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Fun Things to Do in Chicago this March 2024

Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Do you think you are yet to plan out your month? In March, Chicago is a beautiful time with festivals and events that will keep you occupied daily! We have made you an amazing list of musical events, comedy shows, and so many festivals that will fill your schedule with events in Chicago

March is like a party favor bag overflowing with fun! I know you are the most excited about something special (shush!!) this month. Let’s count what’s there for you! The concert lineup of this month is a beautiful blend of old and new-era pop, the best to groove on with your besties. But wait, there’s more! Then Easter rolls in 🐇 to make your kids happier at the end of the month! Plus, the annual and quirky festivals🌟are always in the limelight! 

Explore events and things to do in March in Chicago as it unfolds its winter wonders, inviting you to savor the unique offerings that make this weekend in Chicago special. 

The Festival That Kids Love, It’s Easter Time!  

Events from March 24th to 31st 

It’s Easter time, which means chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs, and enough fun to make even Scrooge crack a smile. Easter events in Chicago are awaited insanely by all the kids! Make their weekend egg-cellent with egg hunts and hugs by cute bunnies🐰!

1) Easter Bunny Brunch & Egg Decorating in Logan Square 

Let your kids go and have fun with egg decoration activities🥚at the event while you chit-chat with your buddies with lunch (and a few drinks!😏). You might miss the insanely huge smile on your kid’s face when they see the Easter Bunny🐇, so keep your cameras ready!

📍Logan Square, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 24, 2024

2) Spring Egg-Stravaganza at Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo just loves to put eggs-tra efforts for Easter to make the little ones happy! There are different egg hunt zones until age 12, plus an Easter Bunny🐰 to keep them cheered up! Music, outdoor activities, and games will also keep the parents occupied while the kids play hunt. Some useful tips: 

  • Bring your own baskets for egg hunting (and don’t lose it!) 
  • Seats are limited, so HURRY UP! 

📍Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 30, 2024

3) South Loop Easter Egg Hunt

Let your baskets be your scabbard and your hands the sword to hunt down more than 15000+ eggs in the park!😯 But why would kids go if there aren’t any perks, right? Well, it is a good thing that there are great prizes, pinatas🪅, treats, and, of course, the Easter Bunny to keep kids entertained! There are high chances that kids (or even you!) can get distracted with an animal petting zoo🐘, so try to stay focused! 

📍Chicago Women’s Park and Gardens, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 30, 2024

Chicago Tattoo Arts Festival

Events from March 22nd to 24th 

Enthusiast or not, if the world’s largest tattoo convention tour comes for the 14th Edition of the Chicago Tattoo Arts Festival, you gotta have a plan to get your dream tattoo! 

I doubt the best artists will be so easily available except at the festival! You can plan your tattoos by making an appointment with an artist. If you already have enough or just enjoy seeing the culture, show off the ones you beautifully carry on you or ogle your way! It is a family-friendly setup👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 where there will be live music and entertainment.🎙️ Meanwhile, stigmatophiles and tattooists✒️ can explore the vendors and find all possible supplies with everything from jewelry to clothing and artwork! 

Sticky Note: The event lasts two days, so check the schedule before visiting to find your preferred time to visit! 

Celebrate the Festival of Colors in Chicago! 

Events on March 22nd and 23rd

Holi is knocking on the door with some of the best events! Holi festival in Chicago are full parties 🎉 and colors in the sky! The enthusiasm is compelling and so are the Bollywood beats 🎶 and Indian food! 🍛

1) Balam Pichkari: Bollywood Neon Holi Party in Chicago

Celebrate the festival of Holi in the modern way with Neon Party. Wear white to shine along with the neon paints and get your body painted with neon paint artist🎨 to glow brighter. Dancing on the Bollywood songs💃 and celebrating Holi, sounds like a solid plan for a weekend, doesn’t it? 

