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Best Things to Do in Singapore | Places to Travel & Explore

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

As tiny as Singapore seems when you compare it with big cities, it roars, giving justice to its name, “The Lion City,”🦁 and steps into the seats of big guns! Besides being one of the cleanest cities in the world, the city loves to show you the best times of your lives every day! The list of exciting and serene things to do in Singapore is endless, although some steal the show! The best things to do this weekend in Singapore are here with us, so you don’t need to scour through the city! 

Let me give you a glimpse into Singapore! The ratio of thrill will reach an infinite at the Adventure Parks🎢; meanwhile, you will be in “aww” of the blend of beauty and modernity of the Gardens of Singapore!🌴 If you are an art and culture lover, then ditch everything, but not the museums🖼️ and beautiful culturally rich neighborhoods🏠 of the city! At last, just spend a whole day roaming different beaches🏖️; the level of joy hits differently when you do that! 

Let’s take you one by one through some of the best things to do in Singapore! These lovely destinations give the city its charm and are open for you to experience any time of the year! Take your pen and make the checklist today! 

1) Adventure Parks: Carry Your Will and Thrill! 

Roll up your sleeves and get your hearts and (guts)❤️‍🩹 right to have an amazing experience at these Adventure Parks in Singapore! It is fun, thrilling, and relaxing all at once for all ages! 

📍Universal Studios Singapore 

The dreamland of every child—oh, the bliss of seeing all the characters, references to films and shows, and visits to lands far, far away😍—all of it seems like a dream come true. Universal Studios Singapore heard you and made it happen in 2010

Seven themed zones are made all for you to go nuts and have the best time ever! Ride on themed attractions; stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to feel like you entered the States, a Sci-Fi city🧪 with the world’s tallest intertwining rollercoasters, ogle Ancient Egypt 🔺and The Lost World from Jurassic Park and Waterworld! At last, it’s a shame if you don’t go Far Far Away to see the castle and Shrek’s Swamp and get pictures with them! It’s a park of dreams! 

📍Wet Wild Wet Singapore

Splash into the waters of one of the most popular waterparks in the country at Wet Wild Wet Singapore!🤽 This park is ideal for a fun and insane weekend with family. And honestly, pushing each other on slides😝 never gets old among family! 

Ular-Lah, a ride beloved by all, and the ‘Shiok River’ that floats you along a gentle stream are some of the people’s favorite things! Leave your kids👶 at Professors Playground, full of small tiny slides, paddling pools, water cannons, etc., while you go on towards the big guns! Finally, after tiring yourself from teeth to nails, have a heavenly relaxing session at Jacuzzi!😮‍💨 

📍Adventure Cove Waterpark

It’s time to take “Sliding through Life” seriously at Adventure Cover Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa! With 16 different attractions, there are calming water activities, as well as one that is filled with insanity and guaranteed to give you an adrenaline overdose! 😃

For a smooth ride, set your mark at Riptide Rocket, Southeast Asia’s first hydromagnetic coaster,💯 or race it out at Duelling Racer! You might end up headfirst after getting quite literally washed in Whirlpool Washout🌊 as well! Meanwhile, the most unique aspect of the park is that you can get up close and personal with more than 20,000 fish in Ray Bay and Rainbow Reef

2) Sneak Peak of Future and Nature in Gardens

The epitome of beauty is the gardens in Singapore! They bring the “aww” from your heart or maybe just leave you speechless with their modernity and beauty. 

  • The epitome of a new-age garden, Gardens By The Bay is a flawless fusion of modern architecture and breathtaking vistas!🌴 The massive garden, with its Supertrees groves, high-tech space domes, and hypnotic Garden Rhapsody—especially the light and music show—is a stepping stone for a new generation that combines nature with amusement.🎶 The location is worth a lengthy trek because of the waterfalls and climate-controlled conservations! It will be impossible to miss the Cloud Forest Dome☁️, located within the garden, as it features the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall
  • The 150-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens was founded in the 1800s and is quickly rising in popularity as a travel destination in Singapore. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO!😍 Following the establishment of the first Garden in 1822, the surrounding area underwent a transformation, becoming the hub of various horticultural practices and botanical attractions. Savor the calm ambiance, meander through themed gardens, and unwind beside peaceful lakes.🌊
  • Away from the city’s noise, this garden in Singapore is ideal for nature lovers! MacRitchie Reservoir is filled with wildlife and a storehouse of lavish flora and fauna.🦋 It is Singapore’s largest and oldest reservoir, which offers hiking trails!🏔️ To have a top-notch experience with nature, go on a Treetop Walk, a 250-metre suspension bridge over the forest canopy. Along with treks, you can also kayak and canoe! 

3) Museums: Hearts and Arts of Singapore!  

The eccentric yet beautiful museums in Singapore carry history, art, and quirkiness with them! It is a pleasure to see such iconic art and sculptures in such an impeccable way! 

📍ArtScience Museum

A Museum that calls itself a place where the future is created, ArtScience Museum is the unusual yet amazing part of Marina Bay! This premier exhibition is set up in the shape of a lotus🪷, the quirkiest building in Singapore, which features touring exhibitions with ever-changing themes and displays across its 21 gallery spaces

In addition to exhibitions of varied art, science, media, and technology, it also has a permanent exhibit, FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science!🔭 Every time you visit, you will find something unique and unusual than last time! 

