An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne

An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne

7 Mar, 2024

An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne

Time Thu Mar 07 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm

Villa Albertine, 972 Fifth Avenue, New York, United States

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USD 150 - 25,000 Tickets
An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne, 7 March | Event in New York | An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne

Join the American Friends of Lafayette for an extraordinary evening filled with elegance, culture, and philanthropy and help RAISE FUNDS for the Lafayette Bicentennial KICK-OFF in August 2024.

Spend an evening with General Lafayette and his heroic wife Adrienne. Immerse yourself in a journey through time, experiencing the sophistication of French culinary refreshments, while relishing the tastes and aromas that have delighted palates for centuries. This exclusive event offers a unique blend of 18th-century American and French history, coupled with the luxury of the 21st century. From exploring the opulent halls of the Villa Albertine, sampling 18th-century dances and amusements, a chance to take home unique Lafayette merchandise, and indulging in a feast for the senses, this evening guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire or Historical Clothing 1776-1825

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Highlights of the Evening:

• Indulge in A Culinary Extravaganza: Delight your senses with a curated menu of flavors reflecting the bounty of the French countryside, providing a unique culinary experience.

• Stroll Through History: Wander through the opulent halls of the Villa Albertine a living testament to the elegance of a bygone era.

• Meet General Lafayette and his Heroic Wife Adrienne: Be in the esteemed company of General Lafayette, a figure synonymous with the spirit of liberty, and his heroic wife Adrienne, adding an extra layer of grace and charm to the festivities.

• Immerse Yourself in the Splendor of Historical Dance Presentations: Enjoy the enchanting spectacle of costumed dancers evoking the grace and elegance of the past. Guests are invited to join in the festivities and try their hand (or feet) at these timeless dances adding a dynamic and participatory element to the evening.

• Experience the Charms of 18th Century Gaming: Transport yourself to bygone eras as you participate in classic pastimes such as skittles and whist infusing the evening with a delightful playfulness and offering a charming glimpse into the entertainment of yesteryear.

 Bid on Lafayette Items: The evening will feature special Lafayette items to be auctioned in live and silent format offering you a unique opportunity to take home a piece of history while supporting this noteworthy cause.

Special Access to Villa Albertine:

Situated across from Central Park and on Museum Mile the Villa Albertine boasts an iconic location that seamlessly blends historical significance with modern allure. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance that combines the essence of Renaissance Europe with the sophistication of 21st-century New York. Your attendance not only enhances the grandeur of the evening but also contributes to a noble cause.

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Of Note:

  • All proceeds generated from this event will support the August 2024 kickoff events in New York City for the Bicentennial Lafayette Farewell Tour commemorating the General’s 13-month journey through America as the “Guest of the Nation” between 1824 and 1825. For more information on the tour visit
  • A portion of every ticket purchase is tax-deductible, as The American Friends of Lafayette is an IRC 501(3)(c).

We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your company as we celebrate the iconic General Lafayette and his heroic wife, Adrienne, supporting a worthy cause in an evening that promises to be nothing short of magical.


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Thu Mar 07 2024 at 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm


Villa Albertine, 972 Fifth Avenue, New York, United States

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