick on contestants to betray their friends. It gets even scarier as you go ahead. 

The Forum’s deathly acts at Twisted Circus Halloween Festival this Halloween in London will surely leave you awestruck. Amongst 2000 freaks, feel the Halloween vibe right along. And if you want to dance on some spooky music and beats, then head to The Silent Halloween Disco Boat, a voyage to the creepiness. 

Your Halloween in London is all set with the Hogwarts After Dark: Studio Tour London. Spend Halloween the potter way at Hogwarts. Surround yourself with all the Halloween decorations and tasty Halloween food prepared by the house-elves with secret Halloween recipes!

Halloween events can turn out to be expensive sometimes, but if you are tight on budget, then attend the PIGGY Tuesdays Halloween Ghosts & Ghouls to enjoy cheap Halloween events in London.

Amidst the horrifying events that adults are accustomed to, children find it hard to get along. And it is even harder for parents to find relevant baby Halloween events in London. The October Half term Spooky specials are designed to reflect the Halloween vibes but in the baby version. Choose the session from the spooky timetable that is filled with fun, music, play, and special guests. There are separate sessions for different ages of babies. 

If you are still unsure about the Halloween events and want to attend the best of them, then here’s the key. Check out All the best events for Halloween 2018 from AllEvents.in and never miss the best Halloween events in London. Get spookier on this Halloween rave parties in London by booking tickets for these amazing events.

Hunt for Haunted Places in London

From museums to yards and forests, and even cemeteries, there are so many haunted places in London where you can have your Halloween 2018 celebrated. 

The Epping Forest has ghostly sightings. Home to a lot of invaders and battles, this place is haunting to the bones. While the Hyde Park is home to dead souls. This cemetery in London is surreal, dating back to 1800s. Tyburn, which isn’t far away from the park, has also seen thousands of executions. 

Got a beating heart? Lady Elizabeth Hatton surely does. Visit the Bleeding Heart Yard, a spooky place where she was murdered but her heart was still beating. Reducing the scary factor, Old Queen’s Head, an Islington boozer, has some spookiness amongst the voices of karaoke and drinks.

Spend the perfect Halloween horror nights by going on a ghost tour and exploring the haunted places in London.

Hunt for Halloween costumes and Halloween movies in London

Make this Halloween in London spookier by wearing some exhaustively terrifying dresses. You could go to Angels, Covent Garden. Your dream of having the scariest costume will be fulfilled in the five floors filled with costume and accessories. But if you are on a budget, visit the Beyond Retro, Bethnal Green to turn yourself into a fancy dress outfit and have some best second-hand reasonable Halloween dresses in London. Escapade, Chalk Farm brings to you all kinds of masks and accessories - affordable all-in-one outfits included. And for lazy-goers, you can order them online.

Do not wait last minute for Halloween costumes. Bring on the Halloween rave; the spookier is your costume, the scarier is the Halloween night.

But if you wish to sit back at home and still want the Halloween rave, time to turn to best Halloween horror movies. From The Babadook to The Nun, give yourself a horror dose. Listen to spooky songs or watch some of the best horror movies. 

These horror movies for Halloween are sure to give you a tickle, or maybe even more - The Exorcist, Psycho, Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, Nosferatu, Videodrome, Carnival of Souls, Frankenstein, Dracula, Scream.

Trick or Treat? Treat yourself on Halloween 2018

Whether you are a trick or treat a person or the spookiest of all, this Halloween 2018 is all yours. From the thrilling Halloween events in London to mind-boggling spooky locations to visit in London, this Halloween is all about parties and Halloween rave. 

Explore the Halloween city of London. If you do not want to miss on any of the upcoming Halloween events, then book the best Halloween parties in London at AllEvents. This 2018 Halloween in London is all about Staying Happening!