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21 Pub Crawl Games Ideas + Challenges And Funny Rules 

Last Updated: March 5, 2024

Last Updated: March 5, 2024

21 Pub Crawl Games Ideas And Funny Rules

A little tipsy group tackling trivia questions and exploring the city streets. Classic Pub Crawl events have attendees’ hearts. 

But what truly sets Pub Crawl apart and makes it to your attendees’ core memories? It’s incredible how memories of those nights out stick with them, even if the details get a little fuzzy over time.

Mingling with strangers roaming around the city drunk is okay. But to keep attendees engaged and make them miss your pub crawl is a different thing.

We have gathered the best engaging games and funny rules to help you make your bar crawl good to awesome. 

So, let’s start with all the amazing pub crawl games. 👇

21. Fun Pub Crawl Games Ideas

pub crawl games ideas

Pub crawl games range from simple trivia quizzes to more complex pub crawl drinking games. Here are the most exciting games for your pub crawl. 🥳

1.  Beer Pong – Two teams toss a ping-pong ball into cups containing beer. Opponents must drink if the cup touches the ball. This is the king of pub crawl drinking games!

2. King’s Cup – Fill a container with alcoholic beverages and draw cards to determine penalties, such as finishing your drink or performing a task.

3. Drinking Jenga – Play Jenga, but each block has a corresponding rule. Remove blocks according to the rules, and violations result in a dare.

4. Flip Cup – Divide into teams, race to finish a drink, and flip the cup onto the table. The first team to complete all cups wins.

5. Never Have I Ever – Participants share secrets based on prompts, and those who have experienced the situation must drink.

6. Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of items or tasks to accomplish at various locations along the pub crawl. Completing these earns points or rewards.

7. Grenade – A game where a designated Sergeant yells “Grenade,” and participants must hit the floor. The last one to do so has to take a shot.

8. Fuzzy Duck – Players say “Fuzzy Duck” and “Duck Fuzzy” around the group. Mistakes lead to drinking pints.

9. Pub Cricket – Gather a large group and split into two teams. Each drink is worth a run. Going to the bathroom means you lose a wicket, and throwing up costs three wickets. Keep score throughout the night and see who wins the pub crawl ashes series the next day.

10. Pub Golf: Set up a 9-hole (or 18-hole) course, with each pub as a hole. Each pub has a different drink. Your score for each hole depends on how many sips it takes to finish the drink. Add up the scores at the end to find out who’s the Rory McIlroy of pub golf in your group.

11. Drunk Dice: Roll the dice and take on the challenges they reveal, adding a fun twist to pub the crawl adventure.

12. Beeropoly: Play a beer-themed version of Monopoly, replacing the properties with different types of beer and drinking challenges.

13. Pub Olympics – Set up a series of mini-games or challenges at each bar, such as beer pong, darts, or a flip-cup tournament. Participants compete individually or in teams, earning points based on their performance in each game.

14. Drink Roulette – Create a wheel with various types of drinks or shots labeled on each section. Spin the wheel at each bar, and whatever drink the spinner lands on, everyone in the group must order and drink.

15. Beer Mile – Participants attempt to run a mile while stopping at designated points to chug a beer. The fastest runner wins, but penalties are given for spilling or not finishing the beer.

16. Pub Trivia – Organize a trivia competition at each bar, with questions ranging from general knowledge to pop culture. Teams compete to see who can answer the most questions correctly, with prizes awarded to the winners.

17. Drinking Charades – Play a game where players act out phrases or words related to drinking or nightlife. The team that correctly guesses the most terms wins.

18. Karaoke Challenge – Take turns singing karaoke at each bar, with participants judged on their performance and enthusiasm. Bonus points for choosing crowd-pleasing songs or engaging the audience.

19. Pub Poker – At each bar, players Play a poker game, betting on drinks instead of money. The winner of each round collects the drinks from the other players.

20. Drink Relay – Divide into teams and compete in a relay race. Participants must carry a drink from one end of the bar to the other without spilling. The first team to complete the relay wins.

21. Themed Bar Crawl – Choose a theme for your pub crawl, such as 80s night or superheroes, and encourage participants to dress up accordingly. Prizes can be awarded for the best costumes or themed drink orders.

