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Event technology Trends that make work easy

Last Updated: January 11, 2023

Last Updated: January 11, 2023

Event Technology Trends to help you do more in less time

Event technology trends are the latest technologies and tools used to enhance the attendee experience and make event planning and management easier.

When it comes to the event planning and management industry, technology is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, event professionals must keep up with the latest trends and tools to run events smoothly.

Here is a list of Event Technologies that will make your event stand out:

From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, many innovative technologies can be used to create unforgettable events. Here are the top 8 event technology trends that you should watch out for in 2023. 

Top Event Technology Trends in ticketing

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1. Digital event invitation

Digital events invitation allows organizers to create customized invitations from templates that can be sent electronically via email, social media, or even text message. 

With digital invitations, organizers can quickly and easily invite guests, track responses, and manage RSVPs. 

Digital event invitations are also an effective way to reach a larger audience, as the invitations can be easily shared. This trend is sure to continue growing in popularity as more people become comfortable with using digital tools for event planning.

2. QR codes for selling tickets and contactless check-in

QR codes are a widely adapted event technology. It allows event organizers to set up and manage check-in processes quickly and securely easily.

It will help you to shorten the queue for check-in.

Contactless check-in technology also provides event organizers with real-time data on attendance, visitor flow, and more. This allows them to make data-driven decisions that improve the overall experience for their attendees.

3. Digital payments 

Quick – Safe – Easy

When it comes to an easy check-out experience, digital payments are the best call. They are safe and secure and can be used to process payments quickly and easily.

You can set up your Event ticketing with PayPal or Stripe and start selling tickets in 5 minutes or less.

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Event Technology Trends in Virtual and augmented reality

4. Live translation 

Live translation technology allows audiences to access the content regardless of their language. With multi-language support, individuals can switch between languages in real-time. This allows them to engage with a global audience. 

This technology also allows for more efficient communication between speakers and attendees, eliminating language barriers and increasing engagement. 

Live translation technology is also being used to facilitate virtual events, allowing for a wider reach and more audience participation.

5. Holographic projections 

Holographic has been one of the top event technology trends since 2020. Holographic projections offer a unique way to engage and amaze event attendees.

They can help make a presentation more memorable and exciting, add a wow factor to events, and create a lasting impression. 

Holographic projections can be used in various settings, such as concerts, conferences, product launches, etc. The technology can be used to create 3D images, animations, and interactive experiences that bring events to life.

6.  Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

More and more event planners are leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create unique experiences. These technologies can be used to create interactive experiences, enhance product demos, create virtual tours, and more.

Statista estimated that by 2027, both AR and VR are expected to have surpassed 100 million users worldwide! 

Event Technology Trend in Virtual events

Event technology trends in social media to boost engagement

Here comes the always trendy giant, social media. For events, social media holds infinite potential, and you can leverage it with the help of the technology it offers. Here’s how.

7. Live video streaming

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular for events, especially for those with a wide audience. It allows attendees to follow the event from wherever they are, even if they can’t attend in person. 

There are a lot of platforms and apps that support live streaming. One of the best options is old-school YouTube.

8. Digital photo booth 

A digital photo booth is a great way to add an interactive, modern touch to any event. With a digital photo booth, guests can take pictures and videos of themselves with customized props and backgrounds. 

The photos can then be instantly shared on social media, giving your event added visibility and reach. Digital photo booths are also a great way to capture memories from your event. 

Digital photo booths are an easy and fun way to add a bit of technology to your event and create lasting memories for your guests.


Event technology trends are ever-evolving, and innovations are continually emerging! Due to this, event organizers now have access to many different tools and technologies to create a more effective and enjoyable event experience for attendees.

With the right event technology, organizers can make their events more engaging and interactive. Overall, event technology trends will remain a crucial part of the event planning and execution process. There are many exciting potential developments in event technology, and these technologies can be used to create more engaging and personalized events.

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