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Interesting Things to Do on the Fourth Of July in Boston

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

America loves celebrating every festival, but when it comes to the Fourth of July, it crosses all heights and borders to celebrate its Independence Day!🥳 Best things to do on the Fourth of July in Boston brings parades, annual runs, and, of course, fireworks that give an explosive end to this day!🎆 

As July begins, every kind of event explores and understands the beauty of America’s freedom and tales of victory!✌️The anticipation of the 4th of July fills everyone with adrenaline and when the day is here, the streets are painted with the flag of America! But if you are reading this, I already scoured through to find you the best events in Boston on the 4th of July, so you don’t have to put effort anywhere except slaying💁‍♀️ the way through the day!  

1) 42nd Boston Harborfest 2024

Boston celebrates the Fourth of July at least three days before because the excitement cannot be contained by the people!🤩 Boston has loved celebrating Independence Day week at the best landmarks for more than 40 years. The 42nd Boston Harborfest is the country’s largest celebration of the Fourth of July. 

These four days include historical reenactments, Freedom Trail walks, boat tours⛴️, and live entertainment, but the one thing that’s obvious is Fireworks! All the musical, melodic, and live performances are free of cost!💸There will also be a waterfront concert and an artist market for you to shop at! Finally, the showdown will be at Boston’s Long Wharf, where fireworks will be launched, leaving everyone staring at the sky🌃 for a long time! 

🗓️July 1st to 4th, 2024

📍Boston Harborfest

2) Boston 4th of July Parade 2024

Never miss a traditional event on the 4th of July in Boston! One such oldest and most popular Independence Day tradition is Boston’s 4th of July Parade in the United States.🙌 This full-fledged parade with floats, marching bands, and military units is going to be a grand gesture to celebrate Independence Day!💫 There will be live music to keep you grooving, family-friendly activities to keep you entertained, and a fireworks display to fill you up with thrills and adrenaline! 

It will sparkle up your most anticipated day of the year. Hundreds and thousands of spectators and participants from in and around the United States will gather in Boston to witness the tradition going on for years! 

🗓️July 4th, 2024

📍Boston City Hall

3) Boston Fireworks & Pops Concert 2024


Shush, I have something for you! There’s music, lights, and the sound of victory all merged into one at the Boston Fireworks & Pops Concert🎛️ this 4th of July! More than a million spectators gather at the banks of the Charles River. The amazing lineup of concerts begins at 8 PM, and it is going to be extraordinary, with so many artists making you dance that you will trip on it!💃

The concert is followed by a fireworks show (obviously🤷) because if it’s the Fourth of July, not a single event goes without making the sky colorful. Want to know the best part of this? All elements of entertainment are for FREE!🙀 

🗓️July 4th, 2024

📍Hatch Memorial Shell

4) Bristol’s Fourth of July Parade 2024

Do you really think there will be only one parade on the Fourth of July?🤨 I mean, of course not! One is never enough! The color guards, fire trucks, bands, and floats give Bristol’s Fourth of July Parade flair, but the people give it their cheerful appreciation! One of the longest-running parades of the state gets its popularity from Linden Place Mansion, where the annual Fourth of July Parade Picnic🧺 has been a tradition for over 30 years!

You can enjoy the parade as well as the picnic with an amazing setup, continental breakfast🍞, and garden all around you. Let yourself dissolve in Bristol’s festive atmosphere!  

🗓️July 4th, 2024

📍Boston City Hall

5) Firecracker 5K Road Race

Use your energy and enthusiasm on the Fourth of July at the Fourth Annual Firecracker 5K Road Race, a family-friendly race!🏁 Such a jolly celebration of community and country is not just amazing but a healthy way to recognize the feeling of pride! 

What is the motivation if it isn’t a competition, right? The top three finishers will receive gift certificates and prizes;🎁 every participant will receive medals. Water stops will be available so you don’t get dehydrated, and T-shirts will be available👕 to everyone who participates. Enjoy live music at the finish line and celebrate your run! 

🗓️July 4th, 2024

📍142 Middlesex Ave

That’s a Wrap!

I know that at least one event made you feel “let’s go here!!” because it is literally irresistible to sit in one place on the Fourth of July. It is the liveliest day, and it is full of pride for America, especially Boston! 

If you want to explore more exciting and fun Fourth of July events and celebrations, click on the link below. 

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