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Top Halloween Parades Around the World 2024

Last Updated: July 12, 2024

Last Updated: July 12, 2024

The one night a year when it’s socially acceptable to dress like a complete and utter weirdo.🤪 Yes, it’s Halloween time, and seriously, people take advantage of that! Or, as adults like to call it, “embracing your inner creativity.” Whatever floats your ghost ship, right?💀 From the mundane characters to the downright disturbing, there’s a costume of everything for everyone!  

We’ve scratched layers to find the most outrageous, over-the-top Halloween parades around the world known to man (or monster).😈 These parades will make you feel simultaneously terrified and incredibly jealous, and nothing in between! Costumes are a must because being normal on Halloween is quite abnormal!🤭 

1) New York’s 51st Annual Village Halloween Parade

NYC Halloween Parade 2023

New York is best at everything, so it’s truly not shocking for me (or you!) to hear that it arranges the most widely creative public participatory event in the world! In simple words, New York’s 51st Annual Village Halloween Parade will be insanely huge this year!👻 Started back in 1974, it has become the largest annual Halloween party. So when I tell you over 100,000 people participate and millions watch the parade, it won’t shock you! Musicians, dancers, artists, and incredible large-scale puppets are just a teaser of this best Halloween celebration in the USA

Parade Route: The Parade runs straight up 6th Ave from KING St to West 15th. 

📅 31st October 2024

📍 6th Avenue between Canal Street and 16th Street, New York, United States

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Millions of people

2) Derry’s Halloween Street Carnival Parade


WOW is all you will be able to utter in disbelief when you visit Derry’s Halloween Street Carnival Parade, Europe’s largest Halloween Festival! This Walled City opens the doors to welcome the spirit of Samhain every year with a dazzling street celebration!💃 Four nights in Derry becomes a home for Halloween, where you can see spooky stuff and learn about folklore, history, and heritage that makes this city special. If you want to catch the parade and fireworks🎆 (which you should) at one of the most spooky Halloween celebrations in the UK, it will be on the last day, i.e., Halloween! 

Parade Route: The parade starts from Boating Club Lane and moves ahead towards Strand Rd. It maintains its straight route towards Embankment, takes a U-turn from the end, and goes towards Queen’s Quay, where the parade concludes! 

📅 31st October 2024

📍 BT48 7NN, Strand Rd, Derry, Londonderry, United Kingdom

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Almost 100,000 people 

3) West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval


The sparkle that LA brings even to a festival like Halloween is unbelievable! In the darkest and most spooky time, LA celebrates the most colorful Halloween celebrations in the world.🤡 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval has a contagious excitement that spreads so wildly that more than 5,00,000 people participate in the Carnaval every year! Colorful and wildly dressed people in costumes, live entertainment, dancers, performers, and food trucks make this carnival a one-of-a-kind experience in your life!😍 Why not spook people with sparkles this Halloween in Los Angeles?

Parade Route: Halloween Carnaval is free to attend and will take place on Thursday, October 31, 2024, on a one-mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard between N. Doheny Drive and N. La Cienega Boulevard.

📅 31st October 2024

📍 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, Hollywood, United States

4) Krewe of Boo! New Orleans Halloween Parade


Assuming that every festival will have an over-the-top parade in New Orleans is our habit now!🤷‍♀️ Krewe of Boo! The New Orleans Halloween Parade began in 2007 and was led by the son of “Mr. Mardi Gras” son. The son keeps the legacy of making excellent 3-dimensional fiberglass and paper-mâché floats (the city is well known for this), and the parade seems unreal and imaginative! With 450 riders, 15 floats, 35 marching bands, and dance krewes,🧛‍♂️ the weekend is full of events! The French Quarter has become a beautiful place to see the spooky excitement of Halloween days! 

Parade Route: Here are the exact directions for you! 

  • Assemble at Elysian Fields Avenue
  • Parade Down Elysian Fields Avenue to North Peters Street
  • North Peters Street to Decatur Street
  • Decatur Street past Jackson Square to North Peters Street
  • North Peters Street to Canal Street
  • Up Canal to Burgundy, then U-turn
  • Down Canal Street to Tchoupitoulas Street
  • Tchoupitoulas Street to Andrew Higgins Drive​​

📅 19th October 2024

📍 New Orleans, LA, United States

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Tens of thousands of people 

5) The Spirit of Halloweentown


Hidden in the town of St. Helens, Halloween has a huge celebration that ain’t limited to just one day!🎃 The most family-friendly, spookiest celebration award goes to The Spirit of Halloweentown. Every weekend in October, people lead you to go and celebrate Halloween. The local merchants tempt you to buy scary (or absolutely funny) fits from costume shops, ghost talks, tarot card readings🎴, face paintings, trick-or-treating throughout the haunted town tours, contents, and whatnot! 

