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Exciting Things to Do in Toronto this Weekend: April 19 to 21, 2024

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

The warmer months of spring in Toronto are like oxygen for people! The spring season brings a cozy and fun array of events, each weekend a satisfying sigh away.😌 To be accurate, there will be no lack of adventure, fun, and serenity around the city with your loved ones. 

The city is a cozy heaven, with celebrations and annual events continuing as routine in Hogtown! Don’t break a sweat trying to keep track of the exciting events this weekend in Toronto—we’ve got you covered with the best ones! We have lined up plenty of extravaganza for Sikh Heritage Month👳‍♀️ and environmental events for Earth Day🌍 for you to enjoy the longer days, warmth, and happiness that spring brings with it! The list of exciting things to do in Toronto this weekend starts right here!

Experience that adrenaline rush at comedy shows or go crazy at concerts: it’s your choice! Embrace the lovely folk art or soak your emotions in music events; either way, your weekend will not pass without millions of memories! 

Laughter Knows No Limits! 

A good comedy show in Toronto can always make you laugh out loud. Laughing is a remedy at the end of a tiring week! Enjoy the roller-coaster journey of emotions with your friends at these shows.😁 Book your seats at comedy shows in Toronto now to give an epic end to your weekend! 

1) Spice Up Your Life Comedy Tour 

Date: April 19, 2024  

Venue: Backroom Comedy Club

When three people from different countries come together to make a killer trio and triple the laughs,😃 the show is definitely going to be Spicy! With a fusion of all the nuances, stories, and hilarious anecdotes from India, Korea, and Jamaica😝, the show is going to leave you laughing on the floor! When these languages mix, they all create the universal language of up-roaring laughter! 

2) It Hurts When I Laugh Comedy Show

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: SoCap Comedy

I swear these three comedians will make sure the name of the show is how you end up by the end of the show. Angela Maiorano-Thurston, Luke Lynndale, and Leny Corrado are here at SoCap to make you laugh until all your body hurts🤣 (and yet you laugh harder the very next second)! It will end up being the best part of your weekend, and you surely would love to share it with your friends🧑‍🤝‍🧑 because it is obvious you all share the same sense of humor! 

Gujarati Rang – Folk Concert – Nick Pandya

Once you get hooked on Gujarati folk songs,🎶 it is impossible to go back! They mesmerize you to your core and take you into a divine and peaceful trance! You are getting that chance to experience the vibrancy of Gujarat in Toronto with Gujarati Rang—A Folk Concert

An intimate night and a beautiful venue will transport you to the villages of Gujarat!😌 You will feel at home while being away from it. I will not ruin many things because a lot of surprises await you!  

Show Your Love for the Planet on Earth Day

Earth Day is observed every year on the 22nd of April. It reminds us how important it is to love and let the planet breathe better! Earth Day events in Toronto are a reminder to get back out there and do good!   

1) Earth Day Community Clean-Up and Celebration

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: 1 Cherry St

Warriors of Earth Day, unite! Join Impact Kitchen Community and Unbounded for a double helping of environmental love! They’re cleaning up the community at Toronto’s Cherry Beach🏖️ to celebrate Earth Day. Envision a scene with sunlight, clean air, and the fulfillment that comes from truly changing the world.😌 In addition, there’s an optional cold plunge to reenergize your spirit (and possibly jolt you awake!) after all that effort. It’s the ideal approach to honoring our wonderful planet and getting to know other eco-champions.

2) Earth Day at Evergreen Brick Works

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: Evergreen Brick Works

Let go of your guilt over plastic and enjoy Earth Day at Evergreen Brick Works! Reborn as a green design utopia in 2010, this former industrial site provides workshops, eco-activities, and an opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of nature🌲 despite the bustle of the city. Celebrate design, sustainability, and the transformative power of well-executed architecture (these buildings, truly!), all while making the world a healthier place.🌏

Celebrate the Sikh Heritage Month With Traditions!

