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Best of 7 Weekend Getaways Around Ahmedabad

Last Updated: January 30, 2024

Last Updated: January 30, 2024

We live an urban lifestyle, so we only await a weekend when we scream “Finalllyyyy” and relax from the constant hustle of living in a metro city! The constant ache to get away from the noise is whispering in your ears as the weekend approaches, so why not listen to it?😌 Living in the largest city of Gujarat has turned out lucky as you are surrounded by the best weekend getaways around Ahmedabad

If you’re in the mood for adventure, calm, relaxation, or exploration, Ahmedabad’s nearby regions have all you need to personalize your weekend to your preferences. Here is the itinerary for you, highlighting the best activities to do (with a plan) so you don’t miss out on anything.✅ Maybe this weekend will be the ultimate weekend where your stress nulls down to zero and quality time with your loved ones to 10000!  

1. Statue of Unity

It is difficult to process the enormity of The Statue of Unity, the tallest statue in the world. It’s a colossal tribute to the incredible Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his legacy. Standing at a jaw-dropping 182 meters makes you crane your neck and think, “Now, that’s a statement!” It would take a whole and soul weekend to explore (or digest) the spectacular panoramic views from the top.😱 But if you think that’s all? You are misunderstood!

You can easily take a train for a one-day trip to the Statue. Start your morning with a stroll at the serene Valley of Flowers Park. An hour-long boat ride at the gigantic Narmada is picturesque any time of the day, so you can definitely put that up on your checklist! Spend your noon at Zarvani, the eco-tourism area and the perfect spot for bird-watching! End your night with a splash at the Laser Light Show narrating the life story of Sardar Patel, or experience the history and art at the exhibition hall and museums! Pack up, as you will have a long and amazing day visiting The Statue of Unity.

Highlights: The Valley of Flowers, Eco-tourism, Laser Light Show, Exhibitions, Museum, Boating  

Best time to visit: Winter months, November to February

📍 Statue Of Unity

🛣️ 198 kilometers

⏳ 3 hours 30 minutes 

⏰ 8 AM to 6 PM and Laser show 7 PM onwards Tuesday to Sunday; Closed on Monday

🌐 Website

2. Serenity Meadows

Cleansing your mind of restlessness becomes essential when you live a hectic, urban life the whole year. Far from the urban uproar of Ahmedabad are Serenity Meadows, the perfect escapade for a relaxing weekend getaway. This nearest getaway is hidden away in the village of Vinchhiya, so you can easily elude your worries on the way there. Soak your eyes with dense greenery and wild foliage to let your shoulders fall in peace, self-reflection, and introspection. 

The activities at the place can keep you occupied with fun and relaxation for the whole weekend.🧘 Take a swim in the pool hidden in plain sight, relish indoor and outdoor games, and don’t break your routine, as there is a gym for you, too! However, if you wish to have a fun gathering, then the party hall is just the right fit, with an amphitheater just two steps away. It is the place where you can be yourself in the woods. 

Highlights: Peaceful outdoor games (tennis, volleyball, badminton), children’s play area, party area, amphitheater, swimming pool, gym, multipurpose hall or AV room, garden

📍 Serenity Meadows

🛣️ 35.7 kilometers

⏳ 1 hour 

🌐 Website

3. Kensville Golf and Country Club

If golfing is your escape, pack your bags for a weekend at Kensville Golf and Country Clubhouse; it’s you and the grass till you can see after that! The lush green hideout is the weekend resort that will let you breathe better away from Ahmedabad’s hustle and bustle. 

You might wonder how to spend your day at this beautiful place. Well, let me guide you through it. Wake up with an incredible view from your room, a pool on one side and a golf course on the other. Yes, it is a personal slice of paradise for urban folks.😇 Hit the fitness center and rest your body at the spa for a delightful afternoon. In the evening, you can roam the nearby places like Lothal and Nalsarovar, and if you have tiny troublemakers, the Kids Club will keep them occupied! The 19th Hole restaurant will make you sleep peacefully with delicious food and a relaxing ambiance. Make your weekend bookings for a ‘par’-fect escape! 

