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Ticketing Features For Event Organizers

AllEvents is the go-to event ticketing platform for more than 300K event creators.

Here are the features that get them hooked on us.

Using AllEvents as an event ticketing platform and using its features

All Features Needed To Host A Successful Event

  • Event Payment System

    Get instant payments for every ticket you sell. You don't have to wait for your own money.

  • Event Website Builder

    Create your branded event website with AllEvents' no-code website builder.

  • Ticket Scanning App

    A powerful app for scanning event tickets at the venue. PS. It does not go down during rush hours.

  • Reserved Seating Solution

    Create custom seat maps for your event venue. No hassle for you. Just ask us, and it's done.

  • Custom Tickets for Events

    Create tickets for your events. Discount, early bird, you name it, and it's possible.

  • Event Community Builder

    You can build your community and followers with every successful event.

  • Google Event Listing

    Get your event ranked on Google with our free Google Event Listing tool.

  • Social Media Graphics Tool

    Create posters, banners, and more for your social media with this AI-powered designer.

  • Booking Reminders

    Send booking reminders to potential leads and attendees to nudge them to buy tickets.

  • Event Performance Analytics

    See every detail about your event page visitors, leads, and ticket buyers from your dashboard.

  • Custom Registration Form

    Create forms for your event in minutes and collect registrations seamlessly.

  • Event Ticket Delivery

    Send branded e-tickets to your ticket buyers as they complete registration.

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