Fourth of July is an annual celebration throughout the USA as the declaration of independence from Great Britain. Every year this day is celebrated in a grandiose and pompous way; parades, booze cruises, fireworks and so much more that makes you wait for the day eagerly.  But this year, it might be a little bit different because of the lockdown or a no-no to mass events. While the USA is slowly reopening, we can expect some 4th of July celebration hopefully. Sure, mass gatherings are a big no but we can definitely have a nice intimate celebration at our home. From some yummy and easy 4th of July recipes to fun 4th of July games to play, there will be possibly a lot of things to do at home. Celebrate this day with yummy food, desserts, and appetizers to make it a feast!


Here are some of the easy-peasy 4th of July recipes that you can make at home:

1. Creamy Bolognese Fondue With Garlic Bread Chips 

easy 4th of July recipes

Who doesn’t love some creamy delicious fondue with a twist of crisp with garlic bread? Celebrate this 4th of July with appetizing recipes that will only make the independence day celebration at home a memorable one.
Also, not just that there are nine other quick recipes that you get to learn from the Twisted channel. Find what’s something that just gets you drooling, a pizza cone dip ring or BBQ Peri Peri Chicken Loaded Fries. It’s a 10 in 1 lesson, learn some yummy recipes that you can make at home.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Creamy Fresh Bolognese Fondue With Garlic Bread Chips


2. Zoodles Or Zucchini Noodles

4th of july recipes | zoodles

Zoodles or Zucchini Noodles is a healthy substitute for pasta for the people who keep counting carbs. It’s one of the healthy and delicious choices for 4th of July recipes. Definitely it doesn’t taste like pasta but does give all the feels. It suits right for intimate fancy-schmancy parties, keep it all green and healthy! 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the 4th of July special Zoodles


3. Green Bean Casserole Recipe

green beans casserole on 4th of July

Beans & Potatoes are the staple food, they’re just mixed in a unique fashion to get something truly delicious! Make this green bean casserole if you’re a fan of beans and cheese, you’ll drool once you see the dish all prepared.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Green Bean Casserole 


4. Cheesiest Homemade Burger

homemade cheese burger | 4th of july recipes

The 4th of July is a summer time celebration and the best combos for any party would always include burgers and fries. You can choose to have cold salads with your burgers while the sun is up on your head. Also, it’s a feast or a party per se so just any classic burger wouldn’t do. Keep it all loaded with cheese and make the best homemade burger. *dripping cheese*

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Cheesiest Homemade Burger 


5. Grilled Potato Salad

grilled potato salad | 4th july BBQ recipes

Something that fits just right for any 4th Of July BBQ party- make this oh so crunchy potato salad! Serve this smoky side dish with a list of things that you’ve planned to prepare for the eve and leave everyone’s mind blown. 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Grilled Potato Salad


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6. Everything Chicken

chicken pasta | 4th july grilled recipes

One-Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta or Quesadilla Chicken Lasagna, what do you fancy? Check out 20 best 4th of July recipes that include something chicken in it. Creamy, cheesy, flavorful and all the distinctive varieties of dishes of chicken that will be just right for your summer cookout or a BBQ party.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing 20 of the best Chicken Recipes for 4th of July


7. Fresh Corn Salad

corn salad | 4th of july recipes

A perfect addition to the summertime celebration, Fresh corn salad is a go-to Memorial side dish for cookout dinners. It will definitely be a-maize-inggg! 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Fresh Corn Salad  


8. Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs

cheesy fried hot dogs | 4th of july recipes

Looks like we are not going to do anything without the cheese. Celebrate one of the biggest days for the USA with cheesy hot dogs or let’s just call this one helluva celebration – 4th of July! The cheesy hot dog will somehow melt in your mouth and your going to love and also not to mention fits perfectly with a BBQ party.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs


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9. Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Salad

4th july cheesecake salad recipe

Image Source: Slow Roasted Italian

Bring out the patriotism through your food. Prepare a delish red, white, and blue cheesecake salad. It’s perfect for summertime vibes with all the creamy and fruity flavors. Berries, strawberries and yummy cheesecake make it refreshing when it’s burning hot.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Salad


10. Spicy Grilled Watermelon

grilled watermelon

Anyone who is looking for slightly more healthy choices for 4th of July recipes (even though salads are healthy too but yaa.), this one is for you. Prepare this easy peasy spicy grilled watermelon as a side dish for your BBQ party.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Spicy Grilled Watermelon


11. 4th Of July Cupcakes – A Sweet Treat

4th of july cupcakes

The festive feel is incomplete without the sweet treats. Add a pop of color into your Fourth of July cupcakes with the colorful icing to your easy to make cupcakes. Elevate your party food with yummy looking cupcakes which again match perfectly with the American flag theme.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the 4th of July Cupcakes

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12. Coleslaw | Easy 4th Of July Recipes

coleslaw salad

Coleslaw is the classic side dish that you can go for whenever in doubt. It is too refreshing and crispy, the mayo in it makes it two times more palatable. Coleslaw is always a yes for any 4th of July Party – so what if you aren’t getting a lot of people but you can still make it a treat for you and your fam.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Coleslaw


13. Tater Tots With Cheese Sauce

tater tots with cheese sauce

Make something that the kids love and okay, not just kids but this is something everyone would love. Who doesn’t some love some extra cheese that too which is creamy and piping hot? It’s impossible to resist, makes you want to lick off the yummy-licious tater tots with cheese sauce. 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Tater Tots with Cheese Sauce


14. Healthy Skewers | 4th Of July Recipes

healthy skewers | 4th of july recipes

If you’re planning for a backyard BBQ party, then these healthy skewers are one of top and healthy choices for summer grilling. Check out 3 amazing skewer recipes that are super healthy and yummy. Bring all the veggies on your plate or even the chicken and get ready for some festive grilling! 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Tater Tots with Cheese Sauce


15. Berry Pie & Butter Tarts

berry pie 4th of july special

Image Source: Cook With Kushi

Any celebration is incomplete without some yummy desserts. Fill this day with very berry pie and yummy butter tarts. They fit perfectly right for 4th of July and Canada day celebrations. Add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries; make it all the more colorful and delicious with reds and blues!

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Berry Pie & Butter Tarts

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