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Top 10+ Cvent Alternatives & Competitors: Detailed Reviews, Features & Pricing

Last Updated: August 6, 2023

Last Updated: August 6, 2023

11 Best Cvent Alternatives

Cvent has become a well-known name in the events industry, providing a platform for event organizers to manage everything from ticket sales to attendee management. However, it’s essential to recognize that plenty of other Cvent Alternatives offer similar services at a more favorable price.

This article seeks to simplify the process by highlighting some of the Top Cvent Alternatives. These platforms have been chosen based on their features, pricing, and user-friendliness, making finding the best option for your event easier. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, these alternatives are worth looking into for your upcoming event and will arm you with the tools you need to make it a success.

List of Top Cvent Alternatives 2023

AllEvents $1 fee4.5Ticketing
Social Media Promotion
Lead generation and retrieval
Eventzilla2.9% + $1.54.4Registration Management
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Reporting
WhovaCustom pricing4.8Event Scheduling
Registration Management
Social Promotion
 Hopin15% ticket commission4.5Attendee networking
Event Marketing
Webcasting Integrations
Yapsody2.4% + $0.99 per ticket4.7Ticket Reservations
Customer Data Management
Ticket Tailor$0.26 per ticket4.7Attendee Tracking
Email Marketing
TicketSpice99¢ fee per ticket + card processing of 2.99%4.8Payment Processing
Promotions Management
Ticketleap$1 + 2% of the ticket price3.9Social Promotion
Registration Management
Webex EventContact for pricing4.5Email Marketing
Event Scheduling
Attendee Management
SplashMust Contact Splash for pricing4.5Event website creation
API / integrations
Multiple event management
BizzaboCustom pricing4.4Barcode/Ticket Scanning
Website Management

This table was updated in August 2023.

1. AllEvents

Cvent Alternnative AllEvents

All features by Cvent? ☑️ | Free Cvent Alternative? ☑️ | Easy to use? ☑️

AllEvents is an event ticketing and management platform that simplifies all the tedious work with a few clicks. It streamlines the process of listing events, managing registrations, and selling tickets online. With our comprehensive solution, you can easily handle all aspects of your event in one convenient location. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple tools and platforms.

“A lot of features in AllEvents.
No other website has same features compared to this one.”

— Ulrich Kern, Business Coach

2. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is a cheaper alternative to Cvent! If you haven’t heard of it, Eventzilla is an event management software that helps you sell tickets to your events and manage your event page. It’s a great option for small businesses looking to grow their reach and offer ticketing events like webinars or workshops because you can create an event page in minutes (no coding required!), and there are no setup fees.

Plus, it’s totally free for ticketless events, which means you can still use the platform’s features, like tracking attendees and sending them emails about the event—all for free!

3. Whova

Whova is becoming increasingly popular among event planners as a substitute for Cvent due to its wide range of features. It provides all the resources you need to make your event a success, whether it be virtual, hybrid, or on-site. Whova allows you to manage and execute your events with ease, including attendee check-in and engagement.

4. Hopin

Hopin is an online events platform that enables people to host and attend events, conferences, and meetings virtually. It offers users the ability to create personalized events with interactive capabilities, including live streaming, video calls, surveys, and more.

This platform provides a comprehensive virtual conference experience with stages, networking, round tables, sponsors, tickets, analytics, and more—all free of charge and accessible online.

5. Yapsody

Yapsody offers a comprehensive set of services to hospitality businesses such as casinos and independent promoters to make the most out of live entertainment and event ticketing. Every year, Yapsody organizes hundreds of major concerts, featuring a straightforward, web-based ticketing system that provides cutting-edge ticketing and registration services to thousands of event coordinators across the globe. This technology can be used to sell tickets for concerts, meetings, sports matches, theatrical shows, charity drives, and more.

6. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an excellent choice for selling tickets on the web. It is easy to begin using it, so you can start selling tickets promptly. It can be used for any type of event – you can handle multiple events and oversee ticket allocations. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of handling customers’ orders and payments.

You can quickly review sales figures and export the information. Event organizers can also gain useful insights and be informed about the progress of the event.

7. TicketSpice

TicketSpice is a cutting-edge event platform that promises to make event ticketing easy and safe. It enables you to quickly establish your event, begin selling tickets online, and monitor attendance.

The platform provides numerous functions to help you maximize attendance and streamline ticket management. Thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly interface, you can have your event ready and tickets sold in no time.

8. Ticketleap

Ticketleap is a web-based service that offers a full range of event-ticketing solutions. A central administrator dashboard allows users at different levels of access to create and promote their events online with user-friendly tools. Customizable templates enable users to customize the look and feel of their event pages, with the ability to adjust colors and add logos and backgrounds that reflect their branding. Furthermore, Ticketleap takes care of the entire event promotion and payment process, as well as check-in.

9. Webex Event

Webex Events (earlier known as Socio) offers a platform for managing and delivering event experiences. It includes features for registration and ticketing, setting up agendas, and streaming live, as well as interactive elements like games, polls, and chat. In addition, it has capabilities for onsite check-in, badge printing, lead retrieval, and live display for in-person events.

10. Splash

Splash is an event management platform that facilitates the organization, advertising, and oversight of events. It allows customers to construct unique and engaging experiences, in addition to collecting and analyzing data to optimize subsequent processes and reports. This platform strives to assist event managers in improving lead generation, shortening the sales cycle, expanding their customer base, and fostering customer loyalty.

11. Bizzabo

Bizzabo provides services to facilitate events that are in-person, virtual, and hybrid. Their platform enables organizers to effectively manage their events, interact with attendees, cultivate communities, and maximize results while protecting the privacy of their attendees. Companies of all sizes have leveraged Bizzabo’s technology to create successful events, from major enterprises and financial institutions to creative agencies and fast-growing tech companies.

Why consider Alternatives to Cvent?

Due to the availability of Cvent Alternatives that offer more features and are cheaper, people are transitioning away from using Cvent as their event platform.

Let’s take a look at how other companies size up to the well-established Cvent. We have outlined their features and done a comparison to make it easier to understand. You can assess all of Cvent’s competitors and decide which one is right for you.

A Wrap-Up on Top Cvent Alternatives

After comparing the leading contenders of Cvent, if you still cannot decide, go with AllEvents and forget about the difficulty. Our services are relied on by millions of event seekers!

2023 Cvent Alterantives FAQs

Why should I consider alternatives to Cvent?

If you want a cost-effective platform and do not want to go through any learning curve of the platform, you should consider Cvent alternatives.

What’s special about AllEvents as a Cvent alternative?

AllEvents offers an array of features like event listing optimization, instant payouts, event promotion, automated follow-ups, and human support. It’s cost-effective and offers unparalleled event visibility.

What’s the major drawback of using Cvent as compared to its alternatives?

Cvent may be costly for some types of events and less user-friendly. Plus, the learning curve of Cvent is tiering for event organizers.

What are the top Cvent alternatives?

Some top Cvent Alternatives include AllEvents, Whova, Ticket Tailor, and Bizzabo

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