📍Red Dot Design Museum Singapore 

A museum from an award, Red Dot Design Museum is an innovative design gallery of gadgets and art! It is a brand of the one in Germany, and here, it showcases 200 contemporary designs! These designs are among the winners🥇 of the International Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world! 

The gadgets are some of the most unique and eye-catching in the world, and they need all the appreciation! There is the MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) Programme every first or second Friday, which is not worth missing!🙅 Witness the world’s best designs at the design shop and have a good break at the design cafe and bar! 

📍National Gallery Singapore 

The National Gallery Singapore has an enormous collection of Southeast Asian and Singaporean art that will delight any art enthusiast.🖼️ The vast collection of artwork at the gallery includes contemporary installations, sculptures, and paintings

Situated in two exquisitely restored historic houses, its attractiveness resides in its location. It exudes a retro vibe, and the artistic forms enhance its beauty! This is one of the best places for art lovers to visit in Singapore. You can enjoy the magnificent city views🌃 from the rooftop as well as special exhibitions and art-related events.

4) Drunk Stories Await You at Singapore Pub Crawls! 

The city of Singapore parties like there is no tomorrow!💃 Pub crawls and parties at the top clubs never end, no matter what day of the week. Spending your weekend with your pals in a crazy style, going from pub to pub and becoming drunker with each step is the best kind of fun!

If you want to have the wildest pub crawl experience possible, Singapore Pub Crawls🍾 is the place to go! They handle everything, from organizing to escorting you to the best pubs for special drinks!🍸 As the festivals come and go, they set up themed crawls for Cinco de Mayo, the Fourth of July, and many other holidays to keep things lively and entertaining! Start your new fun time with Pub Crawls in Singapore today and make new memories and connections with others! 

4) Cultural Streets of Singapore!  

Singapore is known for its varied areas, which all have unique and iconic aspects. The unique and happening streets in Singapore are a hub of culture and fine aesthetics, giving the city its beauty! Check them out and go to the one that pulls you in! 

📍Little India –  A Vibrant and Colourful Street 

Bringing the culture and ethnicity of India to Singapore, Little India- Vibrant and Colourful Street is a hub for the Singaporean Indian Community! With a blend of all religions of India, from Hindu temples🛕 to mosques and churches⛪, you can see nothing but unity among people here! 

Also known as “Tekka,” you can shop from Tekka Centre and Mustafa Centre or enjoy the vibrant area with buzzing nightlife and gorgeous cuisine! If you want to have the ultimate tour of this place, visit during Deepawali (Festival of Lights)🪔, when the neighborhood is decorated with thousands of lights! 

📍Kampong Gelam

In Malay, ‘Kampong’ refers to a compound area, while ‘Glam’ is most likely derived from the long-leaved paperbark trees that are indigenous to this area. Kampong Gelam was formerly renowned for its Arab immigrant community and has been the origin for local Muslims commencing their hajj trip for nearly a century.🕌 

When you stroll through the streets of Kampong Glam, the vibrant colors stand out above all else. When viewed up close, Kampong Glam appears to have been meticulously organized, as though someone were painting a lovely picture.

📍Chinatown Singapore

One of the best neighborhoods in the city is Chinatown Singapore, known for being a haven for foodies, shoppers, and history buffs! The history of how Chinese lived here is interestingly showcased at Chinatown Heritage Centre! Navigate through this street market in the direction of the People’s Park Complex, the hub of the community. Greet the elderly uncles as they play checkers outside♟️, then head inside to peruse the aisles filled with everything from vintage mahjong sets to woven baskets and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Chinatown Food Street🍜 is the corner of the city where food is always the best to gorge on! The neighborhood is gorgeous inside and out, too, so take a stroll and enjoy delicacies and street food—and everything is at wallet-friendly prices!!👜

5) Sandy Strolls at Beaches 

There is no better way to have fun, play games, or simply go for a sandy stroll on the beach! Beaches in Singapore are of different varieties, from the liveliest to the tranquil ones! 

📍Tanjong Beach

If you are here to travel for a day or two, Tanjong Beach will be one of your favorite stops! This man-made beach is located on Sentosa island’s southern coast, famous for its moon-shaped cut🌙 and sands shipped from Australia! It is beloved by all the new travelers who end up for a few nights in Singapore! 

A tip: It’s where you will see the best night parties at the famous Tanjong Beach Club

📍Siloso Beach  

There’s a reason everyone ends up at the most famous beach in Singapore at the end of the day—Siloso Beach is one of them!🏖️ The liveliest and busiest beach in the city attracts people round the clock every day of the year. Resorts, pubs, eateries, and stores are sprinkled throughout. Families who wish to engage in outdoor sports🏐 visit during the day, and individuals who enjoy an exciting nightlife in the evenings.

📍Punggol Beach

The rush on beaches🌊 can sometimes be overwhelming. However, beaches like Punggol Beach can be your tranquil escape, far far away from people! This beach has a highly distinctive look due to the black-brown stones🪨 scattered throughout the white beaches. 

Fact check: Don’t feel scared, but at the Punggol Point Park, the Sook Ching massacre during WW-2 took place. There are memorial plaques all around the beach. 

Come Roaring in Singapore! 

Time to bid adieu to you as my work here is done. But don’t be disappointed; your work has just begun!🤗 Explore every nook and corner of the city to find out that Singapore isn’t just a small city. It is a city which can feel like home to you in no time!🏠 

I tried to enlist some unique ones for you, but don’t lose hope if these aren’t THE best for you. Click on the link below to see events in Singapore from various categories!   

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