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Best Fourth Of July Parades in the USA 2024

Last Updated: May 17, 2024

Last Updated: May 17, 2024

The 4th of July beckons with its promise of parades, patriotism, and public celebrations as the stars and stripes unfold across the nation. Americans are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day with various amazing parades and festivals that reflect the country’s spirit.🤩 We are here to walk you through the best Fourth of July parades in the United States.

New York shines its extra ✨sparkle✨on the century-old parade, and small towns carry on the historic charm and rituals that Fourth of July Celebrations in the USA embody! See where vibrant entertainment, community pride, and powerful homages to freedom collide in a flash of red, white, and blue!

1) Arlington Independence Day Parade

One of the largest Fourth of July parades in the USA and the largest in Texas is the longest-running annual event in Arlington! The Arlington Independence Day Parade 2024 is the most anticipated event of the year, where the community gathers up to celebrate the 4th of July and feel the freedom within themselves!😌 Following the same route will be the Arlington Independence Day Parade Firecracker 5K, which finishes right when you can grab the best seat for the parade!

  • Theme: Home Run for Heroes
  • Parade Schedule: The parade kicks off at 9 AM with the National Anthem, and the parade sets on streets at the Intersection of West St. and Mitchell St.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 140 W Mitchell St, Arlington, United States

2) National Independence Day Parade


Attended by hundreds of thousands of people, the National Independence Day Parade 2024 in Washington is a spectacle of the year! Participants feature invited bands, drum and fife corps, floats, military🪖 and specialized units, gigantic balloons, VIPs, and celebrities every year! The parade will be streamed live on the National Independence Day Parade’s Facebook page if you cannot reach the street. 

  • Parade Route: The parade route is one mile long, starting at the corner of Constitution Ave NW and 7th St NW and ending at Constitution Ave NW and 17th St NW.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Constitution Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

3) 114th Annual Travis 4th of July Parade

Did you think New York would hold itself back from the list of the greatest celebrations of all time this 4th of July parade?🤷 The 114th Annual Travis 4th of July Parade is one of the longest continuous parades in the nation! Before the parade begins, there will be a ceremony at Independence Park. Pick a good spot to witness the walk of freedom and pride🚶 in the footsteps of the parade and the extravagant celebration of the Fourth of July 2024

  • Parade Route: The triangular-shaped parade route departing from Showplace Center is West on Victory Boulevard to Glen Street to Cannon Avenue, South on Victory Boulevard back to 141 East Service Road. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 141 E Service Rd, Staten Island, New York, United States 

4) Sonoma’s Hometown 4th of July Parade

Stealing the title of the eighth best 4th of July celebration by Travel+Leisure magazine, Sonoma’s Hometown 4th of July Parade 2024 is the ideal mixture of pride, patriotism, and entertainment! There will be amazing food, drinks, game booths, and an excellent parade attracting hundreds of people! All proceeds will be donated to Sonoma’s nonprofit community for their welfare!💯 

  • Theme: 50 Years of Magic: Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters to Illuminate the Night Sky in a Golden Anniversary Fireworks Extravaganza
  • Parade Route: The Parade begins at 10 am winding its way around the town’s historic Plaza with around 60 entries.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Sonoma Plaza, Sonoma, United States

5) 127th Riverton 4th of July Children’s Parade

Kids taking over the streets of Riverton come together for the 127th Riverton 4th of July Children’s Parade 2024! There’s no registration required for participation; just reach the riverbank, where volunteers will guide you to the lineup location!📌 Following the cute and adorable parade of pride of kids, Park Games will be where the best floats will get $100 and an award!🏅 It’s the most adorable 4th of July parade in the USA! 

  • Parade Route: The parade begins at the Riverton Yacht Club and travels up Main Street, ending at Riverton Memorial Park. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Riverton Yacht Club, Riverton, United States

6) 4th on 53rd Parade and Festival 

Chicago never backs out from arranging the most extravagant parades ever! One such Fourth of July celebration is the 4th on the 53rd Parade and Festival 2024 in Chicago! The local tradition is the lifeblood of the streets of the Windy City every July, and it is absolutely free to attend!💸 The parade features marching bands, floats, community groups, and kids on decorated bikes. Talking about Chicago’s 4th of July 2024 festival has everything from performances, games, and magicians🧙 to face paintings and a petting zoo! 

