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Fun Easter Event Ideas With Activities For 2024

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

10 Fun Easter Events and Activity Ideas For 2024

Easter emerges as a time of resurrection and re-birth, also known as Pascha in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin. Grown-ups appreciate the cultural depth, while kids eagerly want a photo with the Easter bunny: The real MVP of Easter excitement. 🐰

We were curious: Why a bunny into the egg-gifting business? 😑 But rather stumble upon last year’s easter news –  that organizers hid 10,000 eggs for an easter egg hunt on Governors Island. 🤯

This is how much Easter events are fun, and at the heart of it all is the classic egg hunt – the undisputed champion easter event!

As the festival approaches, the buzz around easter events is no surprise. And here, we will give you the best easter event ideas with activities (and all in between) you can add to your event. 

And stick to the end to know – why the Easter Bunny has been egg-ing kiddos for centuries (there was a whole tale behind it).🥚🐣

Easter Event Ideas For 2024

Let’s start with the classic easter event idea first!

1. Classic Easter Egg Hunt (Maybe Glow-in-the-Dark Hunt) 

Classic easter egg hunt as easter event idea

This easter event idea is for everyone: kids, friends, families, and large groups! Think of organizing this easter event in parks, grounds, indoors, or even a zoo! The options are as varied as the Easter egg designs. And for the thrill-seekers, why not crank it up with a glow-in-the-dark night hunt?

Event USP suggestion: Decorate the baskets section, create a kiddie area, and set up a photo booth for those beaming faces.

Here are some easter egg hunt event name ideas:

  •  The Egg Hunt That’s No Yolk
  •  The Egg-straveganza Bonanza
  •  The Egg-Xtreme Spring Search
  •  Egg Shell-ebration

Now, here are some easter egg hunt theme ideas for an extra layer of fun: 

  • Superhero Egg Quest: Let the hunt for eggs become a heroic adventure with superhero-themed decorations and egg surprises.
  • Pirate’s easter egg Hunt: Create a pirate-themed treasure hunt with hidden “booty” eggs, maps, and even pirate hats for the little adventurers.
  • Space Odyssey Egg Expedition: Blast off into a cosmic adventure with space-themed decorations, astronaut eggs, and maybe even a visit from the Easter Bunny from another galaxy!

2. Classic Easter Parade

Classic easter parade as easter event idea

Organizing an Parade as easter event idea might sound like a coordination marathon. But the payoff in community celebration and fellowship is worth it.

Think local churches, community groups, and a lot of community spirit. It’s like a stylish stroll for everyone!

You can take inspiration from the iconic – New York City Easter parade along Fifth Avenue. It’s the grandest, the oldest, and hands down the most famous Easter Parade ever!

Here’s a sneak peek at the Easter Parade vibes 👇

Event USP suggestion:

  • Interactive Easter Stations: Create interactive stations along the parade route – face painting, egg decorating, and more. It’s not just a parade; it’s an immersive experience!
  • Community Art Showcase: Encourage local artists to contribute Easter-themed art installations along the route, turning the parade into a moving art gallery.
  • Themed Float Contest: Invite participants to create themed floats, adding an extra layer of creativity to the parade. Award the most creative float with a special prize.

Want to organize something different? Here are some easter egg hunt theme ideas: 

  • Floral Frenzy Fiesta: The parade route with blossoms and blooms, turning it into a floral wonderland.
  • Pastel Paradise Promenade: Picture a pastel-themed parade where soft hues take center stage, creating a visually stunning spectacle.
  • Bunny Bonanza Brigade: Let fluffy bunnies lead the parade, turning it into a bunny-filled extravaganza.
  • Vintage Vibes Voyage: Travel back in time with a vintage-themed parade showcasing timeless elegance and charm.

3. Traditional Easter Feast Fiesta 

Organizing an Easter feast can be a delightful yet challenging task. Ans a Traditional Easter Feast Fiesta can be something different to organize this year!

Event USP suggestion:

  • Chef Showdown: Invite local chefs or community members to showcase their culinary skills in a friendly competition. It adds an element of excitement to your feast!
  • Easter Recipe Exchange: Set up a station where attendees can share their favorite Easter recipes, fostering a sense of community and culinary exploration.
  • Live Cooking Demonstrations: Bring local chefs to provide live cooking demonstrations, sharing tips and tricks for creating Easter delights at home.

What else can you do to make your Easter Feast Fiesta different?