📍Alhambra Palace, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 22, 2024

2) Chicago Glow in the Dark Holi Party

Enter the club and glow in the dark this Holi! The unique ambiance will make you glow with neon colors poured all over you. It is the ultimate Holi party to make you colorful and glowing (literally!).😁 Be ready to get thrilled, and watch out because you will never know where the colors are coming from!🎉

📍Underground Chicago, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 23, 2024

3) Holi at Kalapriya

Holi festival welcomes Spring🌸 and the win over evil with good in life. In respect of tradition, people celebrate with colors and have fun just like a kid. This event gives you the space to purchase colors and go completely crazy without judgment because it’s a celebration, after all. You’ll become fairly weary, racing behind each other to toss colors at each other, so wait for the light dinner!🍽️

📍Chicago Women’s Park & Garden, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 23, 2024

Epic Cons Chicago 

Events from March 22nd to 24th 

Have you ever dreamt of being a vampire just because you once were obsessed with TVD, Twilight, or Teen Wolf?🧛‍♀️ Trust me, you aren’t alone. Chicago Epic Cons is here for the first time ever with a bang to make your dream come true of meeting the most amazing vampires! 😍

Attend panels, meet and greets, poto ops, and a chance to shake hands with your favourite actors!🤝 There are crazy fans liked up just like you who are going to melt away with one sight of them! See you on the other side! 

Whatever Happens, Comedy Stays Forever!  

Events from March 1st to 31st 

March may be jam-packed with festivals, but guess what?👀 The laughter never takes a break! Comedy shows in Chicago keep rolling in, making sure there’s never a dull moment. The amazing comedians are here to make winters a little less cold with laughter and lots of drinks! 

1) Ilana Glazer Stand-Up Shows

It will be sad if so many shows of Ilana Glazer are happening, and you still miss it, right? Not on my watch, readers!👀 The creator, actress, and comedian all in one can make you laugh until you can’t stop! The captivating and funniest presentations and interactive setups🎤 will pull you to her shows more often! 

📍The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, United States

🗓️ Multiple Dates 

2) Shane Gillis

Never judge a book by its cover! Despite backlash from the media, Shane Gillis is trying to stay on his feet on tour because she can’t stop sharing laughter with people with shock humor, sarcasm😉, and insults covering everyday life! The outspoken performer is here for you, so can you be there to laugh it up with puns? 

📍The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, United States

🗓️ Multiple Dates 


Event on March 19th

Want to experience something out of the box this March? A rare moment occurs in Chicago every March and September! It feels like nature and Chicago’s glorious architecture made a deal🤝and decided to align twice a year! 

Also known as “Chicagohenge”, the street of Chicago perfectly lines up with sunrise and sunset, splashing beautiful beams around the heart and soul of the city!🌇 Get in the line on March 19th because the rush of photographers and sunrise lovers is insane every year. 

Let March be a Getaway to Musical Events! 

Events from March 1st to 31st 

March and music events in Chicago go hand in hand!🎵 Let this march be the music to your ears with the best artists showing up to make your day musical!

1) On Your Feet, The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan

In this world, musicals make your dream of having a background score in life real.🎼 Emilio & Gloria Estefan made the story of their life an inspiring true story about valuing their heritage, listening to their hearts, and running ahead to excel by believing in their talent.😌 This story has music, emotion, and a performance of a lifetime

P.S.: The perk is that you get a round-trip bus ride🚌 to and from CIBC Theatre included with tickets!

📍The CIBC Theater, Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 22, 2024

2) Olivia Rodrigo 

Conquering the music industry one step at a time, Olivia Rodrigo owns a drivers license🪪, which is leading straight to popularity and a happier life! Not attending the ever lovely singer’s concert is a bad idea, right?👀 In case you already have seen her live, it will be deja vu for you, and if not, it will spark jealousy, jealousy in your friends! If you got all the references in this description, not going would definitely make you a traitor🤨 to the fanbase! 

📍Chicago, United States

🗓️ March 19, 2024

It’s Time for a Wrap-Up! 

So there you have it, the amazing list of events that will fill you with thrill, excitement, adventure, and serenity and groove you into a festive vibe at once! It was my work to share the best of events from the list with you! Now, it’s your turn to go to the best ones you found. 

If you wish to explore any events in Chicago further, click on the link below to have the events that will make your March a blast! 

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