Aren’t you just tired of being within the four walls of your house as our brave heroes who are constantly there to help save humanity, fight with the great pandemic COVID-19? Well do not worry, we will constantly bring you different virtual events that will make your time a little less difficult and more enjoyable. The question of what to do this weekend is solved right here, read on to find what’s in store for you!

Here are the virtual events you can participate to have little fun:


1. CREDLive presents ‘Lockdown Love’

CRED has partnered with Kommune to release a virtual play “Lockdown Love”.  The story has been adapted from Jonathan Rand’s ‘Check Please’ and it is a (very) modern-day take on arranged romance-in the time of a pandemic. Like any other play, this would feature multiple actors character switches costume changes and different scenes however all this would be presented to the audiences through videoconferencing. Featuring a stellar line up of artists including Shriya Pilgaonkar Priyanshu Painyuli Tanmay Dhanania Ashwin Mushran Kira Narayanan and Sheena Khalid this is a first of its kind experience for CRED members that can be watched from the comforts of their home.

This event will be streaming live on 8th May.


2. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Nature-based Art and Craft Workshop (For children, ages 4-7)

Inspired by Michael Rosen’s book, “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, this workshop is filled with fun and exploration of the beauty of nature through art and craft; based indoors and outdoors. It also includes a scavenger hunt! Conducted by Vanessa Anthony. Vanessa is a contemporary visual artist and has exhibited her work in the UK and India. She has been teaching academic and non-academic art for six years.

This event will be streaming live on 8th May.


3. Mother’s Day Mindfulness Gift Experience

Give the gift of brain health, longevity and healthy aging, and mind-body wellness. Mindfulness is a way to build resilience and nurture emotions. This Mindfulness Experience will support health “from the neck up” through learning to be present at the moment and adopting a mindful mindset in everyday life, all known to contribute to overall brain health. Each session provides a takeaway exercise to practice and cultivate a personal mindfulness lifestyle. Practices emphasize Everyday Mindfulness exercises that are practical and easy to implement in everyday life. A Brain Space Everyday Mindfulness Workbook provides supportive materials and exercises to reference. Sessions offer support and accountability on the path of building a mindfulness practice

This event will be streaming live from 8th-16th May.


4. Meditation for Beginners – Simplified

Meditation simply means you are at ease. So in a way, it’s opposite to disease. If you look closely it teaches you how to stay in balance and not get excited or agitated by your thoughts and others’ action. It builds stillness and that in turn provides peace. At this stressful times, you need peace of mind to survive and get out healthy and start your normal life so to find your inner peace indulge in this event. 

This event will be streaming live on 9th May.


5. Online DJ Battle: K-Pop Vs Bhangra Vs Afrobeats

Using the interactive site, you can tap on the DJ you want to listen to. If you like what he/she is playing and doing, give them a thumbs up. You’ll be able to see all 3 DJs and who’s liking them. This allows you not to miss out when one of the DJs is killing it. Love a DJ? Make him/her your favorite and at the end of their performance will win a prize. No matter which DJ wins, you will definitely have a blast and enjoy your Sunday evening in lockdown. 

This event will be streaming live on 9th May.


Also, why just learn when you can share your skills or make others learn?

This weekend do something that you never had the courage to do. If you think you are really really good at something, share your knowledge with the world. Good at creative art? Hold an art and craft class to help people bring out the creativity. Know how to make the best dishes of specific cuisines, host a cooking class online and share your expertise. Cooking, art or any subject, if you feel you can do it well; do it. Do it and share it with every one, take your hobby, passion or knowledge to another level. We at encourage and want that people share their talent with others and be a catalyst in making someone’s life happening.

If you think you have got this then organize and host events online with for free and hold your very first class online.

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