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Detailed 2023 Reviews; List of Top 10 Ticketing Solutions for Event!

Last Updated: June 27, 2023

Last Updated: June 27, 2023

Review of Top 10 Event Ticketing Software in 2023

An event ticketing system is essential for successful event management. With so many options available, choosing the right software for events can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve reviewed the top 10 event ticketing platforms of 2023. 

From streamlining ticket management to receiving event attendees’ data to sending quick ticket updates, having the right event technology can make all the difference. We want to help you find that perfect platform that aligns with your event goals. Here are some of the leading 2023 software that will help you sell more event tickets while reducing the total challenges you face as an event organizer.

2023 Reviews: List of Top 10 Event Ticketing Systems

Here is the list of the top 10 Ticketing Software with their average ratings and pricing.

Event Ticketing PlatformRatingsPricing
AllEvents 4.7$1 fee
Ticket Tailor 4.7$ 0.26 per ticket
Ticketleap3.9$1 + 2% of the ticket price
Ticketbud4.50.99c per ticket + other charges
Eventcube4.9£35.00 per Month
Eventix4.5€ 0.45 + 4.6% Per sold ticket
Weemss4.32.5% per ticket
HoldMyTicket3.8Custom pricing
Eventbrite4.43.7% + $1.9 + 3% (transaction fee)
Townhall4.7Custom pricing
Based on overall rating on different platforms!

1. AllEvents

AllEvents stands out for its seamless event ticketing experience. It covers ticketing, event marketing, and communication with attendees. Publishing events and enabling paid ticketing is effortless. AllEvents is freeing organizers to create unforgettable experiences. 

Here are AllEvents’ user reviews from G2 👇

AllEvents reviews

With a global reach and large user base, it offers exposure to a diverse audience, maximizing event potential. The user-friendly mobile app adds value to this exceptional software. From event listings to ticket sales and communication, AllEvents handles every aspect. Its easy-to-use interface allows organizers to focus on creating memorable experiences. 

Pros of AllEvents: 

✅ Instant payments via PayPal / Stripe for every ticket sale
✅ Automated follow-ups to target potential audience
✅ Gets 20M event seekers every month

2. Ticket Tailor 

Ticket Tailor has easy website integration with clear instructions. Their standout feature is exceptional customer support. And they are dedicated to improving the platform based on feedback as per G2. 

It makes creating events, customizing tickets, and managing communications effortless. It’s a valuable asset for any organizer, offering multiple ticket types and event locations, various payment methods, customizable web presence, mobile-friendliness, scalability, and platform-agnostic.  But, the interface may be sluggish.

Take a look at what people are saying about Ticket Tailor on Get App👇.

Ticket tailor reviews

Pros of Ticket Tailor: 

✅ Good customer support 
✅ Easy website integration

Cons of Ticket Tailor: 

🚩 Does not offer a wide range of branding options
🚩 Fewer features

3. Ticketleap 

From reviews, it seems the platform’s outstanding customer support adds peace of mind, with responsive assistance whenever needed. Ticketleap has become my go-to solution, simplifying event ticketing and freeing up my time to focus on creating memorable experiences. 

However, it’s worth noting that the seat selection function may not work on mobile devices. Plus, it has higher transaction fees, which can increase the cost of the event for both the organizer and the attendee. Overall, Ticketleap is the ideal companion for event ticketing, combining user-friendliness and exceptional support. Considering drawbacks, here are some of the best Ticketleap alternatives for you. 

Ticketleap’s ratings and reviews on Cuspera 👇.

Ticektleap reviews

Pros of Ticketleap: 

✅ Good assistance
✅ User-friendly 

Cons of Ticketleap:

🚩 Some users have reported difficulty customizing their event pages on Ticketleap. 
🚩 Charges high transaction fee for each ticket sold

4. Ticketbud 

TicketBud provides organizers with a seamless and human-centered experience. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features make setting up registrations effortless. The outstanding customer service impressed me with prompt and personalized assistance. 

TicketBud’s software is easy to use and offers convenient daily payouts. While the platform excels overall, obtaining attendee names and ticket information requires a few extra clicks. Plus, their high fees and limited customization options can be a concern for some events. 

Here is what people are talking about Ticketbud on G2 recently👇.

Ticketbud reviews

Pros of Ticketbud: 

✅ Easy to use 
✅ Good to get ticket sales

Cons of Ticketbud: 

🚩 Geared more towards beginner-level users
🚩 Software can hang up while scanning tickets

Here are some Ticketbud alternatives for you to explore. 

5. Eventcube 

Eventcube offers user-friendly features, powerful analytics, and outstanding customer service. It simplifies event management with tools, an intuitive interface, and customizable touchpoints.

Additionally, it goes beyond ticketing by providing a comprehensive event management solution. This enables seamless communication and engagement among attendees. 

Despite minor time difference challenges, Eventcube consistently delivers outstanding support and technology.

