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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training & Placement Program for B.E./ B.Tech/MCA Fresher | Pune


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training & Placement Program for B.E./ B.Tech/MCA Fresher | Pune

Are you B.Tech/B.E./MCA 17-2018 Pass out? Still Hunting for a Job?

RPA Course for B.E. / B.Tech/ MCA Passout Freshers

Become Certified RPA Professional And Get JOB with our Placement Assistance Program.

Course Overview

EmertenTeck is happy to announce job oriented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course for B.Tech / B.E. 2018pass-out students. This course is exclusively designed for Freshers aimed at becoming certified RPA professional and get a job in big MNC.

Who should be joining?

·        B.E. / B.Tech 2018 pass out

·        B.C.A/MCA latest passout

·        Lost the job and hunting the opportunity

·        Women on maternity leave

Why should you join?

·        There are dearth of RPA professionals in the market

·        All the big companies are hiring RPA professionals

·        We’ve partnership with big MNC for placement

Salient Features

·        India 1st unique RPA course designed for B.E. / B.Tech 2018 Passout students

·        2 RPA Global tools training and Certification program

·        100% Job assistance program

·        Real time projects and interview readiness program

RPA Tools-

·       RPA  UiPath

·        RPA Automation Anywhere

Course Details


·        2 Months (120 Hours)

¬∑¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Mon ‚Äď Friday (each day 3 hours)

¬∑¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Timing ‚Äď 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.


·        BYOD (Bring your own Laptop) and will install respective tools & software


·        Pune (Kharadi)

Start Date

·        April 8th

Course Outline

RPA UiPath -

1.      RPA Overview & Industry Use Cases

a.      What, When and Where RPA

b.     Industry Use Cases

c.      RPA Tools (UiPath, AA and Blue Prism) overview

d.     QA role in RPA implementation

2.      UiPath Studio Overview

a.      Sequence, Flow Chart & Decision

b.     Variables and arguments

c.      Loops

d.     If else, Decisions and Switch

3.      Excel Automation

a.      Read/Write/Create

b.     Filter, Sorting & Query

c.      Merge

4.      Email Automation

a.      Read/Send

b.     Download Attachment

c.      IMAP & Outlook

5.      Application Automation

a.      Windows

b.     Web

c.      Citrix

d.     PDF

6.      Project Organization

a.      Modular files

b.     Input / Out

c.      Arguments

d.     Reusable components

7.      Work Queue

a.      Upload to Queue

b.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Read from Queue ‚Äď Get item by item

c.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Read from Queue ‚Äď Get all items in one go

d.     Transactions (Success & Fail)

e.     Defer item

f.       Priority

g.      Throw exception

8.      Orchestrator

a.      Dashboard

b.     Security

c.      Assets

d.     Audit Trails

e.     Logs

9.      Deployment

a.      Package publishing

b.     Client Deployment

c.      Bots provisioning

d.     Deployment

e.     Version Control

10.  RE Framework

a.      State Machine

b.     RE-Framework

c.      Fitting our processes in RE Framework

d.     Running entire program from RE Framework

11.  Code Stage (Overview)

a.      Overview to .Net / C#

b.     Injecting code stage

c.      Run different types of scripts such as Java,Python,batch,powershell,

d.     Web Services Automation i.e. consume data that are exposed over web using SOAP & REST.

e.     Integration with different databases

12.  Advance Exception Handling

a.      Try / Catch / Finally

b.     Throw / Rethrow

c.      Global Handler

13.  Theory

a.      RPA Project Life Cycle

b.     Opportunity Assessment

c.      RPA Document process

d.     RPA process in life Cycle (How to test workflows, bots)

