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Best Things to Do in Las Vegas | Places to Travel & Explore

Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Nevada houses one of the most beloved tourist places, Las Vegas 🎰, where everyone goes at least once for their bachelor’s party! Do you think this weekend in Las Vegas will be free, and do you need a plan? I have several options for the best things to do in Las Vegas for you.

I will navigate you through the labyrinthine casinos 🎲, introduce you to the hidden gems off the Strip 🏙️, and show you how to pump your adrenaline faster than a slot machine on triple sevens. Visit the mystic museums 🏛️ to revisit the history of Las Vegas, or roam the neighborhoods to see the soul of Sin City! Day Trips 🚗 and adventurous sports 🏄 are something you might not have imagined to be so unique in the gambling city of the world. It is time to explore Las Vegas as it is: wholesome, wild, and a city that produces happy hormones in everyone!

1) A Night of Gambling in Casinos 

Las Vegas loves casinos, and you love Vegas. See? The luxurious and extravagant casinos are the heart and soul of the Sin City. Casinos in Las Vegas complete the city, and some stand out the most among all. 

📍Wynn Las Vegas Casino

A part of the World’s Best Award-winning hotel by Forbes, Wynn Casino is the biggest and most iconic Casino in Las Vegas. Spread across 111,000 sq ft, it has a signature poker room, a keno lounge, a baccarat salon, and a Sports Book with a lounge for VIP players. The Wynn Hotel also offers amazing designer shops, over 2700 rooms, and an array of gourmet eats! It is a paradise for frequent gamers who prefer royalty over anything else. 

📍Paris Las Vegas Casino 

Bringing Paris to the City of Lights, the Paris Las Vegas Casino Hotel has its own unique way of gambling. It’s gambling, but add cute to it! The whole place is designed to make it feel like Paris🗼. With 850+ slot machines and 69 table games, the casino has a romantic turn in the setup 💕. One can easily cuddle up cozily with one’s partner while betting at a race or sports book! It is out of the book place and one of the most loved casinos in Vegas! 

📍Treasure Island Casino 

With 2,200 slot machines and every table game you can think of, grab your treasure at Treasure Island Casino! Win the booty (the pirate-talk money; not anywhere close to what you thought!)🪙 at one of the best casinos in Las Vegas, which completely fancies all gamblers’ wishes with betting options like pull tabs, daily bingo, and yearly tournaments!💰 It is exciting and fun. What’s the add-on? Few more gold coins in your pocket! 

📍The Cosmopolitan Casino

The shimmering mirrorball shines slightly less when compared with the Cosmopolitan Casino. The glorious and glitzy side of gambling🎲 is filled with sparkling chandeliers and sensual accents all over the place. One of the top casinos in Sin City houses 1300 slot machines and a wide variety of tabletop games! Are you not gambling? Well, the floor-to-ceiling glass with the view of the Strip🌃 will make you ogle the whole night. 

2) Bar Crawls Keeping the City Exciting Everyday!   

Hoping cafes are surely fun, but what about crawling bars and having the best time ever with your friends? Bar crawls in Las Vegas go around the year for everyone to enjoy in their own time. Find out which ones match your rhythm of energy!

  • In Vegas and didn’t sign up for a club crawl? That is not the ritual! Experience the iconic Club Crawls in Las Vegas while skipping wait lines!🎉 One such infamous Las Vegas Club Crawl in your Sin City. Drink away your night having fun in lounges and nightclubs🍹 with the performances of top artists! Enjoy free express entry, a party bus with free drinks,🚌 discounts, and a fantastic party host. They’ll use their finest lens to capture your unmatched evening, letting you enjoy it worry-free! 
  • I bet getting into your groove is not a task when Hip-Hop music takes the stage in a club! Get on board to dance and drink through the heart of Vegas nightlife.🎶 Supreme Club Tour organizes the Hip-Hop Las Vegas Club Crawl for hip-hop lovers!🕺 Step aboard the bus to visit the best Hip-Hop clubs in Sin City without wait-lines! Let me tell you, the night will be epic! (in case you don’t remember anything in the morning). 

3) The Heart and Soul Streets of the City!

You will feel like you entered a different city as you switch neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Every street has its own charm and specialties. Find the one that matches your vibe! 

📍Las Vegas Strip 

Let me tell you that every party, every happening corner you imagined of Las Vegas is within just 4.2 miles. The Las Vegas Strip is a huge lineup of entertainment events in Vegas, performance events, luxury hotels🏨, exquisite dining, and places with a pre-determined theme! 

There is a high chance that all the best clubs, party places, casinos, and hotels are near the Strip, making it ideal for people who love nightlife, students, and couples!😁 The glittering neon signs and the noise are enough to say that the Strip is the most happening neighborhood in Vegas.😻 

📍Arts District

Want to be at the core of arts and culture in Vegas?🧑‍🎨 Arts District is your obvious choice! Also known as 18b (for its 18-block area), it has become a hubspot for lovers of cultural exploration

Simply walk through the street to find the best breweries🍺 and bars of Sin City, like Able and Baker and Velveteen Rabbit. The art galleries, antique shops, and chic cafes are in insurmountable numbers, everything local and fresh with the taste of Vegas in every sip and bite. Culture and Art in Las Vegas are at their peak every first Friday of the month when a fun festival🥳 takes over the street with local artists and musicians taking over the hearts of everyone! 