Eventcube reviews

Pros of Eventcube: 

✅ Customization and Informative Features
✅ Seamless Integrations

Cons of Eventcube: 

🚩 Too many technical glitches
🚩 Expensive platform

6. Eventix 

Eventix, as an event ticketing platform, excels in speed, user-friendliness, and features. Its fast and reliable performance ensures a seamless ticketing process. At the same time, the intuitive interface makes navigation and ticket purchases effortless. The platform’s simplicity and clarity and the option to use promotion codes create a hassle-free experience.

Eventix offers user-friendly features for selling tickets during campaigns and facilitating group purchases. Integration with Facebook adds convenience and widens event promotion opportunities. However, some users may need more than the amount of information required. Eventix remains a remarkable platform that prioritizes the needs of organizers and attendees. 

Ratings of Eventix on GetaApp 👇.

Eventix reviews

Pros of Eventix:

✅ Website has a well-designed layout
✅ Streamline the process

Cons of Eventix: 

🚩 List out the pros list 
🚩 Ticket Retrieval Problems

7. Weemss

Weemss excels as an exceptional event ticketing platform, offering a user-centered experience with ease of use, efficient navigation, and powerful features. Its support for multiple languages caters to diverse audiences seamlessly. Weems streamlines registrations and payments, saving valuable time for organizers. 

The mobile app enables convenient check-ins, adding flexibility to event management. Positive feedback from attendees validates its value. However, some users find the platform costly, especially for free tickets. Overall, Weemss is a trusted and user-friendly ticketing solution for organizers seeking efficiency and convenience.

G2 reviews of Weemss 👇.

Weemss reviews

Pros of Weemss:

✅ Intuitive and Easy to Use
✅ Responsive Support

Cons of Weemss: 

🚩 Currency Conversion and Loss
🚩 The website charges fees on certain periods

8. HoldMyTicket 

HoldMyTickets has a human-centered experience and automation that simplifies tasks for event organizers. Its robust social marketing capabilities make it a top choice for venues, promoters, and artists. The platform provides valuable insights and keeps users informed about entertainment options. 

Customization options, including custom websites and white-label widgets, enhance the ticketing process. However, some users find the tickets overpriced and only sometimes comparable to other ticketing websites and services. Overall, HoldMyTickets empowers organizers and delivers a seamless ticketing experience.

What do people like and dislike about HoldMyTicket? 👇

HoldMyTicket reviews

Pros of HoldMyTicket:

✅ Live Ticketing Purchase Updates
✅ Straightforward Event Setup

Cons of HoldMyTicket:

🚩 Limited Control over Analytics and Event Tracking
🚩 Limited Global Update Functionality

9. Eventbrite 

Eventbrite is a fantastic event ticketing platform that offers a user-friendly and effective event management experience. The platform simplifies event creation and management, providing a structured and intuitive approach. Eventbrite accommodates multiple profiles within one account, streamlining organization management. 

Features like event following, live streaming, and real-time chat enhance the event experience. The advanced search functionality allows users to find events in their preferred field. Overall, Eventbrite delivers a seamless ticketing experience.

How people reviewed Eventbrite as an event ticketing platform on GetApp 👇.

Eventbrite reviews

Pros of Eventbrite: 

✅ Large user-base 
✅ Intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience 

Cons of Eventbrite: 

🚩Tiered pricing: add-on costs when you try a premium feature
🚩Cross-promotion of other events on your page

10. Townhall

Townhall is an exceptional event ticketing platform that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Its seamless live-streaming capabilities make it effortless to engage with virtual audiences. While the user experience could be more intuitive, the platform simplifies event management for lean teams.

Creating events and updating event descriptions is easy, and the quick verification app simplifies payment processes. Townhall is a user-friendly solution for event organizers, particularly for online events and hybrid experiences.

Townhall user reviews on G2:

Townhall reviews

Pros of Townhall:

✅ Quick Verification App
✅ Simplified Event Ticket Management

Cons of Townhall: 

🚩 Interface elements need to be more intuitive.
🚩 Limits of Database Download 

Challenges event organizers face while Choosing a Ticketing Platform

Event organizers face various challenges in choosing the software for events to sell tickets. These challenges require effective solutions, from managing ticket sales to ensuring attendee satisfaction. 

List of Common Challenges Faced by Event Organizers:

1. Finding the right fit: Struggle to find a ticketing software that matches their event’s needs.

2. Compatibility concerns: You need to make sure the software works well with their existing tools and systems.

3. Budget limitations: Limited funds make finding affordable software with the desired features easier.

4. Technical difficulties: Some organizers need to gain the skills to set up and manage complex ticketing software.

5. Time pressure: Limited timeframes make choosing the right software solution difficult.

Choosing the right event ticketing system is a very crucial step. Addressing these challenges through event ticketing platforms can automate ticket sales, expand sales channels, provide valuable data insights, offer customization options, and many more.


In the fast-paced world of event management, selecting the right ticketing platform can be a game-changer. These software solutions address challenges faced by organizers, offering streamlined ticket sales, data management, customization, and customer support. Through extensive research and user reviews, the reviewed platforms have proven their effectiveness. 

By adopting the right software, organizers can save time, automate processes, analyze data, customize experiences, and provide excellent support. Embrace the transformative power of a ticketing platform, explore the options, and choose one that aligns with your goals. Elevate your events and create impactful experiences. Get ready for event management success!

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