Highlights: Golf Course, swimming pool, spa, fitness center, nearby tourist attractions like Nalsarovar and archeological sites in Lothal

📍 Kensville Golf and Country Club

🛣️ 52.9 kilometers

⏳ 1 hour 15 minutes 

🌐 Website

4. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Just a few kilometers away from Ahmedabad lies a sanctuary, which is a secret heaven for so many birdies that you will need a bird dictionary just to keep up with the species flaunting their feathers. Take a one-day trip to Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, which houses 36 small islands, attracting thousands of people to see the majestic birds in their migratory period and take a boat ride among them. Regardless of birds, every Sundown Soul with millions of sunset pictures in their gallery needs to at least visit here to watch one of the best sunsets of Gujarat!🌄 It’s a bird party, a nature therapy session, and a visual feast all rolled into one. 

Highlights: Bird watching, boating, nearby resorts

Best time to visit: November to February – the time when a lot of migratory birds flock in

📍 Nalsarovar Bird sanctuary

🛣️ 62.2 kilometers

⏳1 hour 27 minutes

⏰6 AM to 6 PM; ticket booking closes at 5.30 PM

5. Polo Forest 

The mysterious and untamed forest among the mountains will thrill you over the weekend! Unlike any concrete and manmade jungles in the city, The Polo Forest is a leaf-carpeted path covered with a canopy of trees and the fresh smell of mud filling your lungs! It is the best place for friends to go crazy and have fun. 

As exciting as Polo Forest is, being impulsive when you visit here is not advisable. Let me walk you through some information to help you plan your trip. Firstly, if you want to see the lush greenery of the forest, August to February is the best time to visit. Let the adventurous unravel with rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, and (the best of them all) the iconic campfires! 🏕️Meanwhile, explore the archeological and historic temples and sites for a relaxed visit or feel tranquilized at the Vanaj Dam. Make a WhatsApp group with your friends and start planning!

Highlights: Rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, campfire, historic architecture, Vanaj dam

Best time to visit: Monsoon and winters

📍 Polo forest

🛣️149 kilometers

⏳ 3 hours 

6. Champaner

Let me spill the beans on a hidden gem near Ahmedabad, the Champaner, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gujarat (especially for the history buffs)! If you carry a soft for the past in your heart, there are unexcavated treasures, cultural heritage sprinkled all around, and a hill fortress that’s basically a historical mic drop. 

To comprehend the beautiful history of this hill station, you must visit the heritage sites. You can start with the iconic Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park to inhale the history of the place. Visit the Jama Masjid to grasp the beauty of the sultan period or temples like Kalika Mata Temple! To have a picturesque view, Pavagadh Hills and Stepwell are best for clicking the best shots on the camera.⛰️ Spend your weekend with family unraveling tales that have stood the test of time at Champaner! Blend into the myth and history of the beauty of the place. 

Highlights: Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park, Jami Masjid, Kevada Masjid, Pavagadh Hills, Saat Kaman, Kalika Mata Temple

📍 Champaner

🛣️146 kilometers

⏳2 hours 30 minutes

7. Vadodara

Ahmedabad’s sister city, Vadodara, is merely a two-hour drive away! Before we dive into how amazing this city is, let me say that it is the cultural capital of Gujarat, where celebrating traditional festivals is always a little extra! Therefore, don’t miss out on festivals in this city! 

But as you would expect, there’s always something unexplored in Vadodara! Let’s start with religious places; the EME and Tapovan Temple are the city’s highlights. The Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery will never want to leave the place and stare at the artworks for hours.🖼️ Sayaji Baug and Sursagar Lake will pump up your evening for a fun and relaxing time! I saved the best one for last, the residence of Maharaja and the royal family, The Laxmi Villas Palace. The tour will take an hour, so when you visit Vadodara, have one hour booked for the Palace. 

Highlights: Baroda Kayaks, Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery,  Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sayaji Baug, Sursagar Lake

📍 Vadodara

🛣️111 kilometers

⏳2 hours

To Wrap It Up!

Something tells me that you have already jotted down the getaways that excite you! The adrenaline rush to relax hits differently when you have a plan. Ring up your mates to hit Polo Forest or Nalsarovar for a thrilling weekend in the woods. However, if your family has been seeking your time, then Serenity Meadows, Kensville Clubhouse, or just a drive to Vadodara will definitely let you spend a fantastic time with them. 

Even if you have one or two days, don’t skip that ideal weekend getaway anymore! You need it (desperately), and so do your loved ones. 

If you are thinking about other activities and fun events to attend in Ahmedabad, check out the below 👇link below to plan your weekend with us! 

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