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Top Car Shows In May Around The World

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Car Shows in May Around the world

How pleasing is it to see a sleek car rev up right in front of you?🏎️ Ahh, the pleasure of that noise can only be appreciated by people who dream of cars every day! Imagine custom cars, vintage cars, and Mustangs all lined up at the top car shows in May around the world. Yes, it’s true!🥹

The lineup of car shows is insane this May, with Asian and American countries showing their best pieces all in one place! From extravagant villas to small-town park meetups of communities, it’s all there for you. The list is curated, and we are ready!💯 Now it’s your time to be in awe of all the tech beauty in May! 

1) Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este


It’s time to see the posh club of cars at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este (Italian for ‘Competition of Elegance of Villa d’Este’), a luxurious name and an elegant event to attend!🫶 You can find the culmination of Historic and Concept cars at this show, all built between the 1920s and 1970s. The competition takes place annually at  Vilad’Este Hotel, where visitors can admire these cars! Witness the unique parade across the lakeside terrace of the Villa d’Este. And the last day will be an open house, to go on and feel flabbergasted!😧 

Vehicles on Display: Historic and Concept Cars

🗓️ May 24th to May 26th, 2024

📍 Lake Como, Cernobbio, Italy, Porlezza

💸 Starting from € 3,450 to € 10,450

2) West Africa Automotive Show

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The event that makes everyone stop their pace and appreciate the world of technology is the West Africa Automotive Show (WAAS), huddling over 250 exhibitors and 4500 professionals in May 2024! It’s a B2B setup, a socializing hub for suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers!🤝 Explore the newest models from leading international companies to necessary car parts like tires and batteries. People who are not there for business can actually stare endlessly at the cars, participate in seminars, or use all that staring and convert it into buying one of the models💸 you absolutely love! 

Vehicles on Display: Febest, ACMA, Auto World, and more! 

🗓️ May 14th and 16th, 2024

📍Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

💸 Pre-register for Free

3) 4th Annual Dust ’em Off Car Show

Let your car roar by dusting it off and showing it off to the people at the 4th Annual Dust’em Off Car Show this May! It is one of the largest spring car shows in the area; 1200 cars come every year, and the numbers keep on growing! The fellowship of car owners is stronger than any bond (ANY!) because vibing on vehicles is a wholesome feeling!🫂 Participants will receive a goodie bag at the entrance,🛍️ and if you wish to be eligible for prizes, pre-register!! It’s not a competition; it’s just sportsmanship. You can also witness Swap Meet, an opportunity for fans to pick up spare parts and unique items.

🗓️ May 19th, 2024

📍Dort Financial Center, Flint, Michigan, United States

💸 Starting from $8 to $10

4) The 21st Wenzhou (Spring) International Automobile Exhibition

Sleekly sliding into the month of May and stealing the thunder, the 21st Wenzhou International Automobile Exhibition is here! Being one of the top car shows in May around the world, it unveils the future🔮 and blesses the eyes of the audience with sleek models! You will find international and Chinese car brands and have interactive experiences by taking them on a drive!🏎️ You will find activities for everyone and experience a magnificent car show! 

Vehicles on Display: Tesla, NIO, future, Karry New Energy, Red Flag, Ferrari, BYD, FAW Premium, WEY, Southeast Automobile, Chery, Brilliance China, Buick, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Subaru, Toyota and many many more! 

🗓️ May 1st and 4th, 2024

📍Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, Wenzhou, China

5) 18th BASF Nashville Nationals

Rev up your engines and head to Nashville Superspeedway. Before you ask us why? We want to tell you it is time for the 18th BASF Nashville Na10) 7th Dhaka Auto Parts Show tionals!🤩 The lineup of over 2500 vintage hot rods, muscle cars, and classics will leave you shocked! Let the adrenaline hype you up with the AutoCross series and the “Music City Mayhem”🎙️ shootout. Shop at swap meet, groove to live music, and see who snags the prestigious awards, including the 2024 Hot Rod of the Year. The automotive culture thrives here, and you can witness it! 

