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8 Fun Pride Party Ideas & Activities For 2024

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Pride Month Party Ideas & Activities For 2024

June brings a splash of color, love, diversity, and acceptance. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a fabulous Pride party? Whether you’re breaking out your best moves at a rainbow disco or donning a mysterious mask at a masquerade ball, a Pride party is the perfect place to let loose and show your true colors.

We’ve lined up some of the best Pride party ideas to ensure your celebration is a hit and adds a dash of cultural appreciation. Plus, we’ve sprinkled in some engaging activities to keep the energy and spirits even higher.

So buckle up, and let’s start making your Pride party ideas fun and a memorable blast!

Here are some of the best pride party ideas to host in 2024:

8 Pride Party Ideas 2024

1. Love is Love Pride Party

1 from Pride Party Ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Create a photo exhibition featuring stories of LGBTQ+ couples and allies from various backgrounds. Offer a crafting area where guests can create love letters or art to contribute to a growing “Wall of Love.”

Additionally, create a crafting area where guests can express their feelings and thoughts by creating love letters or personalized artwork. These pieces could be added to a “Wall of Love,” which will grow as more guests contribute throughout the Pride party. You can also use the idea of a “Wall of Love” for other pride party ideas.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Month Party?

It’s crucial to handle this pride party theme sensitively to ensure it represents love in all its forms without stereotyping. Obtain consent before sharing any personal stories or images in your party.

If you have volunteers or staff helping at the event, consider giving them brief training or guidelines on inclusivity and sensitivity. This will help them handle any situation respectfully and knowledgeably.

2. Glow Pride Party

2 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Incorporate a variety of light shows, including LED performances and laser tag. You might even include a section for fluorescent body painting with professional artists to glow under the black lights. Of all the LGBTQ Pride party ideas, this one can be one of the most fun! 

Hire professional artists to create designs using safe, glow-in-the-dark paints, allowing your guests to become part of the glowing art literally.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Ensure all materials used are skin-safe and non-toxic, and the venue is equipped with proper lighting to navigate safely without natural light.

Having professionals manage areas for activities like laser tag and LED performances ensures an impressive display and the safety of the participants.

3. Queer Icons Pride Party 

3 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Along with guests dressing as their favorite icons, include interactive elements like a trivia game about queer history and icon achievements or a performance segment impersonating famous speeches or performances by LGBTQ+ figures.

Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite LGBTQ+ icons, which could range from historical figures to contemporary celebrities who have influenced the queer community.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Clearly communicate the pride party theme’s purpose and expectations to your guests. Encourage them to research and understand the icons they choose to represent, focusing on respectful and accurate portrayals.

4. Rainbow Disco Pride Party 

4 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Blend classic disco elements with modern music to cater to all ages. Consider a silent disco area where people can dance to music broadcasted on wireless headphones.

To make your Rainbow Disco pride party stand out, blend classic disco elements like mirror balls and retro dance floors with modern music that spans various genres and eras. 

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Sound management is crucial, especially if you’re incorporating different music styles. Ensure there are zones where people can relax away from the music.

Designate quiet areas away from the main dance floors where guests can relax, chat, and enjoy drinks without having to shout over the music. These zones should be comfortably furnished and well-marked.

5. Masquerade Ball Pride Party 

5 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Encourage handmade masks that express personal stories or aspects of LGBTQ+ culture. Offer a prize for the most creative mask, judged by local LGBTQ+ artists.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Masquerade balls are all about mystery and elegance, so ensure your venue reflects this with appropriate decor and lighting. Accessibility and anonymity should be managed carefully to maintain safety without anonymity becoming a security issue.

6. Pride Pool Party 

6 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Best of Pride party ideas for the summer! Rainbow-layered drinks, fruit platters arranged in color order, and cupcakes with rainbow frosting can all add to the festive atmosphere.

Organize inclusive and fun water-based games, such as water volleyball, relay races, or even a playful “drag” race where participants wear floaty dresses or costumes.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Ensure lifeguards are on duty if the pool is large or if many guests are expected. Keeping everyone safe around water is essential, especially in a party setting where distractions are plentiful.

Provide sunscreen stations with waterproof sunscreen to encourage reapplication throughout the event. Consider offering shaded areas or distributing hats to help guests protect themselves from sunburn.

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7. Dress To Impress Pride Party 

7 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

This is one of the unique pride party ideas to host! Turn it into a fashion show where guests can showcase their unique styles on a runway. Partner with local LGBTQ+ designers to provide outfits or accessories and highlight fashion as an expression.