📅 September 20th to October 31st 2024

📍 275 Strand St, Saint Helens, United States

6) Shibuya Halloween


All these cherry-sweet celebrations seem peaceful when you have just one look at the Shibuya Halloween! Damn, the insanity like this is what Halloween actually feels like. This infamous and unregulated event attracts Halloween lovers from Tokyo and Japan and thus begins the chaos it is known for!👀 Brave up to see the most disturbing and hilarious costumes, plus the spookiness in people after a couple of drinks! Authorities have tried their level best to cut down this debauchery, but hordes will be parading across Shibuya Crossing either way!💀 There will be live streaming and virtual events if you can’t bear the chaos! 

📅 October 31st 2024

📍 Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Shibuya City, Japan

7) 27th Annual Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade


Chicago sweeps in and saves Halloween with its 27th Annual Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade! Wear weird, wild, weary, or whatever you think is spooky, so clearly, you should go costume shopping first!🧛‍♂️ This free-to-watch parade is one of the top ten in the US by Fodor’s Travel, and there is a very serious Costume Contest with hundreds of entrants! There will be an award ceremony, too, so as we said, it is very SERIOUS!👀   

Parade Route: Starts at Halsted & Belmont and ends at Halsted & Brompton

📅 October 31st 2024

📍 Northalsted, Northalsted, Chicago, IL, USA, United States

8) Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween


The princess world is here with the spookiest festival of the year, which makes it amazingly cute for kids! The Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween is back with iconic flats decked with cobwebs and pumpkins steered by characters dressed in ghost costumes! Yes, it is Halloween, and October will be ruled by it.👑 The “Spooky Boo!” parade (even the name is cute!)🤭 is the highlight of the celebration every year! Dream Garlands with a Halloween theme will be part of this year’s Halloween decorations, blended with the Tokyo Disney Resort’s 40th anniversary décor. So, double celebrations!! 

Parade Route: The parade will start in Fantasyland, then stop in the Plaza, and again, in the Tomorrowland and Toontown areas of the parade route.

📅 September 16th to October 31st 2024

📍 Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

9) The Salem Witches’ Magic Circle


The Halloween ritual of Salem is quite vivid and unique in the world! On Christian Day and Brian Cain, Dragon Ritual Drummers perform a drumming show as witches from around the globe come together for a sacred and magical ritual!🪄 The Salem Witches’ Magic Circle is a free and open-to-all event that does not restrict the number of participants as soon as you wish to feel connected to those far away from the realm. The ceremony honors the people who have crossed over into the spirit world!    

📅 October 31st 2024

📍 North Washington Square, Salem, United States

10) Amsterdam Halloween Festival


So, you think you’re tough, huh? Why not face the apocalypse at the 15th edition of Amsterdam’s Halloween Festival, where injuries are all you will see? Ghosts and goblins are so last year. This year, trade in your broomstick for fangs and radiation burns! The theme is “Nuclear Survival.” (not kidding!)🤯 It’s time to dress as you have just resurrected from a disaster. If you show up in a cute little witch costume, you’re basically asking to be the first one turned into a glowing green mutant.👽 Let this Halloween be a little too out of the box

📅 October 26th 2024

📍 Amsterdam Events, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

11) Toronto Halloween on Church


What fun are the clubs when the streets turn into a wicked party on Halloween? The Toronto Halloween on Church is the biggest Halloween block party, making the streets go insane.😈 Church Street’s six blocks are transformed into a life-like Halloween experience, and hundreds of people dress up in costumes and grab their precious spots! Around the best Halloween celebrations in Canada, the cafes and bars are open all night long, so don’t worry, you ain’t having fun hungry (or not drunk!)🍻  

Parade Route: Wood Street to Gloucester Street

📅 October 31st 2024

📍 The Village, Toronto, Canada

12) 7th Annual Broadway Halloween Parade


The one and only parade in Denver is the beloved way to celebrate Halloween in a family-friendly way! The 7th Annual Broadway Halloween Parade is here, roaring in the streets with fun and spooky things to do! Watch the spooky floats, marching bands, musicians, and community groups! You can watch the parade along the entire route, and it will be more fun if all of you are also in costume!🧛‍♂️ Kids can also do trick-or-treating! 

Parade Route: The parade runs along Broadway for approximately .9 miles from 5th to Alameda. 

📅 October 31st 2024

📍 600 Broadway, Denver, Colorado, United States

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