  • Parade Route: Parade participants gather and prepare to march at 11 AM from west on 53rd Street to Nichols Park for the Picnic & Festival.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 4th on 53rd Parade Staging Grounds, Chicago, United States

7) Boston 4th of July Parade 

Boston has a tradition going on for years that unites the community on Independence Day! The Boston 4th of July Parade 2024 celebrates freedom and features marching bands🥁, floats, military units, and other participants, making the parade charming! Fourth of July 2024 is a full package with live music performances, family-friendly entertainment, and (of course!) fireworks🎆 that pump up the adrenaline in people! Hundreds and thousands of people bring their spirit of patriotism to the parade every year!

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Boston City Hall, Boston, United States

8) Evanston’s 4th of July Parade & Celebrations

After completing its 100th year, the 4th of July Parade is now back with a bang with the 101st Annual Evanston’s 4th of July Parade & Celebrations 2024! Start your day with family-friendly games😄 and events at 9 AM, then a Kids’ Fun Run at noon, followed by a parade that will leave you with pride in your hearts! Tune in for a live music concert🎶 in the evening at  Arrington Lakefront Lagoon at Dawes Park and the 4th of July fireworks that light up the sky! 

  • Parade Route: The Parade begins at 2 PM on East Central Street, running from Central Park Avenue to Ashland Avenue. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Downtown Evanston, Davis Street, Evanston, United States

9) Lakeway 4th of July Parade

To celebrate America’s independence and freedom and showcase the city’s rich culture and heritage, Lakeway 4th of July Parade 2024 is organized every year! The whole community comes together joyously to march, scream, and enjoy the country’s freedom and make every moment worthwhile!😍 Participants are invited to express their creative side and asked to dress or impersonate what freedom looks or means for them! It is the most anticipated 4th of July celebration in Lakeway!

  • Theme: Symbols of Freedom
  • Parade Route: The Parade begins at 8:30 on Lakeway Drive from Live Oak Golf Course to the Activity Center. At 9:30 AM, head to the Hot Dog Reception at the Lakeway Activity Center. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Lakeway Drive, Lakeway, United States

10) Annual Sertoma Independence Day Parade

As the years pass, the Annual Sertoma Independence Day Parade 2024 keeps getting bigger and better than ever! The community spirits are on cloud nine, with happiness tripped as everyone sees giant helium and cold air inflatables!🎈 Streets (and the faces of kids) are painted red, white, and blue, and crowds are waving American flags! This 4th of July parade will make your heart swell with pride and patriotism🪖, and the parade will prickle you with joy! To ensure you don’t miss a moment of this spectacular event, arrive early to beat the heat and secure the best seats! Head to Old Settlers Park for post-parade celebrations.

  • Parade Route: The parade starts at 8:30 and takes place along the 1.5-mile route along Mays Street between Mays Crossing and Highway 79. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Downtown Round Rock, Mays Street, United States

11) Burien 101st Annual Independence Day Parade

More than a century-old ritual, the Burien 101st Annual Independence Day Parade 2024, keeps coming back with a little extra spark annually! In Burien’s 4th of July celebrations, the streets are turned in the colors of the American Flag. It is Burien’s largest parade, and thousands of people attend the parade and celebrations! It becomes an event where the community reunites!🫂 You can also participate in the parade, but only 100 entries will be allowed, so book yourself as fast as possible! 

  • Parade Route: The parade starts promptly at 10:00 AM and runs for approximately two hours.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Riverton Yacht Club, Riverton, United States

12) Marietta’s Fourth of July Annual Parade

Wrapping up all the best parts of the Fourth of July celebrations, Marietta’s Fourth of July Annual Parade 2024 is here just like every year! It features live concerts, an arts and crafts show🎨, a food carnival, games, and the final blast of fireworks! There are around 2000 participants yearly, and more than 30,000 spectators love to watch Atlanta’s 4th of July parade and celebrations! 

  • Parade Route: Commencing at 10 a.m., the one-and-a-half-mile parade starts at the Roswell Street Baptist Church and proceeds westward along Roswell Street. It then heads north on East Park Square and Cherokee Street until stopping at North Marietta Parkway.

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Downtown Atlanta, Atlanta, United States

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