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1st All Night Tournament

Feb 22, 2020 - Feb 24, 2020

1st All Night Tournament

Time Sat Feb 22 2020 at 10:00 am to Mon Feb 24 2020 at 12:00 am

Tiki Taka Roof Top Ground, Paras Down Town Square Mall, Zirakpur

INR 6,000 Tickets

1st All Night Tournament

1st All Night Tournament @Tiki Taka, Big Bazaar, Zirakpur

Schedule: 22nd & 23rd Feb | 5:00 pm Onwards till Mid Night

Note: Exact scheduled will be shared soon after the registrations but it’s one of an exclusive facility which is available 24x7 so schedule could be adjusted accordingly.

Participation Categories:

Corporate (Cricket/Football): Only for Employees, Self-Employed and Business Professionals (Employees from different corporate can make 1 team)

1 Player can take part in multiple event categories but not in multiple teams from same category


ü Reporting time is 30 Mins for before the schedule match and defaulters will be penalized as per the referees/officials call

ü Referees/Officials decision will be considered as final. Any kind of misbehavior and indiscipline will not be accepted and may lead to team termination from the tournament.

ü Min 2 League Matches will be given to each team and schedule will be shared in advance.

ü Umpire may refer decision to scorer (Only in case of close boundaries & no ball decision)

ü Final list of players should be shared before the tournament begins and players will not be changed except genuine medical conditions which is to be proved with valid medical documents.

ü Scorer may take a call for No Ball (Bowler Run-up)

ü Organizer will not interfere in any umpiring decisions neither he/she will influence umpires to make any wrong call. So teams are requested to respect umpires decision on the ground.

ü It’s mandate to carry original company ID cards/Professional Service Card/Business Card

ü Report 30mins before the schedule slot as you may be required to complete the formalities at the the time of entry.

ü Don’t carry any arms and tobacco materials

About Box Cricket League

Ground Size: 6,000 Sq. Ft Covered with Nets |Note: No cricket mat will be used as we already have artificial turf grass

Ball: Wind Ball (Multi Color)


ü Overall - 8

ü All 8 can Bat | Batsman once retired will only be able to come back in last

ü Any 5 Can Bowl

ü Fielding - Only 6 Inside the box including bowler and keeper

Overs: 6

Overs Limit - 4 (Limit - 2,2,1,1)

Time: 45 Mins/Game

Rules & Regulations

Box Cricket

ü Min. 2 League Matches

ü All T-20 Rules except LBW

ü No last man batting is allowed

ü Jerk/underarm bowling is not allowed

ü All types of bat are allowed

ü Wicket Keeping Gloves for keeper and Batting Gloves for batsman is allowed but fielders are not allowed to wear any kind of gloves.

ü No dress code but players wearing only proper sports shoes are allowed

ü Scoring Areas

n Given 1, 2 & 3 - It means you need not to run but scores will be added. In case of 1 & 3 you need to change the strike

n Roof net will be considered as Sky which means if the ball touches the above net and fielder caught the ball then will be given Out

Box Cricket: Power Play Over

ü Batting team can opt anytime between 1-6 Over

ü If batting team didn’t opt until 5th over then 6th over will be considered as mandatory Powerplay over

ü Runs scored will be doubled in that over. Example: If team scored 20 Runs in that over then it will be counted as 40

ü Wickets fell in that over won’t be double

Box Football

ü Duration: Kids_u14: 15 mins Half | Corporate & Open: 20 Mins Half

ü Players: 5 a side + 3 Rolling

ü Min. 2 League Matches

ü No Offside

ü Extra Time of 5 Mins followed by Penalty Shoot Out & Sudden Death

ü All Futsal rules applicable

If there is any Rule which is still not answered then we will be more than happy to answer the same. Also, we’ll be explaining all the major rules to the captain before the toss

Report a problem

Date & Time

Sat Feb 22 2020 at 10:00 am to Mon Feb 24 2020 at 12:00 am


Tiki Taka Roof Top Ground, Paras Down Town Square Mall, Zirakpur