  • Family Recipe Potluck: Encourage attendees to bring dishes that hold special significance in their families, creating a heartwarming potluck feast.
  • Eggstraordinary Dessert Bar: Highlight the sweet side of Easter with a dessert bar featuring a variety of egg-themed treats and traditional sweets.

4. Easter Egg Crafting Workshops 

Easter egg crafting workshops as easter event idea

Crafting Easter eggs isn’t just an art, it’s a tale of resistance from Ukrainian legends.

The story goes like this: an old pagan Ukrainian legend says that the world will continue to exist as long as people make easter eggs. They believe that there is a monster chained up in a cave. The monster sends spies each year to check if people are making eggs. If not, the chains loosen, risking the monster’s release and the world’s end. And only women were allowed to make the eggs!

Easter has so many amazing folk stories like this! How about starting your easter egg crafting workshop with this folk story? 😉

A YouTube video titled “Ukrainian Easter Eggs as an Art of Resistance” beautifully captures the essence of this tradition (sharing the whole story). 👇

Now, Event USP suggestion: 

  • Introduce an “Artistry Showcase” where participants can display their masterpieces and win prizes, turning the workshop into a vibrant gallery. 
  • Egg Decorating Tips and Tricks Session: Bring in a local artist or expert to share tips and tricks for creating stunning egg designs, making it an educational and interactive experience.
  • Community Eggstravaganza: Collaborate with local businesses to display crafted eggs in their storefronts, turning the entire community into a vibrant Easter art gallery.

Here are some easter egg crafting workshop theme ideas: 

  • Egg-straordinary 3D Creations: Provide materials for crafting three-dimensional egg designs, adding a modern twist to the traditional egg decorating experience.
  • Nature-Inspired Egg Art: Encourage participants to draw inspiration from nature, creating eggs adorned with floral patterns, animals, or scenic landscapes.

5. Easter Sunrise Event 

Easter sunrise event as easter event idea

Celebrate Easter with a Sunrise Event, uniting the community in joy. Give your attendees a morning of serenity with a harmonious sing-along, enchanting storytelling, and playful Easter Egg Rolling.

Event USP Suggestion:

Make your Easter Sunrise Serenity unforgettable by inviting priests, healers, and influencers. Incorporate personalized sunrise blessings, creating an intimate and uplifting experience for every attendee.

Easter sunrise event theme ideas:

  • Pastel Paradise Serenade: Infuse the event with soft pastel hues, creating a serene ambiance that mirrors the tranquil Easter morning.
  • Nature’s Awakening: Embrace the beauty of the outdoors by incorporating natural elements, such as floral arrangements and greenery, enhancing the sense of renewal.
  • Celestial Elegance Celebration: Illuminate the event with celestial décor, bringing a touch of celestial magic to the sunrise gathering.

Here are some sunrise easter event name suggestions:

  • Golden Dawn Celebration
  • Uplifted Sun Salutation
  • Aurora Reverie Celebration
  • Joyful Daybreak Soiree

6. Easter Themed Movie Night 

Easter themed movie night as easter event idea

Gather your community for an enchanting evening filled with laughter and warmth. Enhance the experience by adding a “Movie Snuggle Zone” – provide pillows and blankets for extra comfort, turning our movie night into a cozy haven.

Event USP Suggestion:

  • Easter Movie Marathon: Curate a selection of heartwarming Easter movies suitable for all ages. From classics to animated tales, our movie night will offer something for everyone.
  • Snack Stations: Set up delightful snack stations with popcorn, candies, and Easter-themed treats. It’s not just a movie night; it’s a culinary adventure.
  • Easter Costume Contest: Encourage attendees to come dressed in their favorite Easter-themed costumes. A friendly costume contest adds a playful element to the night.
  • Interactive Games: Break between movies with fun, interactive games like Easter trivia or a quick egg hunt, keeping everyone engaged and entertained.