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10 Pub Crawl Challenges Ideas

Pub crawl challenges ideas

Looking to make your pub crawl even more fun? Check out this list of Exciting Pub Crawl Challenges! These fun tasks keep you entertained all night, turning each stop into a new adventure.

1. Mixology Challenge – At each bar, participants must create a signature cocktail using ingredients provided by the bartender. Judges or fellow participants vote on the best concoction, and the winner receives a prize.

2. Picture Perfect – Teams compete to take the most creative or hilarious photos at each bar. Challenges may include posing with strangers, imitating famous landmarks, or capturing unique bar decor.

3. Dance-Off – Hold a dance competition at each venue, with participants showing off their best moves to earn points from judges or applause from the crowd. Bonus points for incorporating themed dances or group routines.

4. Mystery Drink Challenge – Blindfolded participants taste mystery drinks and try to guess the ingredients or type of alcohol. Correct guesses earn points, while incorrect guesses result in penalties like taking a shot.

5. Pub Trivia Relay – Instead of a traditional trivia competition, teams race to different bars to answer trivia questions related to each venue’s history, famous patrons, or drink specials. The first team to complete all challenges wins.

6. Pub Crawl Bingo – Create bingo cards with various pub crawl-related tasks or sightings, such as spotting someone wearing a funny hat, ordering a drink with an umbrella, or overhearing a cheesy pickup line. Participants mark off squares as they complete challenges, aiming to get a bingo before the night ends.

7. Costume Contest – Encourage participants to dress up in themed costumes for the pub crawl, with prizes awarded for the most creative, outrageous, or on-theme outfits. Categories could include best group costume, best individual costume, or best homemade costume.

8. Pub Poetry Slam – Hold a poetry competition at each bar, with participants taking turns reciting original or famous poems related to drinking, nightlife, or friendship. Judges or audience applause determines the winner of each round.

9. Live Band Challenge – Challenge participants to form impromptu bands or musical acts and perform at each bar. Points are awarded based on creativity, crowd response, and stage presence.

10. Mix and Match – Participants swap drinks with each other at each bar, trying new beverages and expanding their palate. Bonus points for trying unusual or exotic cocktails.

These pub crawl challenges add variety and excitement to your pub crawl, ensuring attendees have a memorable and engaging experience. Cheers to an epic night out filled with laughter and unforgettable moments! 🍻

8 Funny Pub Crawl Rules

pub crawl funny rules

These funny pub crawl challenges, often quirky and amusing, foster a sense of camaraderie and adventure, making the pub crawl a standout event that strengthens friendships and creates lasting memories. 👫

1. Bad hand pub – From all the funny pub crawl rules, this one starts pretty easy. Everyone has to use their lousy hand to hold their drink. It’s pretty straightforward, but breaking the habit you’re used to can be tricky.

2. No name pub – If you want someone’s attention, you best start waving. You can’t call anyone by their name or nickname in this pub.

3. Accent pub – Exactly what it says on the tin. You must speak in an accent that’s not your own. British and Australian accents are likely to be harmed for this period.

4. Strangers pub – You don’t know each other. No matter the group’s size, you must head in and drink separately. Make friends for all you like, but they can’t be the ones you already have.

5. Your round – Buddy up and let your attendees pick drinks for each other.  

6. No phones – Keep the phones away. You’ll be fine for one drink.

7. Little Leprechaun – Pretend a small figure is floating in a drink. Attendees cannot drink without picking it up first. Breaking this rule means taking a shot.  

8. Make a Rule—Every 30 minutes, one person creates a rule everyone must follow. Breaking the rule results in taking a shot or finishing the drink.

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Quick Wrap Up 

From the classic thrills of Beer Pong and Flip Cup to the hilarious antics of Drunk Dice and Beeropoly, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 🍻

So gather your crew, lace up your drinking shoes, and prepare for a night of unforgettable fun and laughter. Whether rolling the dice in Drunk Dice or navigating the beer-filled streets in Beeropoly, each game promises to add extra excitement to your bar crawl adventure. 🎊

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite game, round up your friends, and let the bar crawl games begin! It’s time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to an epic night out! 

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