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Sachiin (Swami Dharam Tirth)

Sachiin (Swami Dharam Tirth)

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Sachiin (Swami Dharam Tirth)
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"Osho Sanyasi & a Meditation Teacher having a journey of 18+ years" Namaste Everyone, The world according to me requires at least 300 enlightened souls for transformation. The essence of my sessions is to bring all seekers to the doorsteps of 'Satori' (a glimpse of enlightenment)'. 'Satori' is the space within, where the gestalt changes further, the participants need to be courageous to transcend. For other fellow travelers who wish to join to be a Meditation Teacher is fine too, we all contribute to the same purpose & towards the same destination. Come to a space within you wherein your superpower & a Buddha become One. Much love, Swami Dharam Tirth

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