4) Riveting Things to Do for Adrenaline Rush

Gambling isn’t the only thing that Las Vegas is good at! Trips and adventures in Las Vegas are some of the best things you can do in Sin City to feel the thrill in every cell of the body!

  • Are you scared of heights? Even if you are, the view of the stunning Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Mountains will heal you. All you need to do is jump off a helicopter🚁 with Tandem Skydiving! Soaring in the sky at 220km/hr (with experienced instructors, obviously) is exhilarating! With your own flight certificate, ree pictures, and video footage📽️ of you screaming your heart out, it will tick the boxes of smooth adventure and souvenirs for you to show off! 
  • Visiting Black Canyon will undoubtedly be beautiful, but why not take a half-day kayaking tour through it? You can watch native wildlife🪻 in its natural habitat, beautiful flora, and landscapes worth capturing on camera forever. You will definitely pass through Emerald Cave,🪨 which will make kayaking that much more worthwhile! A gentle request is to try not to fall into the water; it is always freezing! 

5) Mystic Museums of Las Vegas  

Las Vegas is an eccentric city with unique things to do at every corner of the city! That is the exact case with the museum events in Las Vegas. The blend of history, fun, and interactive setup makes every museum worth a visit. 

📍The Mob Museum

By getting to the bottom of all true mob stories whispered in shadows, The Mob Museum tells the enticing tale with artifacts, the history of organized crime🔍, and how law enforcement 🔦prevented them. 

Interactive and immersive storytelling reveals the facts, fiction, and gray areas of cases like G-Men and Made Men.🕵️‍♂️ Innovative ways of educating and informing have never been better executed except in The Mob Museum!🏛️ I’m not spilling beans here, as it is an experience you need to have! It’s not a Gangster Museum; it is the consequences and foundation of it! 

📍Pinball Hall of Fame

A fully functional museum that can convert into a perfect place to step back in historic times, yes! It’s the Pinball Hall of Fame.🕹️ A project of the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club, it was opened in 2006 as a tribute to the beloved game! Arcade games🎮 and classic pinball machines, including the rarest, like Williams’ Black Gold, Bally’s Pinball Circus, and Recreativos Franco’s Impacto, all lay in one Hall of Fame! 🎰

Want to know something even more interesting? Volunteers fully staff it, and all the excess revenue is donated to the Salvation Army.🙌 It truly is a place worth visiting! 

📍Shelby American, Inc.

Who needs a one-armed bandit when you can witness legends like Cobras and Mustangs being born? The Shelby American Inc. is your free ticket to a muscle car history lesson, packed with vintage Shelbys that’ll revive your engine with excitement.🚗💨 No reservations are needed; just show up and prepare to be floored.

Take a souvenir with you from the Shelby Store. Lucky you that the manufacturing facility, Heritage Center, and Carroll Shelby Store🏭 are all clubbed in one place. It gives you a golden chance to watch how the vehicle is built. Trust me; it will become your go-to place to be fascinated.😃

Psst🤫: If stalking amazing cars is your routine, car shows in Las Vegas are happening monthly. Stay in the loop so you don’t miss not just Shelby cars but any amazing models out there. 

6) One Day Away in the Nature!  

An escape from the crowded casinos and neon lights? We have it sorted out for you, as the Trekking in  Las Vegas is just a Day Trip away! These are some of the best places to spend your weekend peacefully away from the crowd. 

📍Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Do you feel like taking a hike in the middle of nowhere?🛣️ Well, just 25 kilometers away from a beautiful desert is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, an impeccable place to have a day off and hike up the red mountains! 

This escape from city noises is a beautiful getaway from Las Vegas to enjoy the Mojave desert and spend a day out! 🌄 You can also book a day trip and let the guide show you the best spots. 

📍Zion National Park

Another place best suited for a hike up and roaming through the majestic sandstone formations in Zion National Park.🏞️ Spread across 150,000 acres, hiking on scenic trails will surely lead you to some heart-throbbing secluded waterfalls or slot canyons! Relaxing and conversing within the park’s beauty is the best escape from the glitters of Las Vegas.🌲 

Learn about Grand Circle (you will know when you get there!). The historic site and ancient Indian rock art add to the picturesque views. You can also cruise through the famous Mt. Carmel tunnel!

📍Mount Charleston

It is difficult for me to digest the fact that just 45 minutes away from Las Vegas, you get to make snow angels⛄ in the snow! Run away to Mount Charleston and hit the slopes, ski your sorrows away from the heat, and enjoy your stay at Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort!⛷️ Cozy fire pits, heated bathrooms, and amazing food are all available near the Foxtail Picnic Area! 

Meanwhile, you can also relish these mountains in summer🌞 while hiking, horse riding, and camping!🏕️ Mount Charleston is the ideal stop for every season, any time of the year. 

See you in Sin City! 

Time to bid adieu to you as my work here is done. But don’t be disappointed; your work has just begun!🤗 Explore every nook and corner of the city to find out that Las Vegas isn’t just about casinos. It is a city which can feel like home to you in no time!🏠 

I tried to enlist some unique ones for you, but don’t lose hope if these aren’t THE best for you. Click on the link below to see events in Las Vegas from various categories!   

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