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10 Breathtaking Fourth of July Fireworks 2024

Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Everyone is excited about the 4th of July, but without fireworks, it would be utterly tragic. Fourth of July fireworks are a life-long ritual, and when the sky explodes with colors, it just sounds so perfect, right? 

From the iconic Macy’s show in New York that makes even the most jaded New Yorkers go “Whoa” to the synchrony of lights and music at Seattle’s Seafair, there’s a fireworks show in every corner. Are you still confused about which one to opt out of so many? This blog’s got you covered with the top 10 jaw-dropping displays of the Fourth of July Fireworks across the nation. Celebrate the whole day at festivals and spend the night in sheer awe! 

1) 48th Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks | New York


Set the date, decide on a heightened place, and bring mics to scream with you when you go to the 48th Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show! Take a seat around East River on Thursday night to witness the most iconic fireworks show in the world! Thousands attend each year to see 60000 fireworks🧨 launching in the wide sky for 30 straight minutes, celebrating Independence Day in the most extravagant way possible! 

No matter what you do the whole day, missing this tradition is rather scandalous! Pick up your essentials and camp up, or maybe get on your boats; there are hundreds of ways to watch the fireworks! The only question is, will you be there, people?🤨

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 East River, New York, United States

2) Boston Fireworks & Pops Concert | Boston


Shush, I have something for you! There’s music, lights, and the sound of victory all merged into one at the Boston Fireworks & Pops Concert🎛️ this 4th of July! More than a million spectators gather at the banks of the Charles River. The amazing lineup of concerts begins at 8 PM, and it is going to be extraordinary, with so many artists making you dance that you will trip on it!💃

The concert is followed by a fireworks show (obviously🤷) because if it’s the Fourth of July, not a single event goes without making the sky colorful. Want to know the best part of this? All elements of entertainment are for FREE!🙀 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston, North Waltham, United States

3) Amazon Seafair Summer Fourth | Seattle 


Seattle is making us proud with enormous and successful fests to celebrate the 4th of July with the nation’s best fireworks shows (USA TODAY). But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let me restart! Seattle organizes Amazon Seafair Summer Fourth at one of the best natural amphitheaters! 😦

The fireworks here are like an excellent dance performance, choreographed with a musical score, with the crowd cheering and going insane!🎆 Sorry, guys, we accidentally skipped the festival (too excited about the fireworks!) Austin also has interactive displays, field games, beer gardens, food vendors and trucks, a bike corral, and a Hilltop view to top it all up! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Gas Works Park, Seattle, United States

4) Shell Freedom Over Texas | Houston

4) Shell-Freedom-Over-Texas

As you start feeling tired after so many events and activities on the 4th of July, just simply sit on the grass to see the Shell Freedom Over Texas fireworks show at night! This 37-year-old annual celebration has everything that you want after a long day: an amazing show with food, activities, and live music!

You will not just find music by local, regional, and national artists🎶 performing some footsteps away from you, but even the fireworks show is a musically coordinated beat to beat! The event is attended by more than 50000 people, and it is now your time to add to it! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 500 Allen Pkwy, Houston, United States

5) 47th annual Fireworks at the Fountain | Orlando 


Surround yourself with the community to celebrate the Fourth of July in Orlando this year at the 47th Annual Fireworks at the Fountain! The stage will be surrounded by hundreds of people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to watch the live entertainment and heartily await the night sky to lip up with fireworks! 

This family-friendly festival will also have several vendors where you can find your favorite things in life; delicious food and beverages! At showtime, your goosebumps will rise up as well to see the live patriotic performance🎤 by the Orlando Concert Band and fireworks set to blaze the sky at the same time! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Lake Eola Park, Orlando, United States

6) Big Bay Boom BBQ | San Diego


San Diego wears shades and flexes the annual Big Bay Boom BBQ, the 4th of July event that makes all other celebrations side-lined. As the most famous and largest fireworks show in San Diego County, it is expected to make you “AWEE!”🥰. With four barges launching fireworks in North San Diego Bay, you’ve got prime viewing spots like Shelter Island, Harbor Island, Embarcadero, and Coronado Landing. 