April 2024 celebrates 130 years of Sikh contributions in Canada and is, hence, also widely known as Sikh Heritage Month in Toronto!⚔️ It is the best time to celebrate the community’s culture and traditions and learn more about them with amazing and welcoming events!

1) Durham Vaisakhi Fest – A Sikh Punjabi Heritage Celebration 

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: Sinclair Secondary School

Huddle up all the Sikhs and Punjabis to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month with Vaisakhi fest! Have a chance to bond with your community. Perform or learn some of the best dance styles like Bangra and Gidddha at workshops,💃 or get an introduction to Punjabi musical instruments! That isn’t it! There’s a lot more for kids, like Turban tying👳‍♀️, free face painting, an activity area, and more! At last, have fun on the dance floor, enjoy amazing food, and shop your way through various vendors to have a total cultural experience this Vaisakhi! 

2) Sikh Heritage Month

Date: April 21, 2024  

Venue: Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives

This April, explore the intricate journey of Sikh culture! Over 130 years of Sikh contributions to Canada are celebrated in full during Sikh Heritage Month. There’s more to it than simply mouthwatering cuisine and upbeat music🥁—(though there will be plenty of both!). It’s an opportunity to grow, make connections, and create bridges. Join them this year as they celebrate an important milestone and work to deepen the ties that bind communities together. Sikh Heritage Month welcomes everyone who is eager! 🫂

Sammy Obeid Does Toronto

The former business major who is now a Netflix host and world-recording comedian, is coming to Toronto with not one, not two, but THREE performances!😱 Sammy Obiet Does Toronto truly will take the city in his fists while making them all laugh!  

You’ll be roaring for this Lebanese-Palestinian American comedian (because, really, who can foresee comedic genius?). Come watch Sammy let loose with his wit, and don’t miss to catch the incredible Ashwyn Singh!😍 There’s no doubt that this will be a more enjoyable night (or three) of laughs than anything Google could come up with.

The Weekend with Rhythmic Music Concerts

Isn’t music simply pleasing after a hectic day? Spend your weekend with music events in Toronto to have a chilled-out day full of emotions flowing through lyrics! This week, fall in love with Bejali singer and attend DJ Concert that make you feel on top of the world.🎶 Make your pick as your mood permits! 

1) Anjan Dutt Live in Toronto

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: Toronto Pavilion

Making the Bengalis a little more proud of themselves, Anjan Dutt takes up the stage and lights it up with his electrifying performance this weekend in Toronto! Sound of Music Toronto presents the iconic singer in the core of the city with soulful music and heartfelt lyrics🪈 that dive right into the heart without any effort! Apart from being one of India’s most beloved singers, he surely has a charm that makes everyone fall for him in no time! 

2) Cosmic Gate (Open to Close) at Rebel

Date: April 20, 2024  

Venue: REBEL

For more than 20 years, these trance scene pioneers—better known as Nic Chagall and Bossi—have been sending audiences into euphoric bliss. Do you recall hits like “Fire Wire” and “Exploration of Space”? At The Rebel Entertainment Complex, get ready to enjoy face-melting new music alongside nostalgic favorites.🎚️ Cosmic Gate is taking over the entire night with a mind-bending, five-hour open-to-close extravaganza. You can anticipate a powerful mix of techno and progressive trance that will enthrall you and make you want more.  

Wrapping up! 

What’s your Toronto weekend agenda? Buckle up for the event rollercoaster! This weekend in Toronto promises an extravaganza filled with adventure and joy as the city welcomes the settles in the winter season.😻

Toronto’s weekend whispers goodbye, leaving an echo of laughter and a mosaic of memories. Until next time, Toronto, you hold a piece of all hearts. Whether immersed in the magical world of music, embracing the healing power of laughter at comedy shows😆, or just celebrating it all with festivals🎉, this weekend will be nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions and extraordinary experiences. Toronto, once again, will prove itself to be a cultural haven, ensuring that each weekend becomes a canvas for lasting memories and boundless joy!

Ditch the FOMO!😏 Toronto’s got your weekend covered. Click the link below for events so epic that you’ll need a bigger heart for all the memories. 

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