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Ensure the runway is safely constructed and accessible to everyone, including models with disabilities. Creating a body-positive environment that celebrates all forms of expression without judgment is also important.

Each theme offers a unique way to celebrate Pride, ensuring that your party entertains, respects, and uplifts the community.

8. Pride Cocktail Party 

8 Pride party ideas

How can you make this Pride Party different?

Signature Cocktails: For a cocktail party, craft a menu of signature cocktails that reflect the vibrant colors of the Pride flag. Each drink can represent a different color with a unique name that celebrates key figures or moments in LGBTQ+ history, such as “The Stonewall Inn Spritz” or “Rainbow Rights Raspberry Mojito.”

Hire musicians or a small band to provide live music or a DJ who can create a lounge-like atmosphere with chill, upbeat tracks. Consider featuring performances by local LGBTQ+ artists. Also, add various cocktail party games to add a bit more fun. 

What should you take care of while organizing this Pride Party?

Diverse Menu: Offer a wide range of drink options, including non-alcoholic cocktails, so everyone can enjoy the fun regardless of their drinking preferences. Also, be mindful of dietary restrictions when planning your food menu, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Responsible Drinking: Provide options for guests needing transportation home or team up with local ride-sharing services to offer discounts on the event night. It’s essential to promote responsible drinking.

That was the list of best pride party ideas to host in 2024! 😉

9 Fun Pride Party Activities and Games

Looking to take your Pride party ideas to the next level? We’ve got a fantastic lineup of fun pride party activities and games to keep everyone entertained. From rainbow-themed challenges to inclusive water games, these ideas will surely make your celebration unforgettable.

So, let’s dive into some exciting and joyful pride party activities that will add a burst of color and excitement to your Pride party! 🌈

1. Drag Performances

Nothing says Pride like a vibrant drag show. Including performances by local drag queens or kings can add flair and entertainment to your party. Consider mixing lip-syncing, singing, and comedy acts to cater to diverse tastes.

2. DIY Pride Crafts

Set up a craft station where guests can make Pride accessories, such as flags, pins, or t-shirts. Provide all the necessary supplies like fabric markers, glitter, and beads. This sparks creativity and gives attendees a personalized souvenir to take home.

3. Pride Trivia

Organize a trivia game on LGBTQ+ history, culture, and famous icons. This can be a fun and educational activity that also fosters team spirit. Offer prizes for the winning team to spice up the competition.

4. Interactive Art Installation

Create a large, blank canvas wall where guests can express what Pride means to them through painting or writing. This can serve as a powerful visual that evolves throughout the event and allows everyone to contribute to a collective piece of art.

5. Queer Cinema Corner

Set up an area where short films or clips from iconic LGBTQ+ movies are shown. This can be a chill zone for guests who might want a break from the high-energy activities while still engaging with queer culture.

6. Dance-off or Vogue Ball

Host a dance-off or a mini vogue ball where guests can show off their best moves. This can be an exhilarating activity that gets everyone moving and cheering. You might even invite professional dancers to perform or judge the competition.

7. Karaoke with a Twist

Offer a karaoke station with a playlist featuring songs by LGBTQ+ artists or anthems that have significance to the community. Encourage guests to perform and enjoy the spotlight, celebrating the power of music.

8. LGBTQ+ Speaker or Panel

Invite a speaker or organize a panel discussion on relevant topics concerning the LGBTQ+ community. This can add depth to the festivities and give space for reflection and learning.

9. Pride Parade Within the Party

If space allows, organize a mini parade around the venue. Encourage guests to participate with homemade signs, costumes, and music. This can be a unifying activity that encapsulates the spirit of Pride parades.

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Wrap up on Pride Party Ideas and Activities

Hosting a Pride party offers a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity, equality, and the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you choose the exuberant atmosphere of a Parade Extravaganza, the glowing creativity of a Glow Party, or the elegant mystery of a Masquerade Ball, each theme provides a platform to express unity and inclusivity. As you plan your event, remember to create a welcoming environment that respects all identities and expressions.

By thoughtfully considering each detail, from the theme’s execution to the comfort and safety of your guests, your Pride party can become a memorable celebration that entertains and profoundly impacts everyone involved. Incorporating engaging Pride party ideas, exciting Pride party activities, and fun Pride party games will ensure your event is unforgettable. Let’s honor the beauty of diversity and the power of love this Pride month and make every moment of celebration count!

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