Grab your friend in one hand and lawn chairs in the other, and head down to the Big Bay for a night of dazzling fireworks on the 4th of July. You can pretend you’re a pyrotechnics expert as you debate which vantage point is the best.🤭 See the incredible show yourself, and let the fireworks dissolve you. 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 InterContinental San Diego, San Diego, United States

7) Stone Mountain Park’s Fantastic Fourth Celebration | Atlanta


Atlanta was unsatisfied with celebrating Independence Day just one day of the year. And we think everyone should learn from Atlanta and celebrate like Stone Mountain Park’s Fantastic Fourth Celebration! The first week of July needs to be celebrated #FourthofJuly style with adventure, amazing family attractions, live entertainment, and hikes to the top to breathe in the amazing views of the city!   

What if we tell you that’s it?😐 Ahh, no, no, don’t worry! Not a single 4th of July celebration is complete without fireworks! If you do live in Atlanta, we are jealous of you because you get to experience fireworks four days in line😿 and one of the best fireworks shows in Atlanta! Envy enough? 

🗓️ July 1st to 4th, 2024

📍 Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, United States

8) Georgetown Sertoma’s 4th of July Celebrations & Fireworks | Georgetown


There’s a very welcoming community in Georgetown where families and friends come together to celebrate holidays, sometimes even neighboring communities as well.🫂 Similarly, Georgetown Sertoma’s 4th of July Celebration & Fireworks are celebrated at San Gabriel Park, a ritual for the last 40 years. 

More than 10000 people join for festivities and activities like Kiddie Parade, arts and crafts, food vendors, amusement parks🎡, and amazing music! Spend the whole day floating in the air with pride and freedom on your feet. End your day while lying on your back and enjoying the phenomenal show of fireworks! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, United States

9) 4th of July Spectacular Fest & Fireworks | Fort Lauderdale


A beautiful beach, drink in hand🍸, and surrounded by loved ones; that’s what you get at the 4th of July Spectacular Fest & Fireworks! Thousands of people flock to the beach to spend Independence Day at its full flair with activities and fest that will keep everyone happy! 

The Kids’ Zone is a blessing for your mischief makers where they can enjoy water slides, face-painting, an area for all sorts of contests and a lot more! Meanwhile, we adults can sway to live music in the morning and groove to the sick beats of DJs!🎛️ There will be a bonfire and snacks, or if nothing seems fun to you, the Fireworks show will make it all worthwhile! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Fort Lauderdale, United States

10) The City of Gulf Shores 4th of July Fireworks | Gulf Shores


Gulf Shores never complicates its 4th of July celebration! Do you know why? Because if you have this beautiful beach in the city, why complicate celebrations? The City of Gulf Shores’ 4th of July Fireworks are a spectacle to watch every year.🎆 Simply grab a chair or blanket and sit on the beach to watch fireworks. 

This peaceful celebration is bliss, with nothing blocking the view and nothing between fireworks and the open ocean.🌊 The fireworks will be shot from the Gulf State Park Fishing and Education Pier! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Gulf State Park Pier, Gulf Shores, United States

11) Fourth of July 2024 Fireworks | Las Vegas


Las Vegas, the city of mischiefs🤭, loves having a grand celebration on Independence Day just like any other year. The shining armor of Las Vegas, The Plaza Hotel, always launches Fourth of Jul 2024 Fireworks from multiple locations throughout the hotel! The view is heart-stopping even from miles away. 

It is strategically launched in a way that doesn’t require one particular vantage point to have the EPIC view!🥰 The fireworks dance is tripled when music is added, simultaneously bringing excitement and entertainment!

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 InterContinental San Diego, San Diego, United States

12) Go Fourth on the River | New Orleans


If you think New Orleans will be left off this list, you don’t know how happening that city is!😁 Flock to both sides of the Mississippi River for the Go Fourth on the River 4th of July fireworks show. Do you want to know the best part? Magic 101.9 WWL AM 870 or FM 105.3 syncs patriotic music with fireworks every year.📻 It will be a unique and fun way to watch the fireworks. 

You need to reach Woldenberg Park at the Moon Walk or on the other side of the river in Algiers and grab a spot to have the best view. Other than that, take a cruise ride and watch the fireworks while floating! 

🗓️ July 4th, 2024

📍 Mississippi River Trail, Mississippi River Trail, New Orleans, United States

Let’s Stare At the Sky Together! 

And there you have it, folks! A tour de fireworks that will leave a beautiful mark in your box of memories. From coast to coast, the Fourth of July is basically an excuse to turn the night sky into a giant, explosive art show—🎆and everyone loves that excuse for sure!  Remember, missing these shows is more scandalous than bringing a potato salad to a BBQ without any dressing. Happy fireworks hunting, and may your July 4th be as loud and bright as your wildest summer dreams!

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