To add a touch of charm, here are some easter movie night event name ideas:

  • Hoppy Flicks Night
  • BunnyFlicks Celebration
  • Chick Flicks and More
  • Easter Eve CinéJoy

Choose a name that resonates with you! ☺️

Here are some blockbuster easter movie suggestions for your event:

  • “Hop” (2011): Join E.B., the Easter Bunny’s son, on his journey to Hollywood, blending humour and heart warming moments.
  • “Peter Rabbit” (2018): Follow the mischievous Peter Rabbit and his friends in this delightful adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic tales.
  • “The Ten Commandments” (1956): For a classic touch, experience the epic story of Moses and the Exodus, a timeless film for the whole family.
  • “Rise of the Guardians” (2012): Embark on a magical adventure with Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, and other mythical characters as they protect the innocence of children.
  • “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” (1974): Join the Peanuts gang in this animated classic as they celebrate Easter with humor and heart.
  • “HOPPY Family” (2022): A heartwarming tale of a bunny family navigating life’s challenges and learning the true meaning of togetherness.
  • “Easter Parade” (1948): Delight in this classic musical featuring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, capturing the magic of an Easter parade.
  • “Chicken Run” (2000): Join a group of chickens in their quest for freedom in this animated comedy with a feathered twist.

7. Throw an Easter Party 

Easter themed party as easter event idea

Get ready to host the ultimate Easter Party that will have your community hopping with joy! Picture a vibrant gathering filled with laughter, colorful decorations, and abundant Easter-themed delights. 

Event USP suggestion:

Add a “Golden Egg Hunt” within the larger egg hunt. Paint one egg gold and hide it in a tricky spot. The lucky finder gets a special Easter prize, adding extra excitement to the festivities.

Delicious Easter Treats for your party:

  • Easter Bunny Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with bunny ears and adorable faces for a sweet and festive touch.
  • Carrot Patch Veggie Tray: Arrange baby carrots in a tray to create a playful carrot patch, perfect for dipping.
  • Chocolate Nest Treats: Create edible nests using chow mein noodles, melted chocolate, and mini eggs for a delightful and tasty dessert.

Here are some Easter party name ideas:

  • Sunny Side Up Soiree
  • Springtime Bliss Bash
  • Pastel Joy Gathering
  • Rising Sun Easter party 

Or else you can use the brand boy to finalize your easter party name. 

Ready to turn these happening easter event ideas into reality? Start listing your event on AllEvents and make that happen! 

Get more attendees to easter event

Creative Easter Event Activity Ideas

1. Easter bingo card games: Create custom cards featuring adorable Easter-themed images like bunnies, eggs, and spring flowers.

2. Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game: Participants balance an egg on a spoon and navigate through a designated course, aiming to reach the finish line without dropping their precious cargo. 

3. Potato Sack Race within jumping bags and bunny ears headbands. 

4. Organize traditional games like ‘Egg Toss’ and ‘Ring Toss’ in your backyard. These games require attention to detail, making them enjoyable for adults.

5. Peeps War: This competitive game involves two players holding a small pack of Peeps and a basket of empty Easter eggs. The players must stand on either end of a table and try to knock their opponents’ Peeps off the table with the Easter eggs. The first player to knock off all of their opponents’ eggs wins.

6. Easter Scavenger Hunt: Create a themed scavenger hunt with clues leading participants to hidden Easter treasures.

7. Egg Decorating Contest: Turn egg decorating into a friendly competition. Set up a station with different decorating materials and let participants showcase their artistic skills.

8. Bunny Hop Dance Off: Get the crowd moving with a bunny hop dance competition.

9. Easter Karaoke Jam: Host an Easter-themed karaoke session with songs that celebrate the season.

10. Spring Planting Station: Embrace the spirit of renewal by having a station for planting seeds or small potted plants. 

Lastly, here is why the Easter Bunny has been egg-ing kiddos for centuries🥚🐣

Centuries ago in Germany, the Easter Bunny was initially known as “Oschter Haws.” Fast forward to Colonial America, where it landed in Pennsylvania Dutch communities, leaving its mark by 1757.

The answer is that bunnies are ancient symbols of fertility and rebirth, creating a harmonious blend. Now, the Bunny’s egg spree? A heartwarming tradition aligning with Easter, symbolizing new life. From Germany to America, Easter Island to your backyard, the Easter Bunny’s mission? Cracking smiles, spreading joy, and creating a timeless legacy for kiddos worldwide. 🐰

A Quick Wrap-Up

As we journeyed through delightful Easter event ideas, it’s clear that this celebration goes beyond tradition. From classic egg hunts to global feasts, Ukrainian-inspired crafting, sunrise gatherings, and cozy movie nights, each event is an opportunity for communities to unite, share joy, and create cherished memories. 

So, whether hosting a themed parade, a festive feast, or a movie night, infuse your events with the essence of Easter – a celebration of life, unity, and renewal. Plan your extravaganza, add your unique touch, and make this Easter a joyous and unforgettable occasion. 

Happy Easter! 🐣

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