e.     Risks & Challenges

RPA Automation Anywhere -

1.      Automation Anywhere building blocks

a.      Introduction to Automation Anywhere

b.     Automation Anywhere Architecture

c.      Automation Anywhere Web Based Control Room

d.     Automation Anywhere Bot Creator Client

e.     Automation Anywhere Bot Runner Client

f.       Architecture and Installation guide

2.      AA Web Based Control Room

a.      Introduction to Web Based Control Room

b.     View Task Relevant Activities in Dashboard

c.      Manage Roles and Permissions

d.     User Management in Control Room

e.     Managing the Repository

f.       Running Task From Control Room

g.      Scheduling Tasks In Control Room

h.     Managing the Operations Room

i.        Monitoring the Audit Trail

j.       Managing Client

k.      Defining Credentials Keys in Credential Manager

l.        Control Room Settings

m.   Support Site

n.     User Profile

o.     Features Panel

3.      Task Bots

a.      Recording Task

b.     Creating Task

c.      Editing an Existing Task

d.     Run a Task

e.     Schedule a Task

4.      Recording Task

a.      Different Types of Recorders in AA

b.     Smart Recorder

c.      Screen Recorder

d.     Web Recorder

5.      Using Variable Manager

a.      Adding a Variable

b.     Types of Variables

c.      Editting an existing Variable

d.     Using System Variables

6.      Operations

a.      Variable Operations

b.     String Operations

7.      Condition and Loops

a.      IF-Else Command

b.     Loop Command

8.      Excel Automation

a.      Excel Command

b.     Opening an Excel File

c.      Read from Excel File

d.     Write to an Excel File

e.     Navigating inside an Excel File

f.       Find in an Excel File

g.      Save Excel File

h.     Close Excel File

9.      Programs / Files / Windows

a.      Open program/File

b.     Files/Folders

c.      Window Actions

d.     Log To File

10.  Pause / Delays / Wait

a.      Pause a Running Task

b.     Stop a Running Task

c.      Adding Delays

d.     Using Wait Command

11.  Web Automation

a.      Web Recorder

b.     Object Cloning

12.  Email Automation

a.      Send email

b.     Receive Email

c.      Download attachment

13.  Technology Specific Automation

a.      Object Cloning

b.     Manage Windows Control

14.  Applications

a.      Read from CSV/Text

b.     Excel

c.      Database

d.     XML o Interactive

e.     Prompt(Attended Automation)

f.       Message Box o Miscellaneous

g.      Clipboard

h.     Comment

15.  Error Handling / Debugging

a.      Error Handling

b.     Debugging

c.      Logs trouble shooting

16.  Integration

a.      App Integration

b.     OCR

c.      Email Automation

d.     PDF Integration

17.  Deployment

a.      Uploading Tasks To Control Room

b.     Deploying Tasks from Control Room To Bot Runner Machines

c.      Managing Bot Dependencies

18.  Security

a.      PGP

b.     Password vault

19.  Meta bot

a.      Metabot Designer

b.     Metabot assets

c.      Metabot logic

d.     Metabot DLL

20.  IQ Bot

a.      Intro to IQ Bots

b.     Invoice Processing with IQ Bots

c.      Accuracy and confidence level correction with IQ Bots

Project Work

Summary ‚Äď The objective of this project work module is to create the real time environment for automation and give the participants to work on near to real projects. This module will provide participants to automate 2 end to end projects. Will assign project work to the participants and participants need to work on the project offline.

Project 1 ‚Äď Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is the widely automation adopted process for any enterprise and will give the participant to work on many components of UiPath together to complete the project work.

This involves working on Email, Excel, Work queue, Web application, OCR and PDF

Project 2 ‚Äď HR On boarding

HR onboarding involves integrating 3 systems together (Employee management, CRM and IT) and a great exposure to participants to learn automating state through processing.

This involves ‚Äď Email, Web, Work Queue, PDF, and Web Services

Interview Readiness

Will help the participants with the latest interview guide and readiness mock session. And, also help with CV readiness with latest projects information.


We’ll help the participants with the UiPath & AA certification readiness also will awarded certificate of completion by EmeregenTeck.

Map Supreme Arcade, Supreme Arcade, Office No - 5, Kharadi Rd, Rakshak Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India, Pune, India
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