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How To Sell Fundraiser Tickets | Quick guide


Last Updated: January 27, 2023


Last Updated: January 27, 2023

When it comes to fundraising events, the challenging and critical task is to sell fundraiser tickets, given the event theme. The most important factor for any non-profit organization or fundraiser is to generate revenue. The central theme of the event is to raise money.

Basic ways to raise funds are via ticket sales, sponsorships, and add-on revenues. After a couple of years of what the world has been through with online and hybrid events, it has become tricky to strategize for such events.

Now the question is, how do you successfully sell tickets for fundraising events? In this blog, we are going to focus on how to sell tickets quickly for the fundraiser event.

3 Stage Strategy to Sell Fundraiser Tickets

We’ve got tested and proven marketing tactics to boost your ticket sales for fundraisers successfully. Plan your next fundraising event with these tips and tricks and have a room filled with participation.

To sell more and more fundraiser tickets:

  1. You need to reach more people
  2. Increase tickets sales from existing traffic
  3. Offer a seamless checkout experience

All 3 matter. If even one of them is flawed, you are likely to miss out on potential attendees.

Stage 1: Why & How to reach more people?

When an individual buys a ticket to the fundraiser, they think 10 times before they make a purchase. This means that you need to reach more people multiple times before they purchase your ticket

Use these channels to reach more people:

1. Use multiple event listing sites – It’s free and works best

To get more reach and tap into the audience of various event platforms, you can list your fundraiser event on these event listing sites to get additional visibility.

You can either connect your payment gateway and sell tickets directly from such platforms or send them to your event website. Whichever seems suitable for you.

2. Bulk emails – Costs nothing if you choose the right platform 😉

You might have data of potential attendees. But how to leverage that? Email marketing is the solution. You can import your data and send custom emails through various email platforms like Mailchimp and Sendinblue.

If you want to send emails to your attendees free of cost, then you can try creating your events on AllEvents and send email invites.

3. Social media – Your consistency matters here

We usually undermine social media, but it really matters when it comes to reaching thousands of people who are likely to be your audience.

For example, if you are hosting a webinar for entrepreneurs, then creating and promoting your event on LinkedIn will help you tap into the target audience.

And if you have a generic party-type event, then Facebook and Twitter can be your go-to platform. You can create your event on Facebook and start promoting it to your audience there.

4. Your sponsors are potential promoters

You can also offer tickets to your sponsors, who are another potential customer. Include a few complimentary tickets that the sponsor or partner can distribute as part of the sponsorship package.

The more active your partners are, the more probable it is that they will spread the word about your event to their networks. That’s an entirely new group of people who can sign up for your event.

5. Keep reminding your interested audience

Some people might see your event but not finish the checkout. For them, booking reminders are very important.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Set up a workflow in a platform like Sendinblue and retarget your audience
  2. Use an event platform like AllEvents that helps you automate the whole email without you breaking a sweat

6. Paid ads – Gives best ROI

Now, here comes a sure-shot strategy where you can showcase your event to people who are likely to attend events like yours.

You can collaborate with event marketing experts who can do market research and create campaigns that drive ticket sales for your fundraising event.

sell more fundraiser tickets by using AllEvents

Stage 2: Strategies to increase fundraiser ticket sales from existing traffic

Since it’s a fundraiser event, you are in a different ball game. Here are some tactics that will increase the chances of getting your tickets sold.

1. Create buzz for your event – start with giveaways

Giving away tickets can help you to increase the visibility of your event and attract more attendees. When people hear about a ticket giveaway, they may be more likely to learn more about the fundraiser and consider purchasing tickets themselves.

Learn more about ticket giveaways and ideas that can help you perform better.

2. Play mind games with your ticket price

Here comes the fun part. If you want people to purchase tickets faster and in bulk, then try these ticket pricing and discount hacks.

Some of them are listed here:

  • Early Bird
  • Exclusive time with the guest
  • Happy Hour
  • Front row tickets

3. Increase ticket sales for fundraiser events with the help of your audience

One of the most proven and effective methods of raising money is word of mouth i.e. peer-to-peer fundraising. You can potentially increase your reach by asking your supporters to ask for donations on your behalf.

You can expand your audience and gain access to a large group of people who otherwise wouldn’t know about your event by asking your attendees and/or fundraisers to invite their friends and family.

4. Let them know what to expect – give visuals and testimonials

Providing attendees with an idea of what to expect at a fundraiser, such as through visuals and testimonials, can help to increase interest and ultimately sell more tickets. Here are a few ways that this can help:

Providing attendees with visuals, such as photographs or videos of past events, can give them a better sense of what to expect. This can create excitement and interest in the event and may encourage more people to purchase tickets.

Sharing testimonials like this 👇 from past attendees can also give potential attendees an idea of what to expect. Hearing positive feedback from others can help to build trust and credibility and may encourage more people to purchase tickets.

example of testimonials to help

Stage 3: Give quick checkout while Selling Fundraiser Tickets

Quick checkout is important for selling tickets because it can help to streamline the ticket purchasing process and increase conversion rates. It increases the likelihood that they will complete the transaction.

Using a good event ticketing platform can help to ensure a quick and efficient checkout process. To sell tickets quickly, you need to have a user-friendly interface, clear pricing information, and the ability to process payments securely.

These features can help to make the checkout process quick and seamless, reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of a successful ticket purchase

Here is an example of a seamless ticket-purchasing experience.

You can give your audience a super quick checkout experience with AllEvents.

Wrapping up the guide to sell fundraiser tickets

Avoid getting stuck with a cumbersome and outdated ticketing platform. Sell tickets for your fundraiser event with us and get all the ticketing benefits.

We will help you reach the relevant audience with our event discovery platform and email subscribers.

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