LOVE FEST Lavish Yourself With LOVE Illuminated Breath Shadow Integrated To Love Embodied Heart

LOVE FEST! Lavish Yourself With LOVE ⋆Illuminated Breath ⋆Shadow Integrated To Love ⋆Embodied Heart

28 Jul, 2024

LOVE FEST! Lavish Yourself With LOVE ⋆Illuminated Breath ⋆Shadow Integrated To Love ⋆Embodied Heart

Time Sun Jul 28 2024 at 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Karrinyup, Perth, Australia

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LOVE FEST! Lavish Yourself With LOVE ⋆Illuminated Breath ⋆Shadow Integrated To Love ⋆Embodied Heart, 28 July LOVE FEST! Lavish Yourself With LOVE ⋆Illuminated Breath ⋆Shadow Integrated To Love ⋆Embodied Heart

💗 Women 0nly ~ Self-Love Events 💗

These are beautiful re-occurring events to help you to see and own your shadows, loving ALL parts of your gorgeous self!

Join us for a beautiful nourishing afternoon, uncovering those darker hidden aspects of you, welcoming and embracing the mature shadow parts to be able to receive the lavishing yourself with love that integrate all parts of you.

💗 Intimate and nourishing connection with yourself

💗 Cacao circle to activate the heart centre

💗 Shadow work to transform your immature into loving, healthy

and mature, using masculine and feminine polarity work

💗 Ancestral Healing to let go of unhealthy family patterns

💗 Kundalini gentle practice to penetrate and project love

💗 Illuminated Breathwork to energise and integrate ecstatic

self-love the vibrates your fullest expression of joy

💗 Inner dance of divine movement to infuse joy

Goldie Wildheart and Katy Lane Love hold a safe, nurturing space for you with the focus on an intimate group to love, accept and support each other, where you will be fully held, seen, accepted and heard. You will leave with new tools to fully love and accept yourself.

Katy and Goldie are known for making you feel completely at ease, whilst deep-diving and holding you with love and a sprinkling of magic and always a touch of humour!

💗 Want to know what people said about previous Love-Fest's?

"I honestly didn't know what to expect going into love fest. I just knew I needed it and went in open to what the experience would bring for me. What a safe and sacred space Katy and Goldie had created for us. I felt so held and nurtured throughout the whole experience. I had such a transformational shift during the breath work practice where I got talked to throughout the whole experience, allowing what needed to come up to do so. I can honestly say I feel so much lighter after love fest I didn't know how much pain I was holding onto until I was in a safe space to really let go. I'll defiently be back again and can't wait for round 2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️"


"Love fest was a beautiful and transformational experience. Whilst spending the day nourishing myself and in bliss, I also dove deep into my truth and realised things that had not surfaced before. The day was magical and exactly what I needed.

I connected with amazing women and Goldie and Katy hold such a safe and supportive space."


"Dear Goldie and Katy,

Just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for such a kind and generous gift. A heart now topped up with joy, new understanding and of course LOVE!❤️💕♥️

Absolutely loved LOVE FEST and felt so privileged to have been able to join you two and a wonderful bunch of women in such a safe, welcoming and fun environment.

I feel so blessed to have spent time with you both. I’m still in a bliss bubble of love and new found understanding of self.

Thank you, thank you, thank you both😊❤️🙏💕"


Hello Queen Katy! Wow! Wow! Wowsers! What an incredibly powerful and moving day retreat you and Goldie Wildheart co-created for us today. My heart is full of love and gratitude for you both and all the PHENOMENAL WOMEN that came together to make it such a memorable day. Blessings and love to you my Divine SiSTAR. You’re AMAZING!!! 🤩🙏🏼💕✨⭐️❤️ Tina

Spaces are limited, pick a date to carve out your gift 💗

Location: Karrinyup Private Studio (3 minutes from Karrinyup Shops). Once you have purchased your ticket we will be in contacted with all the details you need.

Any questions please reach out to either of us

Goldie or Katy via messenger 💗💗

Refund Policy

no refunds

you can pass your ticket on to some other lady who may need this event



Tickets for LOVE FEST! Lavish Yourself With LOVE ⋆Illuminated Breath ⋆Shadow Integrated To Love ⋆Embodied Heart can be booked here.

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Date & Time

Sun Jul 28 2024 at 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm


Karrinyup, Perth, Australia

Hosted by

Goldie Wildheart ✅