The celebration of 4th of July has to be extravagant and exciting. With all the fun events and activities, something that makes the day even more special will be the yummy 4th of July desserts! Make it a feast at home or add something sweet to your barbeque parties on this day with yummy pretzels and cheesecakes. Paint the day with all things red, blue and white; even when it’s food we’re talking about. We’re not sure if your state allows you to move out or not but even if you miss the fireworks, these mouthwatering desserts will be a treat to your eyes and definitely appetizing for your tummy.


Here are some of the delicious 4th of July desserts that will be right for your party

1. 4th Of July Special Cake

4th of July cake | desserts & cakes

No celebration is complete without classic cakes. Bake a 4th of July dessert which goes with all patriotic vibes. Make it all red, blue and white; everyone will definitely love it. Make these sugary sweet delights to celebrate the independence day of the USA with a hint of berries in it. 

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July Special Cake


2. 4th Of July Sprinkle Cones & Cream Pie

4th of july desserts | sprinkle cones & cream pie

Celebrate 4th of July with yummy treats! Learn how to make Rice Krispies Fruit Kabobs, 4th of July Sprinkle Cones, and Banana Custard Cream Pie to make this day two times sweeter with these delicious desserts.

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July Sprinkle Cones & Cream Pie


3. 4th Of July Jello Shots

4th of july jello shots | desserts

Get into the spirits of the independence day with 4th of July Jello shots. Vodka, Rum and oh lots of jello obviously. Get along the patriotic feels in a celebratory way, with this alcoholic dessert. This is supposed to be a part of any adult part, keep it away from kids or don’t have it in your family kinda parties. 

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July Jello Shots


4. Fourth Of July Rice Krispie Treats

4th of july desserts | rice krispie treats

Image Source: twosisterscrafting

Make the perfect gooey Rice Krispie Treats; original bars with marshmallow are a family favorite. You may not be able to go out there but you can enjoy this day from home. Make it a fun time with games, activities and a nice sweet house party at home. #FamJam

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats 


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5. 4th Of July Firework Cupcakes

4th of july cupcakes

Missing all the fireworks this 2020? You won’t anymore, with this yummy 4th of July dessert which is called firework cupcakes; you will love it even at your home. This is sort of a cute dessert that fits perfectly with a BBQ party. You will see a lot of reds, blues and whites in the list 😛

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July Firework Cupcakes


6. Easy 4th Of July Desserts | Donuts & More

4th of July donuts | desserts

Image Source: Southern Living

Always envied the Pinterest photos on how perfect they appear and how you really wish to recreate all the DIY crafts, decor and food! Make the perfect American flag inspired donuts, popsicle sticks and campfire cookies. It’s a treat and you’ve to celebrate this day with all the delicacies.

Get the recipe and directions to prepare easy 4th of July treats 

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7. DIY July 4th Treats | Pretzels, Strawberries & More

4th of July Pretzels & Strawberries

Yum yum yum, it’s 4th July and we want all the yummy treats in our tummy. From pretzels and tasty strawberries, you can learn to make all the appetizing dishes at home. A BBQ party or a cookout in the backyard; these yummy treats fit just right for anything.

Get the recipe and directions to prepare DIY 4th of July treats


8. 4th Of July No Bake Cheesecake Pie 

4th of july cheesecake

Image Source: Quest Nutrition

Bring out the patriotism through your food. Prepare a delish red, white, and blue cheesecake. It’s perfect for summertime vibes with all the creamy and fruity flavors. Berries, strawberries and yummy cheesecake make it refreshing when it’s burning hot.

Get the recipe and directions to prepare 4th of July No Bake Cheesecake Pie


9. Mini Fruit Tarts – Vanilla Custard With Berries

Image Source: Nerds With Knives

It’s summertime and we need some cold desserts that can compensate for this heat. Bring in all the fruits and flavored custards to make these mini fruit tarts. This tiny 4th of July desserts will only make your summers and celebrations better.

Get the recipe and directions to prepare Mini Fruit Tarts | 4th of July Desserts


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10. Make-Ahead Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

If you’re looking for a healthy option then this 4th of July dessert fits your choice. Make this appetizing granola, fruit and yogurt parfait. It suits right as a breakfast but goes well even as a dessert! Greek yogurt, strawberries and granola; will appeal your eyes and make you want to have it right away.  

Get the recipe and directions to prepare Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait


11. Berry Pie & Butter Tarts

4th of july berry pie desserts

Any celebration is incomplete without some yummy desserts. Fill this day with very berry pie and yummy butter tarts. They fit perfectly right for 4th of July and Canada day celebrations. Add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries; make it all the more colorful and delicious with reds and blues!

Get the recipe and direction for preparing the Berry Pie & Butter Tarts


12. American Flag Roll Cake

4th Of July Flag Roll Cake

Image Source: Tastemade

We already mentioned a cake in the list but it’s a celebration you guys and we cannot have enough of cake so here we have one more for you! A cake but in a rolled out version, it’s a nice twist to the traditional cake style and of course it speaks patriotism loud and clear as it’s theme is right in sync with American Flag. And it’s yummy-licious, DUH! 

Get the recipe and direction for preparing American Flag Roll Cake


13. Blueberry & Yoghurt Popsicle Recipe

4th of july blueberry popsicle

It’s summertime and we need something icy cold to get into the vibes. What better than a popsicle to give you all the frosty and refreshing feels. Blueberries and yoghurts are the season’s favorite and if it’s a celebration then it has to-has to be on 4th of July desserts list!

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Blueberry & Yoghurt Popsicle Recipe


14. Red, White And Blue Berry Trifle

blueberry triffle | 4th of july desserts

Image Source: Ku’uipo Vea

If you’re looking for a treat that’s as festive as your celebration, this easy trifle is for you. There’s no cooking involved — just a little mixing, layering, and chilling — so it’s perfect for this sizzling summer weather. Whip it up in the morning, and it will be ready to go for your afternoon party. The stars of this dessert, of course, are the fresh seasonal berries. Make this delicious trifle for your 4th July party and add refreshing flavours to it!

Get the recipe and direction for preparing Red, White & Blue Trifle


15. Red, White & Blue Cobbler | 4th Of July Dessert

4th of july cobbler dessert

On the occasion of 4th of July, make this red, white and blueberry cobbler. Use fresh blueberries and red cherry by infusing cannabis and butter in the recipe to make your heavenly cobbler. Of course, it is delectable as much as it is visually appealing.

Get the recipe and direction for preparing blueberry and cherry cobbler | 4th Of July Dessert

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