Parvati Magik VI

Parvati Magik VI

31 Dec, 2024-1 Jan, 2025

Parvati Magik VI

Time Tue Dec 31 2024 at 02:00 pm to Wed Jan 01 2025 at 06:00 am

Kasol, India

INR 799
Parvati Magik VI, 31 December | Event in Kasol | Parvati Magik VI

We Are Proudly producing a celebration which has taken a place in with your love and unity , hey you happy people we welcome you to dance with us again..

A Gathering of psy music ,art and cultural feature. Let’s get ourselves to the Magical dance floor with Magical vibes. See you all there in dance floor with love and smile ....

Amazing location with great taste of psychedelic music served by the most talented DJ's from all around the Globe ?, who will make you feel the "Magical Xperiences".

★ laser shows

★ fireworks

★ flea market

★ yoga and ayurvedic sessions

★ international cuisines & drinks

★ camping activities


in order to avoid any inconvenience please, book your rooms in advance ,kasol has many budget class hotels and guest houses in the following rack rate

guest house have cheaper rates as comparison to hotels in the price range of 500- 15000 INR per day so as per your requirement you can book yourself to the above mentioned category


kasol , parvaty vallley has nestled many of the good food joints where every cuisine food is available at an economical prices , and @ the venue a casual dinning restaraunt will be installed serving continental and indian delicacies and other stuffs

A special bar section will also be installed @ the venue serving lager beers. liquors and some good international mocktails /cocktails to rejuvinate your mind and energy.........

Frequently Asked Questions About Kasol New Year Party

Q. Are these Kasol parties legal?

A. Yes, these parties are legal as they have permission from the concerned authorities, and use or sale of any kind of drug is not permitted.

Q. How is Kasol during this time ?

A. Kasol is totally lit up during this time due to large number of tourists flocking to the valley.

Q. Are there ATM’s in Kasol?

A. Being a small village, Kasol does not have an extensive ATM service, therefore, it is advisable to carry enough cash for emergency.

             **** About Organiser ****

"MagicalTrips" is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of things together with the nature, music, power, quality, substance and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole Nature, and it instruct us concerning the differing and agreement of things amongst themselves, when it produce its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things. Lets soar to new and higher levels of awareness allowing ourselves to transcend our environment and literally create a world of our own -- a world of real magic.

There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen.

☆☆☆☆☆☆■ RULES OF USE■☆☆☆☆☆☆

* Right of the admission is reserved with the


* Please carry your valid identity proof at the gates for security reasons .

* Do not carry any outside food & IMFL

drinks into the venue.

* No arms & ammunition allowed into the

Venue .

* Frisk yourself at the gates on request on

Demand .

* The organisers are not responsible for any

Theft & injuries inside the venue ,so please

take utmost care of yourself & and your

Belongings .

* Please don't Carry NDPS substance into

The venue since this is a drug free event ,

And the Organisers hold no responsibility

If anybody found

* No verbal arguments will be entertained.

* The entry prices and the pre sales are

Inclusive of all the taxes & surcharges

* Line up is subject to change without notice

* All the payments regarding the pre sales

Be done at the specified account numbers /

Online / authorised Sales associate.

* In conformance to the environment safety

Standards we request the minimum use of

Plastics & other non degradable materials

In and around the venue .

* Please carry the festival tag / card all the

Time in the venue on demand .

* Please carry adequate cash with yourself

As per your requirement since ATM

Dispensers are very far from the venue.

* No credit card/ cheques accepted .

* The presales passes once booked or the ticket

purchased will not be refunded in any case.

* the Organisers are not responsible for the

Dismissal of the event since this festival e

State authorities

* The BPM of the sound may cause hearing

  Impairments and disorder for a long time

   So please enter at your own risk

* Please don't forget to carry your positive energies

    vibes into the festival.Smile and

   the world will Smile with You .☺

➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨


more details coming soon.....




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Date & Time

Tue Dec 31 2024 at 02:00 pm to Wed Jan 01 2025 at 06:00 am


Kasol, India

Hosted by

MagicalTrips ✅