Bicester Sound Bath

Bicester Sound Bath

Bicester Sound Bath

Time 07:45 pm to 08:45 pm (GMT+00:00)
Multiple Dates

Fringford Village Hall, The Green, Fringford, Bicester OX27 8DY, United Kingdom, Bicester

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GBP 20 - 400
Bicester Sound Bath | Event in Bicester | Bicester Sound Bath

Bicester Sound Bath

a safe relaxation & healing space for you run by a qualified sound practitioner in Bicester Oxfordshire, the after support is available

Welcome to Our Journey with Sound!

Why to book yourself in?

to deeply and instantly relax

to remove inner blockages that are difficult to identify but you feel them

to support your healing alongside orthodox medicine (fertility issues chronic pain stress-related illnesses IBS ME ED ASD tinnitus mild depression anxiety and arthritis)

to bring people closer in a relaxing atmosphere (de-stressing experience with friends or co-workers)

to try something new / have an outside the box date or family gathering

How does it work? Through the Laws of Physics!

through the vibration resonance and entrainment you are being tuned into the frequency and vibration of health & well-being 

sound bypasses the mind and reaches the deepest aspects so you can't get it wrong

sounds from instrument are infused with the healing intention and work on your system

human body being 70% of water is a great conductor of the sound and that's how we respond to the Sound

every next session brings different experience goes deeper & every session is different

How to have the best experience?

book your ticket well in advance

do bring water yoga matt a pillow & blanket - body temperature varies during the treatment (if you don't have one or it's not convenient for you to bring those - please contact organiser at c291bmRiYXRocyB8IGhvbGlzdGljYXhpcyAhIGNvbQ== and we will prepare a set for you)

don’t stress - it’s a safe space nobody will judge you

turn up on time make sure you travel well in advance

switch your mobile OFF completely (not on silence)

take your shoes off before entering the session room

please keep the space free from chatting until the sharing time 

pick a spot lie down (or sit on a chair) and relax (you can close your eyes and rest or join in meditation)

before session commence everything will be explained to you so don't worry about anything

Drink plenty of water for the next three days after the session and take it easy as your system will be readjusting so you may feel either very energised or quite tired - both are natural reactions

Who is it for? Contraindications? Who runs it?

the session is safe for most people

contraindications: epilepsy strokes internal defibrillators pacemakers recent hip/joint operation

If you are pregnant terminally ill in the final stages of cancer severe mental illness please let the organiser know at c291bmRiYXRocyB8IGhvbGlzdGljYXhpcyAhIGNvbQ== in advance. 

People with ear and balance problems may also be more sensitive to sound variations (Ménière's Disease).

Session is run by Sonia Axis - a qualified sound practitioner CHNC registered holistic therapist & coach a member of UK College of Sound Healing. 


Address: Fringford Village Hall The Green Fringford Bicester OX27 8DY

45 min treatment + 15min sharing and wrap up time

Please bring water with you. It's really helpful after the session. Wear comfortable clothing.

If you have a back problem you may wish to bring an extra blanket or a large pillow. 

Session can be enjoyed either in a horizontal position on a yoga mat or sitting on a chair. 

If you wear hearing aids you can still receive full benefits of the Sound as it works on your system through resonance and vibration and you will still be impacted by it but you need to remove them for the duration of the treatment to avoid feedback.


We open the doors at 7:45pm - please switch off your mobile don't leave it on silent as it may vibrate. Please arrange extra time for travel so you arrive. 

At 7:55 pm we lock the door and no one will be allowed in as it would disturb the experience for others. 

If you are late please do not knock - we can’t let you in once we start and there is no refund available either if you are late or don’t show up.

If you’re not feeling well (coughing sneezing fever cold covid) please do not attend the event and contact the organiser to offer you a slot on a later date; this is to keep us all safe.

If you have any questions please email no later than 4 hrs before the event. 

If you are interested in booking a 1:2:1 or discuss having this type of event delivered for your organisation please email c291bmRiYXRocyB8IGhvbGlzdGljYXhpcyAhIGNvbQ==

More about the organiser:


Tickets for Bicester Sound Bath can be booked here.

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Date & Time

07:45 pm to 08:45 pm (GMT+00:00)
Multiple Dates


Fringford Village Hall, The Green, Fringford, Bicester OX27 8DY, United Kingdom, Bicester

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Holistic Axis Ltd. ✅