Google Event Listing

Get your event rank on top of Google with the free event listing tool.

Google event listing with allevents

How to list your event on Google?

This video will walk you through the process to get your event showcased on Google searches 

Process to list your Event on Google

Here are three simple steps you need to follow for making your event show up on Google.

  • Step 1. add event details
    1. Add Event Details
  • Step 2. submit event
    2. Submit Event
  • Hurray event is submisted for google listing
    3. Enjoy event listing

Benefits of Listing Events on Google

Here are the key benefits you will get from listing your events on Google.

More Visibility

Your events will be visible to people searching for events on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Event Discovery

Your event will be showcased on the world's largest event discovery platform along with Google events.

Increased Ticket Sales

People will be able to buy tickets directly from Google. Now, you don't have to redirect to other pages and fear a drop in traffic.

How Google Event Listing Works

  • 1

    Event Data Collection

    After you submit your event, we collect your event data like event title, description, logo, etc, and send it to Step-2 of Google event listing.

    Event data collection
  • 2

    Data Validation as per Google's Guidelines

    We create structured data by following Google's guidelines, which makes it easier for Google to pick up your event data and show it on Google searches.

    Data validation
  • 3

    Your Event on Google

    The system will create a page for your event so that Google and visitors can refer to it and purchase your tickets.

    Event on google
  • 4

    Track Event Analytics

    You can track real-time traffic, ticket sales analytics, and more from your event dashboard.

    Event analytics

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Quick FAQs to list events on Google