🗓️ May 17th and 19th, 2024

📍Nashville Superspeedway, Gladeville, United States

💸 Starting from $10 to $28

6) Low-Class Texas SA Car Show

The world works on aesthetics, and so does the Low-Class Texas SA Car Show work on aesthetics! These custom cars are an impeccable way to attract people and leave them in awe!😦 Prepare for unique builds that defy classification, as this event embraces originality. The Low-Class culture is mostly focused on the owners’ distinctive and customized touches on their cars. There will be aerodynamic kits, flashy paint jobs, slammed suspensions, and advanced sound systems.🎛️ 

Vehicles on Display: Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Chargers, Ford Mustangs, classic trucks, Honda Civics, Toyota Supras, Nissan 350Zs, Subaru WRX STIs, etc. 

🗓️ May 14th and 16th, 2024

📍Freeman Exposition Hall, San Antonio, United States

💸 Starting from $5 to $85

7) Spring Auto Show

Want to show off your cars? Well, there is a perfect show for you at Saratoga State Park! The Annual Spring Auto Show is that happy, cheerful show that makes you feel at home and a part of a community. Drive up your vintage, classic, and sleek models to the park🌲; no matter how or which it is, at last, car enthusiasts appreciate it all. Have a great time having conversations, letting in all the cars in your heart❤️‍🩹, and music to keep you company! 

🗓️ May 11th, 2024

📍Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs, United States

💸 Starting from $10 to $28

8) 7th Dhaka Auto Parts Show 

Explore every part of the marvelous cars and buy them at the 7th Dhaka Auto Parts Show in Bangladesh! The three-day show is a heaven for top-notch car parts🧑‍🔧, accessories, and lubricants! Hosted by the world-renowned CEMS-Global USA, this premier event has driven itself to the forefront as Bangladesh’s most significant international motor parts exhibition. Find whatever your car needs to be upgraded and ride smoothly at this car show in May!🚗 

🗓️ May 23rd and 25th, 2024

📍Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

9) NWTC Auto Club Car Show

A promise of excellent vehicles, delicious feasts, groovy music, and a fun time is promised at the NWTC Auto Club Car Show. The Northeast Wisconsin Technical College unites the car crazies and their cars that will leave you jaw-dropped! More than 800 cars and motorcycles🏍️ are featured for everyone to roam, ogle, and be in awe of every classic car’s beauty🤩 and the subtlety that the new model design embodies! Goosebumps are guaranteed here at the Green Bay Campus, one of the top car shows in May around the world! 

🗓️ May 5th, 2024

📍Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States

💸 Starting from $8 to $10

10) Slammedenuff Ohio Car Show

Whether it’s a classic Mustang or a Camaro, you may bring your cars to get a JDM appearance from Slammedenuff, a group of car modders that celebrate the beauty of automobiles.🤓 The great news is that the Slammedenuff Ohio Car Show will be conducted for TWO days this year, with an entirely new set of car shows on each day! A true heaven for enthusiasts, or let’s, lovers of cars,💙 it is an amazing opportunity to meet people who share the same love and be friends!   e a swim in the sea of slammed perfection this May!

🗓️ May 4th and 5th, 2024

📍Ohio Expo Center – Lausche Building, Youth Center, Columbus, United States

💸 Starting from $30 to $50

See You There! 

So, that’s a wrap on our whirlwind tour of the hottest car shows happening around the world this May! From vintage beauties to futuristic marvels🗝️, there’s something for every gearhead out there. 

These shows aren’t just about cars; they’re about the feeling you get when the wind whips through your hair🍃 as you cruise down a highway or the excitement of seeing a cutting-edge concept car that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.🤖 They’re about the memories you make with friends and family, sharing your love for technology with them! 

Are you excited to visit more such upcoming car shows around the USA? For your convenience, we are attaching the link below to the best car shows in the USA so you don’t miss out!

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